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A medium is someone who can communicate with the spirits of the dead. What is a medium? Can anyone learn to use these real-life psychic powers?

What is a medium?

A medium is a person who communicates with spirits. Mediums believe that the spirits of the deceased have not passed on but instead continue to exist in a form that can be communicated with. That form can be the spirit of a person who has passed on or the spirit of a non-human being such as an animal or plant.

Mediums practice their craft by entering into trance states and then communicating with spirits through automatic writing, psychometry (holding objects belonging to the deceased), clairaudience (hearing messages from spirits), and clairsentience (feeling spiritual energies).

Mediums also sense when something needs attention or healing and can help a person or animal move on from its current situation.

Most people believe that only those born with a gift can become mediums, but there are ways for anyone to learn how to be one. There are many different types of mediums, including clairvoyants and psychics. The most common way of becoming a medium is by learning to connect with your intuition through meditation and prayer.

Mediums make contact using a range of methods

Mediums use a range of methods to make contact with spirits. Some people will use an Ouija board, a flat piece of wood with the letters of the alphabet and numbers printed on it. People sit around the board and ask questions, following the movements of a small plastic or wooden pointer that slides across the board in response to questions.

Mediums communicate with all kinds of spirits, from ghosts to higher-level beings. They use a wide range of methods to make contact, including:

Psychic mediums receive messages from the spirit world through visions and dreams, as well as through sensory experiences (such as smelling or hearing something that other people can’t) or physical sensations (such as a feeling that someone is watching you).

Direct voice mediums hear voices when in a trance state. The voices may be those of spirits who have passed on or the voices of creative entities such as angels.

Physical mediumship involves using objects—such as jewelry and clothing—to channel information from the spirit world.

Empathic mediums connect with spirits by sensing their emotions and needs.

The electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) involves capturing electronic sounds on tape during sessions with a medium.

Others may use tarot cards, which have pictures and are used to tell fortunes. Some mediums will read the cards by themselves, while others will have someone else shuffle them and then randomly draw out cards. The cards are interpreted based on their placement in relation to each other.

Some mediums communicate with spirits through automatic writing, where they write down messages from spirits as they come into their minds without consciously deciding what to say or how it should be displayed. Most mediums claim they can’t control when these messages come through; they simply write down whatever comes into their minds.

Mediums aren’t necessarily psychic; mediums use non-psychic methods too

There’s a common misconception that mediums are psychic. However, while they use their intuition and psychic abilities, they also use non-psychic methods to communicate with the dead.

Mediums often use trance writing and automatic writing to communicate with spirits. They may also use other forms of divination, such as tarot or I Ching readings. They might also use astral projection or remote viewing to find information about someone who has passed away.

The mediums that use non-psychic methods include mental mediums, clairvoyants, and telepaths. These mediums either use their memories or memories of others to connect with the spirits and deliver messages from them. Mental mediums can also use previous readings they have done with clients and books written by other psychics to help them connect with the dead person’s spirit and deliver messages from them.

Some mental mediums will also use tools such as tarot cards or a crystal ball to help them connect with spirits more quickly than they could otherwise do through their minds. The cards allow them to focus on specific questions asked by their clients (such as “What does my future look like?” or “What happened in this house before we moved in?”) instead of trying to figure out how everything fits together on their own without any guidance whatsoever.

Many people think mediums are psychic because they can sense and feel things that others can’t—like the presence of spirits or being able to sense when a person is in their afterlife. However, most of these things are not just psychic abilities but rather gifts from God that allow them to help others grieving over lost loved ones.

Some people are carriers of spirits, and others are psychics

There are two kinds of people: those who are carriers of spirits and those who are psychics.

Carriers of spirits are people with a spirit attached to them at all times, and they can feel its presence. They may not know what the spirit is doing or where it came from, but they can feel its presence. This can be uncomfortable for some—but for others, it’s comforting.

Psychics are people who hear spirits talking to them all the time. They may not even realize these voices aren’t authentic until someone tells them so. Psychics may also be able to see these spirits with their eyes closed, which is called clairvoyance.

These two groups are very different from one another because they experience life differently. Carriers of spirits may not believe in psychic powers; psychics might not believe in spiritual possession. However, both groups agree that supernatural forces are at work in our world today!

Some people are psychic and a carrier of spirits; others only have one or the other ability. You may have a loved one who has this gift and does not know it! I offer services to awaken your intuition and spiritual life coaching, feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

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