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Why are there so many negative people and what to do about it?

We all have our fair share of negative people in our lives, our friends, family members, co workers, neighbors, kids, spouses, and romantic partners. Sometimes we can avoid these people and sometimes we are unfortunately stuck with them. It is a known fact that whoever you are surrounded by has a very big impact on your daily life. This is not only true physically it is also true on an energetic and spiritual level as well.

People who surround themselves with millionaires for example tend to eventually attract wealth and same goes for someone who is around a thief or a criminal the end result will be their traits and ideas transferring on to you in both positive and negative ways. This is why it is truly important to make very wise decisions as to who you associate yourself with and what type of environment you are surrounding yourself with.

It is easy to be negative and the vast majority of society chooses to just be down, dread life, complain, be miserable and blame everyone else for their short comings. When coming in contact with such a person the low vibration in their auric field (aura is the energy that surrounds our body and protects us)  is enough to wipe out all your positive energy in minutes.  This is why its very important to be protected against energy vampires who will suck all the positive energy out of you within minutes without you knowing what hit you the rest of your day, week or even month and cause you to make terrible decisions and not even knowing why.

Lets face it, we cant control negative people or change them but we can change ourselves to be protected, and for our own energy to attract only the highest vibration of people who don’t drain us in any way. Energy is known to attract to itself similar energy that it gives out. For example if you are a giving, kindhearted, loving individual you will attract friends to yourself with very similar traits. There are of-course exceptions to this rule as with anything but for the most part most people will attract to themselves who they are because our aura vibrates at a certain energy and we attract to ourselves that same vibration of energy.

There are many toxic relationships where one person is amazing but the other is just the opposite, don’t think for a moment that the universe made a mistake, just because the relationship exists it doesn’t mean its meant to be. Many times there is one individual in the toxic relationship that has no idea how to be without the other person so they will put up with negativity for decades if they have to instead of leaving that person and starting fresh.

If you are surrounded by negative people and don’t know what to do about it, I strongly recommend the following few things:

  1. Daily meditation at least 3 times a day.  Specifically one that protects your aura, feel free to contact me for assistance. 
  2. Speak to a spiritual healer to make sure your aura has healthy colors. I offer spiritual healing for the aura here: Aura Healing
  3. Don’t try to change the other person but instead change yourself.
  4. If you are in a relationship and your partner is negative to the point that it is effecting your life, I strongly recommend counseling for that person and if they refuse you must have the strength to leave them. 
  5. Don’t be judgmental of their every move, try and concentrate on yourself and your own life instead. 
  6. If the people in your life who are negative are not immediate family, work on a plan to distance yourself from these people.
  7. Be positive, optimistic regardless of who is around you, by doing so you will raise the energy not only for yourself but everyone around you also.

We have a choice, a free will to be around someone or not to be around someone, it is our decision of who when or how we do things. Always remember to use your free will and not be forced to do anything you are not comfortable with.


I am sure a few things come to mind when you hear the term “Spiritual healer”

What is spiritual healing?
Why do I need spiritual healing?
Why can’t I heal myself? Etc…

The universe is a complex place there are many things that go on behind the scenes that involves the travel of energy. The way a person feels, thinks, grows, evolves, absolutely everything that happens to people will have a source of energy fueling the specific event taking place.
Have you ever heard a person say “wow I got so lucky?” or “I can’t believe that happened, such a miracle” well guess what? There are no mistakes, or coincidences. Everything happens for a reason and everything has a cause and effect.
Unfortunately, in today’s world a lot of things taking place involve the drainage of energy or the transfer of energy from positive to negative and negative to positive. People with high amounts of positive energy are natural targets from people who drain them with their negativity.
Many things taking place in the world such as accidents, tragedies, sickness begin with a source that transmits their negative energy to an object, a location or a person. Negative thinking many times will create entities and these entities harm the person and everyone around them and the cycle begins with no end in sight. This is when a spiritual healer is needed most.
Spiritual healers are people that have a lot of positive energy and using that force of higher vibrating energy can transform anything negative in to positive. Keeping in touch with someone that has good energy is an excellent idea because even being next to someone that vibrates on a higher level will naturally improve how you feel.
Just as everything else in life doctors, lawyers, musician’s, dentists, electricians etc… all have a specific gift to do something that another person cannot. Being an energy healer is a natural gift that allows the person to help other that are struggling.
From the beginning of time the universe has always had people who were able to help others get through their problems and clear away spiritual blocks. In today’s day unfortunately there are too many people that don’t know what they are doing and bring more harm than good to a person they are healing. I strongly suggest using a healer that is reputable and has a gift of healing with a lot of experience.Uriel
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