God and black magic

As a spiritual healer, I am always hearing questions from clients about black magic and how it relates to God or how does God allow something so awful to exist. These type of questions are truly important to ponder about because it helps to get a better prospective on how the creator manages the world and in the same time what you must do to properly live a good life.

First step to understanding the universe and creation as a whole is to understand the value of free will that is given to all of humanity. God has created a beautiful world, everyone has ability to choose between good and evil. We are not talking about religion here, but simply stating universal facts of allowing someone to make choices and decisions in their life.

Some people spend their life focused on themselves, their success, their family, and dedicate their efforts to helping others. Then there is others who focus on other people, fail at every corner and are envious of others. This envy that people have for the ones who live successfully sometimes creates desires to become evil and bring harm to others.

People who resort to evil, take out their anger on others and instead of focusing on their own life they begin to spend all their time obsessing with the thought to hurt someone else. They hire witches, psychics, and black magic experts to perform black magic or dark magic on their enemies.

The victims of black magic usually begin to wonder “why me”, “why doesn’t God protect me” etc… They resort to prayer and try everything on their own until they speak to a spiritual healer and begin their healing journey. Many times God does help, the attacks are reduced or you are led to a good spiritual healer. The universe still wants everyone to have the ability to use their free will, for both good and evil. It would defeat the purpose of having free will if everything that people do gets intervention from above without your input.

There are other reasons that the universe brings suffering to some people, past life karma for example if you were an evil person in your past life time and hurt people for your own gain then in this life time you are paying the price and having non stop struggle and on top of that the universe allows for others to harm you spiritually with black magic, evil eye and physical damage as a repayment for past debt.

Most people want to know what can they do to protect themselves from evil people that put black magic, evil eye or think badly of them. There are many ways to guard yourself from spiritual damage before it happens.

  1. Don’t show off your successes to others.
  2. Limit your interaction with people who are jealous of you.
  3. Try to make friends that are not envious of you.
  4. Contact a spiritual healer to insure you have protection from your ancestors and angels.
  5. Pray to God.
  6. Meditate regularly.
  7. Sage your house weekly.
  8. Donate to poor people.
  9. Do something nice for someone else.
  10. Go out of your way to help others who are in need of your help.
  11. Take a spiritual bath or visit the ocean.
  12. Thinking positive.
  13. Trusting God.
  14. Wear Programmed crystal jewelry. 

When you do everything above regularly it will help you live a better and healthier life. The biggest thing not to do is ignore things when life starts to show things are going bad. Thinking positive and having trust in God is important but brushing off issues such as constant bad luck can cause bigger problems in the long run. It is strongly recommended to get regular check ups of your life by contacting a spiritual healer. Ignoring and avoiding problems can lead to loss of finances, health issues, problems in your relationships, friendships and sudden accidents.

Thinking and being positive

The hardest part of my job as a spiritual healer is to convince people that they can achieve a lot more in this world if they can manage to stay positive and optimistic during tough times. I am sure you’ve heard of the famous saying “you are where your mind is”. This quote, means exactly that. Many people don’t realize that constant negative thinking can be dangerous to their well being.

Before we move forward, I want to explain some information about past life time and how it affects our overall mood and thinking. The body is just a vessel to the soul, being born in to a specific family, body, hair color, eye color, height and looks is all out of our control. When the soul comes down to earth to be born in to a body, it many times develops or shows signs of certain past life time character traits. I am sure you have seen a toddler cry,  complain, act selfish and irritable. These traits are not something the child’s parents have taught them, yet they are doing it all on their own.

Many people who are natural optimists, don’t realize how hard it is to pick up such traits. The best way to describe the human mind is to think of the mind as a mechanism that takes in information, analyzes it and then perceives it based on your human experiences. From a young age if a person is properly taught to being optimistic, to look for solutions, to fight for what is right, to never give up, to have faith ect. The child would grow in to someone that has a fighting chance of succeeding. Unfortunately, not only do many parents fail to teach their children this, they themselves add to it by teaching their children demotivating habits.

The big question many ask is, if you were raised to think negative and have an extremely pessimistic outlook on life, can that be changed? The most beautiful thing about being human is that we have the ability to not only change but to completely transform ourselves as long as we have the will power and intention to do so. The human mind can and does have the ability to achieve absolutely anything.

One may begin to ask, what steps do I take to begin thinking different? The journey to change is not easy, there is no change quick scheme. It takes time and effort to change habits that have grown to be normal within your mindset.

I will list a few important factors to follow that will help you get started on changing your thinking pattern:

  • – Accept your flaws, and shortfalls
  • – Don’t dwell on the past failures
  • – Create boundaries in your life (with people, work, habits)
  • – Learn to love yourself (self love books are great or consider one on one life coaching services)
  • – Eliminate or reduce stress and stressful situations from your life
  • – End relationships, friendships that are toxic in nature
  • – Reduce conversations with people who are negative or pessimistic
  • – Surround yourself with optimistic people
  • – Exercise, feeling good about yourself is important
  • – Eating healthy
  • – Get proper amount of sleep (7 to 9 hours)
  • – Have goals and objectives
  • – Be ambitious
  • – Don’t look at failure as a bad thing,  instead think of it as a path to a potential bigger win
  • – Stop yourself when you feel your mind is racing to think negative
  • – Always expect positive outcomes (takes time to master, but not impossible)

These are just some of the things that are important when it comes to changing your mindset. Always remember, it is very easy to give up, but very hard to actually fight and achieve something. I do offer professional life coaching services to help you achieve the change you desire. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

What is a Spiritual Healer?

I am sure you heard the term, spiritual healer, shaman, astrologer, priest, magician, witch and psychic. Every one of these works using the spiritual realm to obtain information, alter reality and perform healing.

Spirituality has been utilized since the time of creation, to perform miracles when most in need. Many would regularly visit spiritual leaders to obtain blessings for success, health, children, love and wealth. Kings regularly utilized magicians to obtain information about their enemies and interpret dreams.

Spiritual healers in the modern world have become the go to for removal of blockages, curses, voodoo, hexes and black magic. People depend on healers to succeed in school, win court cases, meet their soulmate and avoid accidents. Many spiritual healers are light workers who strictly work for the good of the world, and some will also delve in to the work of dark arts. Dark Arts, also called Dark Magic, refers to any type of occult work or magic that is used to cause harm, control, or even death to the victim. The Dark Arts are not all “evil”, just because it’s labeled “dark”. It can be used for the good as well.

Spiritual healers utilize their own energy, angels, ancestors, crystals, amulets and ancient rituals to perform healing work on their clients. It is important to choose the right healer and insure that they are reputable. Spiritual healers that use their own vibrational energy when performing healing will leave a small portion of their energy in your aura, this is common with everything including relationships and friendships. You want to work with someone that is not only trustworthy but also happy and full of life, so that the transfer of energy is beneficial to you.

Spiritual healers that spend countless hours in meditation, will have a higher vibrational energy, similar to the angels. This is why, they are able to shift energies with thoughts, and many gifted healers will also be able to see and move energy around with their eyes. When you hear about a great healer, usually the experience is shared by many because their vibrational energy is very high and radiates to others.

It is important to surround yourself with people that think positive, are naturally optimistic and love the world. Energy works in a sequence, whoever you are around, is where your energy will be. Going to healers who are low in vibration, not happy, or pessimistic miserable people by nature will only bring you harm. Make sure you pick a healer that uplifts your spirits and gives you a boost in your energy.

The universe was created in a way where it runs on energies and people’s intentions. Some people have the ability to shift things for the good or bad. When going to people with abilities such as healers or psychics, make sure they dont place their own intention on you, free will is important and should be respected by all. If you are seeking spiritual healing, feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

Spiritual healer answers your questions on spirituality

I decided to compile a list of questions that people have been asking me over the years that I felt were important to share with people who are interested in learning more about spirituality and spiritual healing. If there are any questions I miss, that you would like answered please contact me and I will add it.

  1.  What is the difference between spiritual healers?  Every spiritual healer is unique in their own way. Some will be born with special abilities of intuition, have ability to see (clairvoyant), feel (clairsentient), hear (clairaudience) and do things that others cant. Then there are the healers that are taught by someone or self taught. When selecting a spiritual healer, I recommend finding out what they specialize in, as every healer will specialize in different areas such as curse removal, break upsrelationships, finance, health, prosperity ect.. You must choose someone that has experience in the area you seek help in. Some spiritual healers will be able to see you in person, while others will do distance healing to perform their work. It is important to deal with someone that is reputable, to insure you are not being taken advantage of or bringing yourself even more harm.
  2. What is the difference between psychics, shamans, astrologers , mediums and spiritual healers? This is a very common question that many ask, I like to put psychics and astrologers in to the same category as they are both known to be very intuitive and are able to predict the future using their intuition. Shamans and spiritual healers are also intuitive but are able to in many cases see and control energies beyond the common person as well as perform healings, exorcisms and open blockages . While mediums use their abilities to communicate with the people who passed from this life.
  3. Are people really able to predict the future? Everything that occurs in this world, occurs in another dimension prior to happening here. This allows many to predict the future using intuition, angels, ancestors and guides. With that said, I strongly believe in free will, and the ability to change your future based on your decisions. I feel it is wrong for someone to “predict” something such as how many children, or if this is the right person to marry, these things should all be done without someone else’s intention. If a person has no blockages, they are able to achieve or do whatever they desire. Predictions limit a person’s ability to decide for themselves. As a spiritual healer, I refuse to put limitations on my clients. If you would like to check if you have any blockages please contact me.
  4. Does performing spiritual healing on different clients affect you in any way? Yes, unfortunately being a spiritual healer means connecting to many energies, dealing with removal of dark forces, entities, spirits, ghosts, attachments and other dark evil creations, does cause me a lot of drainage. Being experienced and learning to release the negativity in to the universe is very important as many spiritual healers have died at an early age because they did not know how to properly release the negativity.
  5. Do spiritual healers have ability to also bring harm to others or do they only do good?  An experienced energy worker, must know how to not only remove negativity and perform healing but also how it is done in the first place. In order to fix something that is broken, you must know how it was done and undo the damage done.
  6.  Has anyone ever performed black magic on you? If so how did it feel and were you able to resolve it on your own? Yes, black magic affects are very real. They make you feel and think a certain way. Although everyone will experience an attack differently, being a healer who is sensitive to energies, the attacks feel a lot stronger then they would on someone who isn’t as sensitive. It took me a few weeks to resolve on my own and I was able to put protection to block further attacks from occurring.
  7. My relationship fell apart and I want him/her back, what can I do? This is a very common question people ask, there are a number of things that can be done but it all depends on the situation. Few important things are, what is the reason for the separation, how long were you apart, when was the last time you spoke to that person. Normally a broken relationship can be fixed by reconnecting the spiritual cords of attachment but it all depends on the situation. Relationships are very complicated and if broken up for no fault of your own, due to black magic or interference from someone else, it is worth looking in to. Feel free to contact me for an evaluation.
  8. I have been struggling my entire life, I can’t seem to get ahead. Will spiritual healing work for me?  Let me start by saying that this world was not created for suffering. Many people have spiritual blockages on them, that hold them back from reaching their full potential. Blockages can occur due to a past life time issues, those issues require spiritual healing or sometimes blockages occur due to something that was done in this lifetime. Since most people are oblivious to spiritual problems, they just keep trying to move ahead and failing until they eventually give up. Spiritual blockages such as chakra issues, low vibrational energy, low auric colors, jealousy from others or a curse will hold you back from reaching your full potential. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation if you are struggling in this area.
  9. Does distant remote healing work? Why do you prefer it over direct visits? Yes, distant healing does work, there is no difference to me in doing the work remotely as my healing requires me to do the work in meditative state. I then use angels by connecting to the clients auric field to perform my healing. I prefer to do the work remotely as seeing clients directly does not allow me to go into meditative state without distractions. The feedback that I have received from clients over the years on remote healing has been outstanding.
  10. Does giving money to the poor or donations to others in need, do anything for me?  Yes helping someone in need  will benefit you greatly. By giving someone who is struggling or is in need of your donation, you create positive angels around yourself that will return your donation to you at the right time. Look at some of the most successful people, they are always giving away their wealth and in return are gaining more wealth.
  11. I always struggle with every relationship, I want to meet my soulmate and be happy again can you please recommend what I should do? It is important to check if you have any blockages in your heart chakra or if anything else is going on such a past life time issues, a curse, possible character issues that may require life coaching. Please contact me for a free analysis.
  12. Can my pets such as a dog and cat be cursed with black magic? Yes, animals are able to be cursed just like human beings. They can get sick, have accidents or run away.
  13. Do you recommend saging, if so why and how often? Yes, I strongly recommend saging on a weekly basis. Saging helps remove negativity, raise vibrations and bring positive peaceful energy in to your home or office. You can learn more about saging on my blog here. If regular sage is not available, you can use incense as well.
  14. Is it dangerous to go to a psychic? Yes and no, psychics are not God, but many people will hear an answer and feel that it is set in stone. I am a believer in free will and like to see my clients make their own decisions. Intuitive predictions are just that, they are predictions but the choice should be left to the person. Many psychics will set an intention on their clients and it will limit your ability to succeed beyond their “prediction”. If someone tells you that you will have 2 children, and you have ability to have 3 or even 5, the limitation set by the psychic during the reading will have negative effects on your life.
  15. I have been a good person my whole life, but yet I struggle with finances, luck, relationships. Why am I suffering so much? It is very painful to see good people suffering. It is true, many good people suffer in this world. There are many reasons, such as energy blockages, generational curses, karmic issues from your past life, and your current surroundings. I can do a free reading to see what your issue is, please contact me.
  16. Does thinking negative bring me harm? Yes it does, have you ever heard “where your thoughts are, that is where you are?” You must work hard on thinking more positive, if you struggle on changing on your own, I offer life coaching sessions to help with such issues.
  17. I want to know if charms, crystals, amulets really work? Yes they do, I have been programming crystals such as bracelets, necklaces and energy generators for a very long time and the response clients have given me have been outstanding. Every crystal is programmed for a specific person, the use of angels, the sun, ancestors and guides. I offer different types of crystals for every life situation or need. Remember the person programming, must be trustworthy as you don’t want to have something in your possession from a negative person with negative intentions. Use only reputable people when buying such things.
  18. Why do I feel tired all the time and have no desire to do anything? This is a very common concern, with the advancement of technology, people are being less creative with their time, not moving around as much, being lazy and just “scrolling” their smartphones. Leading a healthy lifestyle is important. You have to start by eating healthy, exercising, having hobbies, reading, and spending more time outdoors. There are many spiritual reasons such as blockages that make people feel this way as well, feel free to contact me for an assessment.
  19. I have always had dreams of achieving great things but it never worked out and I always give up on everything I start. Why is this happening to me? I have heard this from many clients over the years, when you get hyped up and excited about something, after a few days in to it you forget the feeling and the excitement dies down. This leads you to just give up and walk away from the idea. There are many spiritual blockages such as thoughts from entities that can hold a person back from achieving their goals. I can help remove the blockages for you, to open your path to success. In the meantime, next time you get an idea and are excited about it, write down your exact plan on paper, how you feel from it, what you will gain from it, put everything down. When you feel like giving up at a later time, you can read the paper and remember how great you felt just a few days prior.
  20. I am having nightmares in my dreams, should I be worried? This is a very common misconception about dreams. Dreaming of something horrific, that almost wakes you up in panic, many times is considered “fear releasing” meaning the dream itself is clearing you from something potentially negative that was meant to happen but did not and was released in your dream instead. Many people are naturally always thinking negative about anything they dream, this is not the proper way to interpret your dreams. If you are an existing client, I can help explain your dream for you. Keep an eye out for dreams at 3-5am, as those are the important ones that are usually prophetic in nature.
  21. I feel unhappy in my life, I have tried therapy, healers, psychics and many other things but I am just depressed. Can you help me understand why? There is no simple answer for this, I can check if you have spiritual blockages, chakra & aura balancing issues or karmic problems. From my experience in dealing with clients with such issues, many set their expectations very high, are envious of others, always feeling they are missing or entitled to something and not living the moment. It is important to make best of what you have and work on a plan to improve your situation. I offer life coaching sessions and can greatly help you assess the problem and build a plan to improve every area of your life.
  22. I am surrounded by negative friends and family members, is this a problem? Yes it sure is, people who are pessimistic and are constantly thinking negative will take everyone down with them. Think of this scenario, if you put a person in a jail cell without any tattoos, but everyone there has a tattoo. How long before this person who has never had one ends up with a tattoo? This is the way life works, whoever you are surrounded by, will have a negative or positive impact on your life.
  23. I am struggling to gain or lose weight, what am I doing wrong? This is a very broad question, with no simple answer. My recommendation is to get your doctor to assess you for any health issues, use a nutritionist to analyze your eating habits, and get a personal trainer to properly help you exercise. Being surrounded by someone who spends a lot of time exercising, dieting and has experience with it, is very helpful. It is not a simple thing to accomplish, think of your body as something that gets used to a routine and expects a certain portion of food daily. To transform that into something else that you desire will take a huge commitment, and a lot of sacrifices on your part. As the saying goes, if there is a will, there is a way.
  24. Is there such a thing as being attacked by black magic non stop? Yes, but the common misconception between black magic and empathy does exist. Empathic spiritual cords can cause you to feel another person’s energy,  this person who is angry with you, and sending out negative thoughts, will make it feel similar to black magic. It is good to get an assessment from a spiritual healer on this.
  25. Does Karma really exist? Will I pay a price for doing bad things? Yes, it sure does, we will pay a price for everything. Hurting another person, stealing, torture, or anything that you feel is wrong in nature, you shall pay a price for in this life or the next. Notice there are many people who suffer and did nothing wrong in this lifetime, but their suffering never ends. This is a clear reflection of karmic punishment. As with everything, this is not always the case and some issues are soul journey or curse related.
  26. How do I know if someone is my soulmate or twin flame? This will require a spiritual healer to check, we come in to this world with a few soulmate’s. You can fall in love multiple times on your journey and many people can be used to help you get there. You will definitely feel a stronger connection or bond to certain people over others, thus validating the connection to that person as being your soulmate or in your soul group.
  27. My relationship is nothing but pain, we fight non stop but can’t be apart, what should I do? This is a worldwide problem that many deal with. Fear of cutting your losses, moving on, being alone or change will hold you hostage in a toxic or even abusive relationship. You can try counseling, spiritual healing, and time apart. Sometimes it’s better to move on and start fresh, then to struggle and suffer through a painful relationship. Short term pain without the person, can bring long term benefits and diminished amounts of stress. You can read more about this on my blog.
  28. I am recovering from a painful break up or divorce, do you have any advice? The first step to take is to work with a spiritual healer to cut the cord of attachment to that person. After that is done, I recommend to fully cut all ties, communication, remove any memories such as pictures and gifts. It is recommended to seek the help of a therapist or a life coach to help you rebuild your life. Rushing in to another relationship isn’t always the answer, take your time to heal and work on yourself.
  29. I feel like my home has a ghost or spirit living in it, what should I do? Typically this is a job for a spiritual healer, I have seen many ghosts and spirits living inside homes. They are very real and active, it is important to remove such energies as they can be life threatening. I do home and business clearing and blessing rituals for such occurrences.
  30. Can social media be used to send me negative energies? Yes, spirituality has no limitations. Communication such as text messages, phone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snap and others will trigger a transfer of energy, both good and bad. If you have someone who you don’t want any connection with, it is important to block them on all channels.
  31. Is it possible to break vicious cycle of struggle? Depending on the specific situation, the universe does allow the opportunity to end anything that exists. For every problem there is always a solution, just like for every cause there is an affect. We must have faith, look for solutions, and never give up on our battle to a better life.  The only limitations are the ones set by us, and our past failures. Previous disappointments will also affect our future choices. The universe does allow for healing to take place no matter what the situation. The person must believe in the healing and recovery as well as have proper people working on it, in order to achieve the desired goal. There is a famous story, where towns people went to a holy person asking for rain during a drought. He instructed them to go in to the open field and pray to God for rain. Upon doing so they returned to the holy man and said, “we went and prayed, begged and screamed but nothing happened”. The holy man asked “did you bring umbrellas with you?” They said no, his answer to them was, “if you believed that it would rain in your heart, you would of brought umbrellas”. The moral of the story is, people say they believe in something but they must really believe it in their heart and soul in order to achieve it and create miracles.
  32. What is the best protection from black magic? This is a great question, after black magic is removed, many people want to be protected and make sure that it does not happen again. I would recommend a few things, keep your mood very positive, be optimistic, think positive, your defenses against black magic will be much better when you are in a good mood. I offer spiritual protection services that can be done monthly or as needed. I can also program a black magic protection generator you can keep near you as well as a  necklace or bracelet you can wear for protection against black magic and all curses.
  33. How do you remove a demon from your body? This is the hardest job to perform for a spiritual healer or shaman that is trained in such work. Exorcism, sacrifices, prayer, cleansing and angel work must be performed and the practitioner must fast for twenty four hours before doing such work. I would normally asses exactly the type of possession taking place and then work with the persons guides and ancestors to perform an extraction or exorcism to free them from the demonic possession.
  34. How often should I meditate and what should focus on when doing it? Meditation is very important, it helps restore your energy field and raise your vibrations. I would recommend meditating 3 times a day, spread it out upon waking in the morning, midday and evening before going to sleep. When you first begin meditating, you can just let the mind take you to where it wants to go, after a few weeks of doing it you can begin to focus on specific areas of your life, future growth and transformation.
  35. How long does it take to remove black magic? Typically black magic removal is done within 21 days, there are cases that do require extra work and can take as long as 90 days. You can learn more about removal on my blog.
  36. The crystals you program, can they be  programmed in secret for someone that wouldn’t know what its for or is skeptical of such work? Yes, the crystal programming can be done for anyone. The person its being programmed for does not need to be made aware. Being skeptical will not change or hinder the programming and its ability to invite miracles.
  37. Why do bad things happen to good people?  This is a very broad question, even though it does feel like bad things often happen to good people, this is not the case. Both good and bad can occur to anyone, no one is spared from the dangers of life. Having spiritual protection, protective crystals and a balanced chakra system is very helpful to avoiding the bad.
  38. How are you able to program crystals for people when those crystals aren’t always their birth-crystals, according to any system of astrology? Programming crystals are different from astrology and birthstones in general, the programming I do, can be done on any crystal to radiate positive energy to the person its programmed to.
  39. Can my child or children get cursed with black magic? Yes, from my experience most parents that get cursed will end up having entire family suffer. I have seen children get black magic placed on them just to spite the parents.
  40. I get a headache, feel anxious and get angry every time I am around a certain person, what does this mean?  They are draining your light, your aura is being drained. This is also a sign of jealousy. I recommend to stay away from such people and do a cord cutting session.
  41. I had a fight with my best friend and now I feel like my life is turning upside down, what is happening to me? There are a number of things that are going wrong, for one negative thoughts are transferring telepathically and in same time cord of attachment is sending energy back and forth empathically. Entities are being created on both ends and causing negative vibrations for both of you. It is important to do a healing session to fix the relationship, or cut cord of attachment completely.
  42. There is a full moon out, what do you recommend I do? If you can, make a wish when you see a full moon. The energy is heightened during full moon and the light of it radiates blessings.

Forced Love – Relationships where you just don’t get along

You may wonder why the title says forced love? Being a spiritual healer and working with clients all over the world, I have come across many cases of  what I like to call “forced love”. I came up with this term after spending years working with clients who had relationships that failed and one person just can’t let go and are willing to do absolutely anything to get the other person back, regardless of how they are treated.

Let me begin by going over what the purpose of a life partner is, relationships are formed for companionship, intimacy, love, children, family, marriage, care, friendship, attention, adventure and financial support. Clearly the purpose of a relationship is a give and take scenario where two people are combined together to experience a better life. There is absolutely no requirement in the universe to have a relationship but people do so for the pleasure it brings them.

Relationships in general are a beautiful thing to experience, they bring unimaginable pleasure and the feeling of love or to be loved is truly priceless. There are many relationships or connections that are extremely strong due to their past life time experience together, as well as soulmate or twin flame bondage. I do offer past life time readings, if you are interested in learning more about your past life, please visit this link.

I am sure you’ve heard about relationships that go bad, actually the divorce rate in the United States is about forty to fifty percent. Many relationships end due to unforeseen circumstances  such as cheating, fighting, lost love, communication issues, financial struggles and evil intentions such as black magic.

When relationships fall apart, many begin to look for reasons and at least one person in the relationship tries almost everything to stop the separation from occurring. When the person tries everything but the other person just isn’t interested. This is when “forced love” begins to take hold.

The vast majority of relationships with issues typically involve one person having more strength, confidence and control then the other. Using that to their advantage they begin to push the other person around and take advantage in every way possible. These type of relationships involve people who struggle with self love and codependency. When a person doesn’t consider themselves  important, they allow others to push them around in all areas of their life, including their work life.

Relationships must be equal, in all aspects. What does that mean? In simple terms, both people should be treated the same. Neither should have more control over the other. If you struggle with self-love I would strongly recommend a life coaching session where I can help you better manage that area of your life.

Chasing someone after they have clearly decided they don’t want to be with you or have anything to do with you will usually lead to depression, anxiety, stress, failure, reduced happiness and obsessive thoughts for that person.  It is important to get proper help when facing a challenging separation. Separating from someone after being with them for a long time is very painful, and many times feels as if your entire world has stopped. It is recommended after such a break up to get a full balancing of the chakras, healing the aura and placing angels to help you get through the pain. I offer a full mind body and soul healing package to help with such cases.

How to remove black magic spells, voodoo, curses and hexes?

There have been many requests from clients around the world asking on how to remove black magic. The first step to take is to insure that you are actually struggling with black magic and are not having something else going on. I will use the term black magic to describe all types of curses in this article as there are too many to list.

It is important to understand what you are dealing with when it comes to black magic curses. Many times people confuse black magic for empathic attacks, telepathy, jealousy, and mental illness. Finding out the proper issue you are dealing with is extremely important. There are also many people who will take advantage of your struggles. It is strongly recommended to use a reputable person to perform your reading. Many readers such as psychics, astrologers and fortune tellers are not healers and often times are unable to properly diagnose the problem you are having. It is strongly recommended to use a legitimate spiritual healer who is experienced in removing these types of spells. You can contact me for a free black magic reading.

Many people who begin to experience setbacks due to black magic, start of with minor issues such as abrupt accidents, financial setbacks, health issues, arguments with friends and lovers, and have a pessimistic outlook that leads to having a negative mind set. These issues eventually spiral in to bigger issues and you begin to go down hill in every area of your life. In many cases it also hurts the people around you such as family and friends. It is important to note that not everything bad in life is due to black magic but it is a well known fact that things in this world don’t happen without reason. I don’t believe in coincidences and strongly feel that everything has a reason behind it.

Removal of black magic is very important, and must be done in a timely fashion, as delaying the removal of black magic can cause permanent damage that is irreversible. Depending on the type of magic or curse a person is experiencing there are different methods of removal available. Many spiritual healers will use their own techniques based on their experience or training with removal. Depending on the type of magic that you have, typical methods involve, using angels, performing sacrifices, creating talismans, prayers, ancestral healing, rituals, candle work, spiritual baths, balancing of the aura and chakras as well as using crystals.

When struggling with black magic there are a few very important things to do on your own at home:

  • – Think positive
  • – Avoid substance and alcohol abuse
  • – Surround yourself with positive people
  • – Visit places of prayer
  • – Have faith
  • Sage your home, business and office
  • Perform energy clearing & blessing
  • – Exercise and eat healthy
  • – Avoid conflicts and disagreements
  • – Meditate
  • – Take cleansing baths
  • – light scented candles
  • – Submerge yourself in an ocean or lake
  • – Pray
  • – help others who are struggling
  • – keep salt in your pocket
  • – hire a spiritual healer to perform black magic removal 

These things will help you lessen your struggle with black magic. I want to mention that each person will experience black magic affects differently. Some are more sensitive to these attacks then others and some will require continues support if they are under constant attacks.

Is Black Magic Real?

The most common questions I get asked are, does black magic really exist? Is it real? The answer is Yes.

To begin, I want to emphasize on why people are skeptical about black magic, witchcraft or anything that is supernatural in nature. If you look back in time, before the 19th century many people found spirituality very interesting and there was a lot of emphasis on spiritual miracles and healings as well as curses. As technology advanced people changed their view and focus to what is in front of them and away from God and spirituality all together.

Spirituality has never left society, it lingers in everyone’s life and people often times begin to wonder why things aren’t going as planned or worse why are things getting really bad. Many just continue struggling without any insight as to what is causing their hardship and some begin to turn to spirituality to understand and determine what is really going on in their life.

If you ask me, life was not intended to be full of suffering, many times if you pay careful attention to your own thoughts, you will notice how jealous you are when you see someone else succeeding in anything beyond your own success, your mind immediately begins to feel a sense of jealousy and you subconsciously want to stop the success the other person has. These thoughts have painful consequences for the person you are thinking about or jealous of. Now without going in too much detail on how a black magic curse or ritual is performed, I will explain the basic information on what it is. Black magic is performed using a human intention and placing it in to an object to create a certain result when activated. The person who the ritual is performed on, in return begins to experience super natural consequences such as health issues, financial hardship, worry, relationship issues,  bad luck and much more.

Typically people don’t believe in anything they can’t see or confirm visually but when they begin to experience legitimate life changes  and constant destruction in their life they then begin to wonder if something supernatural is occurring that is beyond their visual capabilities. Feel free to contact me for a free black magic evaluation.

The effects of Empathic connections on our daily lives

What does it mean to be empathic?

Empathy is the concept of the transfer of energy telepathically from one person to another. Empathy transpires using strong telepathic channels and/ or cords of attachments. Empathy allows you to feel the emotions and thoughts of another person. Empathy can make a person feel things randomly within their body that they normally would not feel under similar circumstance. Empathic attacks can have physiological symptoms such as:  physical internal pains , ailments,  drastic changes of temperatures in the body, sudden heartburn, and feelings of nausea. Empathic attacks can also bring about emotional symptoms such as: feeling bursts of anger, excessive stress for no reason, anxiety, and increase in hyperactivity. Empathy doesn’t only transfer bad energy but can also transfer good energy from one person to another.

Many empathic people are able to sense what their loved ones or close friends are thinking before the person reveals it to them. For example, an empathic person can sense that their friend is going to text or call them regarding a specific problem they are having. They can know what their friend was going to share with them before the friend even made any contact. Although powerful, empathy can feel very draining and overwhelming for people who have no power or do not know yet how to control it. An empathic transfer of energy can make the receiver do things they wouldn’t normally do, such as argue, fight, or show signs of anger towards others without prior cause for confrontation, causing an internal battle within the person’s own body. This can also be described as having two different personalities within one body. Empathic people often struggle when being attacked by energy vampires. Energy vampires describes those individuals who practice deep thinking and obsess over someone sending them constant bad energy, hence sucking the life out of the person being targeted weather they know they are doing it or not.

How does empathy work?

Empathy transfers energy using cords of attachments instantaneously  allowing a person to feel different things at that exact moment. The transfer of energy can occur through different portals of a person’s body and/ or energetic Chakras. Where the energy attack are being felt on a person or how it makes the person react or feel depends on the sender of the energy and their connection to the receiver. In most cases, the transfer of energies occurs with people who the person has a strong connection or bond with such as a family member, a past or current lover, or a close friend. The person sending the energy is often one who had spend a lot of time with receiver and had developed a strong energetic connection to them.  One belief is that empathy is existent as a tool to help control people from making decisions such as walking away from life situations and relationships without facing adequate consequences. As you may see in your own daily life, very often people walk away from problematic relationships or complicated friendships thinking they can just escape their problems, not realizing that the cords of attachments they forged along the way and the energy connecting them to person and/ or situation still exists.

Most people cannot differentiate between their own feelings/ emotions or physiological pains and those of the person who is attacking them energetically. In cases where the energetic attacks are happening on a regular basis the receiver can adapt to the attacks and accept it as part of their well being. Experiencing moments such as struggling with emotional regulation, anxiety, and feelings of unexplained depression can all be signs of an empathic attack taking place at that very moment. The attacks can be momentary or last as long as hours or even days depending on the sender’s motive and energetic powers.

How it affects our daily lives and people around us?

One important distinction to make when contemplating whether an empathic attack is occurring is understanding the difference between emphatic attacked and black magic curses.  Where Black magic takes place abruptly in forms of “accidents” such as car crashes, tripping over something or injuring yourself badly, an empathic attack presents itself in a more natural way with physiological symptoms such as headaches, body aches, emotional drain, anxiety and stress (to inquire more information about Black magic removal services please feel free to contact me for a free consultation). Empathic attacks also present themselves in forms of jealousy and hatred towards someone or something the person has no prior negative feelings towards.  People with strong empathic capabilities can be intense to a point where they obsessively loop with intensive destructive thoughts and behavior that can end up destroying a person’s life.

How to protect ourselves and prevent empathic draining?

The first step in protecting yourself from empathic attacks is trying pinpoint who the sender of the energy might be and what brought about the negative thoughts towards you. Some reasons why someone might be sending you empathic energy might be:

  • – Date of an important anniversary from a past relationship
  • – Person experiencing feeling of regret or guilt following a relationship ending
  • – Birthday or important life event where you used to be part of but no longer are
  • – A person strongly missing another person who is no longer in their life
  • – Family member experiencing some sort of trauma or illness and subconsciously sending negative energy to other family members
  • – Employer or co-worker having negative thoughts about you due to jealousy, resentment or hatred

There can be many other reasons why someone might be sending you negative energy via an empathic attack.  A good practice following an attack is to write down how you feel when you are not under attack so you can differentiate when you are yourself verses when you are under attack and feel like you are possessing someone else’s energy. There are many forms of meditation that can help you protect yourself against empathic attacks (Please contact me to inquire more information about this topic and receive a 10 minute free consultation) . Placing a pillow or a large thick object to cover the area of your body being attacked while it’s occurring can sometimes help decrease the intensity of the symptoms. Programed Crystals can also be used to protect the person from empathic attacks. To assure your Auric field and Chakras are fully balanced and vibrating properly a spiritual healer is recommended to assess where the energy is coming from and how to properly stop it by cutting the cords of attachments as well as providing energy healing services. I offer fully programed bracelets and necklaces with crystals that  are used to protect the person wearing it from being a victim of an empathic attack.

The benefits of Saging

The practice of using sage for energy clearing and spiritual work has been around for thousands of years. Early civilizations are known to have been using the mystical powers of sage to rid of evil spirits and clear energies in and around their dwellings and places of worship. Many cultures and ethnic groups nowadays utilize the powers of the sage for different spiritual cleansing rituals. When burned, the scent and smoke of the sage releases smoke into the air which can change the composition of the air surrounding it. This change in the air has many positive effects, including changes in mood, release of stress, and release of negative energy in and around the peron’s dwelling.

When to sage? 

The benefits of saging can be utilized in different ways. The need to sage might vary from situation to situation depending on the circumstances surrounding each situation. The following is a list of situations in which saging should be completed:

  • – Prior to moving in to a new house
  • – Prior to moving into or opening a new business location
  • – Prior to attending or following a big party or gathering
  • – Following a departure of a loved one
  • – In an event a person in your household or immediate family is chronically ill
  • – Following a hard separation or breakup
  • – When being attacked with black magic
  • – Increased tension
  • – Stressful events
  • – Being around envious people

How to sage?

The sage should be burned at the tip releasing steady streams of smoke that fills the air with the aroma of the sage. White sage is the best sage to use for cleansing rituals. As with any other herb, sage is highly flammable and extreme caution should be used when handling the sage when hot. The sage should be placed in an aluminum pan or a skillet the entire time to avoid self injury or unintentional burning of carpets and/ or furniture. Saging around people should be completed in circular motion on top of the person’s head or around and under their body. The sage should never come in direct contact with a person’s body. The smoke and scent from the sage should cover the entire area. The person completing the saging ritual should voice their intentions for saging loud as they are walking around focusing on all the positive things they are hoping to gain. After the saging ritual has been completed, all people who have been around the sage should change out of their clothes and take a shower to remove the aroma (along with all the negativity) away from them. All windows should be opened following the ritual to allow the negative energy to leave the premises and allow the flow of positive energy to enter.

Where to sage? 

Saging should always be completed in the area surrounding the person and/ or situation where the negative energy or vibration is most present. In new homes or offices the person completing the saging ritual should cover every room and corner in the space (top, bottom, stairs, closets, bathrooms) . When saging to clear energy around a specific person the sage should cover the person’s personal belongings and personal space.

During saging the person performing the cleansing ritual should have in mind that they are clearing path for all the negative energy to escape. When lighting the sage the positive energy around a person’s aura spikes and shines, thus bringing positive energy around themselves and everyone around them. Most people that use the powers of the sage to perform cleansing rituals have to program their minds in advance with the intentions of clearing and  and improving their energy within the area they are saging.

Benefits of saging:

Some of the benefits of saging include but are not limited to:

  • – Increase in positive energy
  • – Feeling of Lightness
  • – Decrease in tension
  • – Positive thoughts & emotions
  • – Positive flow of energy
  • – Reduction in stress
  • – The ability to clear one’s mind
  • – Opening paths to accept new opportunities in life
  • – Increased physical strength
  • – Decrease in fatigue
  • – Removal of Black magic from someone’s home, relationship and/ or – business
  • – Improved intimacy

The Saging ritual allows a person to have a fresh start and enter a new chapter in life. Along with my services of home and business clearingfull mind body and soul healingaura and chakra balancing a new start in life is now easily attainable. Please feel free to reach out to me with any additional questions you may have on the process of and benefits of saging. Contact me to schedule your free consultation.