Energy Luck Spiritual Healing

Energy Luck provides the best spiritual energy healing, black magic removal and good luck blessing services for personal problems, business & relationships.
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Whenever clients email me questions I throw them up here in order to avoid answering the same questions multiple times. Please read this list before emailing in your questions.

Do you have customer reviews & how can I leave a review ?

A: Every service page that is listed has a reviews tab showing recent customer reviews. Please post your review about my service there also. Bad or good I would like my clients to see honest reviews about my service.

How will I know when you will start to work on me I made a purchase 5 minutes ago ?

A: You will receive a personal email from me 1-72 hours after making payment letting you know I have received your request and a date I will begin working on it.

Will I feel anything when you begin doing energy work?

A:Yes, my past customers felt more energetic, a feeling of more confidence, strong, excited, relaxed, calmer. They felt this within hours of me beginning my energy healing process.

What payment methods do you accept?

A:I accept all major credit cards, debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Gift cards, PayPal,  and Money orders. If you would like to send me a money order please contact me for instructions.

What title do you go by?

A:I am an Energy healer, life coach, Spiritual Healer, spiritual life coach.

I emailed you and did not receive a response?

A:Please allow up to 48 hours for a response, also please make sure to check your spam folder and add to your safe senders list.

Do you accept or offer payment plans?

A:Yes, I offer payment plans at check out, please see available options when purchasing.

How long does energy healing last for? Will I need to do this again?

A:Everyone is different no two people are ever the same. I have done energy work on family, friends and hundreds of clients. Most people will do it every few months on different areas of their unique needs. While others have become so successful they no longer need me. Energy healing results vary because some people have stressful lives and require more attention than others. I will assess your aura, chakras and energy levels by connecting to your energy and send a complete email or phone call explaining exactly what needs to be done to maintain your energy properly going forward after my session.

How can you handle so many clients when do you have the time?

A:I take every single client very seriously. You will actually notice some of my listings will have sold out or pre order notices. I also email out letting you know exactly the date I will begin my energy healing process on you. Usually I am about 3-4 weeks booked ahead of time. I assure you it will be worth the wait.

How long does each session take?

A:15min – 10 hours depending on the person’s specific situation. I will not stop my work until I feel 100% confident the energy work is complete. My full package includes daily work for 90 days.

Is there any guarantee this will work?

A:As with everything in life there is no guarantees. I do my best by everyone and will give you as much healing as needed until your issue is resolved within the time period you paid for. Depending on the service purchased and if it is 30 days or 90 days to complete.

Do you offer refunds if I am not satisfied?

A:Unfortunately, I do not offer refunds after healing is performed. It takes a lot of work to perform healing, including the purchase of materials such as candles and oils that are used to perform rituals. Providing a refund after work has been done is not fair to me.

Are you a medical professional?

A:Absolutely NOT. I am an energy healer.

How are you able to do this I have never heard of this before?

A:I have a gift. I am able to visually see energy moving around in the physical world without any meditation. When I look at something I see what it is connected to and how strong the connection is. With this gift I am able to help heal, change and manipulate physical energy to help people live better lives.

I purchased your service luck in relationships and it really helped me how soon after can I purchase sexual energy luck?

A: I can help you with this immediately as sexual energy is awakened using a different type of energy healing I recommend doing this type of healing to everyone who lacks sexual desire or is looking to attract more sexuality in their life.

When purchasing email service, how long will communication last?

A:I will help you as long as it takes to solve your problem, most clients usually heal within few days of me starting my energy work and begin to want my help in other areas.

How come your services are priced so low? Many others charge thousands for such a service.

A:My intention is to help people. Many people I have done energy work on in the past have pushed me to open up my abilities to others I have no intention of doing this solely to make money. This for me is something I enjoy doing. Helping others achieve their dreams and become happy and successful brings me a lot of joy. I have brought my prices down to a minimum to insure everyone who seeks help is able to afford it. Some energy work takes me 5-6 hours of continues energy work for just one client that would amount to almost doing it for free.

I purchased your service for weight loss it worked well I had no appetite for months was losing weight fast and then was depressed after losing my job I started to gain weight again what can I do now?

A:I recommend repurchasing my service as your energy has changed back because of depressed state you were in. Depression and sadness many times attracts negative entities. I can surely fix this for you again.

I have many issues you have listed what should I start with?

A:Multiple sessions in different areas can be done in the same time. If you need help with multiple issues I suggest purchasing for each issue and providing me details about each one. I will work on each issue separately.

Can I purchase this for a friend or a family member?

A:Sure you can. Just provide me the necessary information about them and their problem and I will do the rest.

It’s been 21 days and I didn’t see any difference in my life at all what can I do?

A:Please reply to my email and let me know exactly what is going on with you. I will do my best to check your energy and see what else can be done. Keep in mind some energy takes time to adjust, I have seen clients take 2 days to transform their entire life for the better and others took months of constant energy work and healing. All depends on the exact person and situation.

I have terrible luck with money. Are you able to help me change that?

A:You can purchase my healing service for luck with money and finances. I will work on a spiritual level to open up the blocks in your energy field so that you can start attracting money and making better decisions to obtain money.

I purchased Energy healing for overcoming emotional pain 2 times now it helps me for about 2-3 months and then I feel lost again what do you recommend for me?

A:Energy work can be performed multiple times or as much as you need. Some people need to be rebalanced more often than others. It’s like filling up your car with gas needs to be done or you can’t drive.

I want help with stock market decisions will your energy healing help me with that?

A:I provide clearing using universal energy and use angels to bring confidence and success in to your life. Removing blocks, and negativity thus allowing you to be successful in any venture.

My significant other has left me and im heartbroken can you help me forget them?

A: I provide healing to your overall Aura. Helping you release pain, tension, suffering and drama. Every single thought a person has is coming from specific spirits. Using Energy, I am able to manipulate energy for healing to make you feel complete and strong again.

I have no success with any relationship I am in can you help me?

A:Yes, I certainly can. Using energy, I can open you up to new and successful relationship. Releasing past fears and removing all blocks.

I had black magic performed on me many years ago since then have had nothing but bad luck with everything can you really help me?

A:YES! I can redirect your natural energy to flow back through your aura and brighten all your colors allowing you to heal and return to your happy state.

There is so many fraudulent services out there how do I know this one will work?

A: I don’t charge a lot for my service as some scammers out there do and have many successful clients if you are skeptical of my work feel free to email me any questions before you make your purchase. I also have my picture listed on my about us page, many scammers will not have their picture listed.

I have bad dreams and nightmares can you help me?

A:Yes, I have done this for many clients.

I need special help with anxiety and depression and Anger can you help me?

A:Yes, using healing energy I will be able to assist you in overcoming this.

I just bought a new house and it does not feel very good in it can you help clear the energy?

A: Yes, this is something I do on the regular I suggest purchasing a guidance session and I will clear your home. Sending a picture of the front and largest room inside will help me. It will much better after work is performed.

I need help selling my house can you help me?

A:Our energy gets attached to our things and since we live inside our home many times our energy gets so attached to it that it makes it very hard to sell. If you purchase a guidance session, I will be able to disconnect your cords of attachment from your existing home to help you sell it.

I want to forget about my ex and move on can you help me?

A:Yes, I am able to cut cords of attachment allowing you to peacefully move on with love and light. Just purchase 1 session of guidance and I will begin my work on it.

What is the difference between phone and email support?

A: Email support you will receive all correspondence via email. While phone support will be done over the telephone. The result is the same I work just as hard on both services.

How long is your phone support for and why is it so much higher priced then email?

A: 30 minutes for every service you purchase. Email is much easier for me to answer and do on my own time. While phone requires scheduling for a specific time.

Are you also a fortune teller or medium?

A: I do have ability to communicate with spirit, people who passed or read fortunes. I enjoy working with energy and giving people ability to have a better life. People who read fortunes many times tell you everything is written in stone, this is not the case. We all have free will to change our fortune for the better by making better decisions and planting better seeds for our future.

If I ordered a service how long before I see results?

A: Some people report they see results in every part of their life. Some clients reported seeing huge transformations few months after my energy work was done. Spiritual healing works different on everyone. Some people get results right away some year later.

I need other things done that are not listed can you help me?

A: Sure, please contact me for special requests you may have.

Do you charge and then charge again like others?

A: I have many clients that have told me stories about other so called “psychics” charging them thousands and every time you come back they charge you more. These are scammers and con artists not real energy healers. I charge a small fee for my work and spend hundreds of hours until my clients are fully satisfied. If you have worked with me you will know I care about every client and will go above and beyond to help you. I do this work for one reason, and that’s to make a real difference in peoples lives. Stay away from scammers who tell you to pay them thousands of dollars for a healing.

I have been blocked from your email and social media, can I know why?

A: If you threaten, harass, accuse, abuse, or are unreasonable in your demands. Your email and social media will be blocked and all contact will be severed.