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People often rush to go and buy crystals for their friends and loved ones. They either do this because they don’t know what to buy or want the best crystals for their loved ones. While you might be tempted to go and buy a cheap crystal, it is essential to note that not all crystals are created equal- some are more powerful than others. The quality of the crystal will depend on whether or when it has been programmed. In addition, there is also an assortment of blessing rituals that can influence the power of a crystal and its ability to channel energy toward its user.

What is Programming?

Programming a crystal is infusing it with your intentions and energy. It’s like setting an intention for what your crystal will do for you. You can program a stone to help you feel more grounded, relaxed, or confident.

You can program your crystals by holding them in your hands, thinking about what you want them to do, and then meditating on their purpose while they’re nearby. You can also buy pre-programmed crystals ready to go right out of the box.

Programming is important because it gives your crystals a specific goal they’ll work toward if they’re around you. This makes it easier for them to empower you in the best way!

When you program a crystal, you bring a consciousness to guide its energies. This is similar to when you program your computer to do something specific. A programmed crystal has a “programming matrix,” which allows it to store information and output it later. In this case, it’s holding and sending positive energy into the universe.

Why is ‘Programming’ Important?

It is essential to understand the difference between a crystal that has been programmed and one that has not. Crystals that have not been programmed will generally be cheaper but have a different effect than programmed crystals.

When a crystal is programmed, it has been blessed by someone with a strong connection with nature. This blessing is done by holding the crystal in their hands, thinking about its purpose and intention, and then praying over it. It is important to note that you cannot program your crystals because this will give them a different effect than professionally-programmed ones.

Programming is so important because it allows you to use your crystal for whatever purpose you wish without worrying about whether it works for you.

Programmed crystals & jewelry are a part of the healing process

The healing process is slow and gradual and can take years to complete. The human body is incredibly complex, and many factors go into healing it.

Programmed crystals help facilitate this process by amplifying the positive energy surrounding you. They also work to clear your mind of negative thoughts or emotions, so you can focus on healing your body instead of worrying about outside forces.

Programmed crystals have been used for centuries by healers worldwide to help with their work. Today, many different types are available online or at local stores. You can even make your own if you want to learn this craft!

Programmed crystals work by sending out positive vibrations or frequencies. Our brain picks up these vibrations and transmits them to different body parts through the chakra system. This process helps us eliminate all negative energies that cause pain and suffering.

Programmed jewelry works on a principle similar to programmed crystal. Still, instead of being placed under a pillow or bed sheet, it is worn on the body as a necklace or bracelet. Which comes in contact with the skin every time we put these on our body.

Programmed crystals & jewelry are more effective against negative energy

Programmed crystals are more effective against negative energy because they have been programmed to attract positive energy. Programming the crystal involves setting intentions for it and then programming them into it by infusing it with light and sound.

The idea is that these programmable crystals can attract good things in your life while repulsing negative energies like fear, anger, and hate. The crystals will also help you focus on your goals and manifest them in reality by attracting opportunities that will get you closer to achieving them.

Wearing a programmed crystal will help you reduce stress, calm your mind, and focus your energy on what matters most. It’s like wearing a piece of technology that enables you to achieve your goals!

You can also use programmed crystals in your home or office to enhance its energy field. This is especially helpful if you feel like too many negative influences around you—such as electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices or toxic people who drain your energy—need extra protection.

How will I know if my crystal or jewelry is programmed or blessed?

You’ll know if your crystal or jewelry is programmed or blessed by how it makes you feel.

It has likely been programmed if you feel happy, relaxed, and energized when you wear the crystal. If your mood is enhanced and you feel more confident when you wear the crystal, then it’s likely that it’s been blessed.

You can also try to connect with your crystal. If you’re feeling a lot of anxiety or stress, try meditating with your crystal for 30 minutes every day for two weeks. If your mood improves over time and the crystal is helping you relax, then you should keep using it.

If you’ve bought a crystal from a reputable source and it feels warm to the touch, it’s likely programmed. If you’ve purchased a crystal from a reputable source and it’s been in your home for at least 24 hours, and it still feels warm to the touch, it’s programmed!

If you have a piece of jewelry that someone blessed with experience in the field of energy work, that can indicate that the piece is blessed. But even if someone didn’t endow your jewelry with expertise in this field, there are other ways to tell whether or not it was blessed: It will feel like something changed when you wear it!

You’ll feel calmer, more grounded, and more connected to yourself when you wear any kind of energy-healing piece—and this is especially true if someone blessed it with experience in this field. I include professional crystal programming for all products purchased from me, feel free to check them out here.

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