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Everyone is always wondering how long does it take to remove a black magic curse or voodoo. One must first understand how black magic works and why its effects cause people to have undesired symptoms. Many people tend to confuse typical negative energy, empathy, negative thoughts, negative attachments such as entities, ghosts and ancestors, depression for black magic.

Black magic is when a person programs or performs spells on an object using dark spirits to infiltrate in to your auric field and bring you whatever is programmed on that object, the usual desire is to bring harm, negative intentions or to force things on you going against your free will. The effects can be immediate or gradual or never, depending on who the person that is both performing the act and receiving the evil.

Before planning to remove black magic one must first assess what exactly they are dealing with, feel free to contact me to get your free reading. When one is certain that black magic or a curse of some form exists immediate steps to remove such evil must be taken.

Many spiritual healers will use angels, energy and their own guides, as well as ancestors and sacrifices to remove these spells. Meditation and prayers are also very important in helping to remove this evil. Unfortunately removing black magic isn’t as easy as many think. Although home remedies and self help including meditation is helpful it may not be enough. For many centuries shamans, priests and spiritual healers have helped remove such evil from people.

Many people and psychic’s specifically have used black magic as pretext to scam people out of a lot money. These fakers charge thousands and make false promises that make most real spiritual healers look bad. I would recommend using reputable spiritual healers with experience and not someone that is looking to rip you off. This has created many skeptics and even forced governments to create laws to disallow psychic work all together. But through out history there have been many psychics that have done good work and even helped with detective work on many levels.  As with anything in life there will always be skeptics or people that don’t believe in the paranormal. There are many atheists out there and that is completely fine as I feel everyone should be allowed to use their own free will when it comes to their beliefs.

Typically removal of black magic requires the spiritual healer not only remove the evil that was placed but also raise the vibration of the aura and heal the chakra system completely.  You can learn more about the chakra system here. After such healing prayers and candle work  may be performed on your behalf for 90-120 days. The shift of energy begins to take place differently for everyone, some will react immediately and others will begin to experience things in the coming months. Think of spiritual healing as placing a fruit seed in the earth and as you water the earth the seed turns in to an edible fruit. Same with spiritual healing it is a gradual transformation that refreshes your aura (you can read about the aura here).

I offer black magic removal services here, feel free to ask me any questions on my services before ordering.


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23 thoughts on “What is black magic and how long does it take to remove black magic?”

  1. I have been cursed with the evil eye my ex fooled me too take my daughter to this man too help her she was acting strange so when I get there it ended up being for me he looked at my daughter and shook his head and nodded his head at me and begun staring in my eyes with this evil gaze I left as I looked back going down the highway he was still gazing too make a long story short I got about 15 or more symptoms this shit is real no capping if I dnt keep a strong mind its no telling what’s gone happen can someone give me some real advice and no playing games ppl lives be at state

  2. Black magic was placed on me and it seems to be spilling in all aspects of my life. I am begging you for some help please. Please help me

  3. Hii guys, same problem i have face, when i’m starting mediation or doing some time to pray then my thoughts goods but 4 or 5 days after i changed again i forget to do then i’m again feel sad and negative thoughts i dont know how changed these thinks, its heavy now i feel,

  4. I think someone very close to me is doing black magic to my elder daughter. I want a remedy . How will I do that?

  5. Hello sir, does
    Remote Neural Monitoring comes under black magic?Plz I need help. It is more dangerous than black magic…help me.

  6. Greetings! My name is Johnita Renee of New York City. I am a very good, upright and humane person. However, I am sure I have a deadly black magic curse onme-100%. I have people harassing me and threatening me. Machines taking my money. I cannot get on my feet, no matter how hard I try.

    Also, I have no money whatsoever to pay a real healer to remove this black magic. My body is full of pain and unnatural sickness, I am being attacked mostly at night. My body chemistry is off, and I am usually healthy. I have had many rapes during my sleep, even though I am celibate. Most of my ex’s and so called good friends, who I have helped greatly, turned against me for no reason and became enemies.

    I do not have the basics of human life such as permanent housing, my grown children, no real friendships or relationships. I am isolated and people turn against me on a whim, usually for little or no reason.

    I have no privacy to do any type of rituals. What should I do? I feel this has become a life threatening plight. All of this evil black magic must be removed at it’s source, before it is too late.



    1. Hi johnita,

      I’m really sorry your going through all of this I have escaped from black magic and was in the same exact situation as you! I am just recovering at the moment. What I would say is, ask a reputable spiritual advisor like uriel here to pay monthly because they would understand that the reason to your financial depletion is because of this.

      Good luck ??

  7. I want to help my father who is suffering from black magic sickness since last four months . If there is any solution please so help me

  8. I want to help my friend who is suffering from black magic sickness since last year. If there is any solution please so help me

  9. Hi I believe black magic is beingv used against me. Please point me in the right direction.i don’t know whok too turn to and how to fix this

  10. My name is Ranius and I’m very young and want to do white magic, how will I go by it….please I need an advice and help from you.

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