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You’ve probably heard about terrible things like the black mamba, Nile perch, and other poisonous snakes that can bring death to anyone unfortunate enough to encounter them. But today, we’re going to talk about something else…curses! We all know that curses are deadly — but how many of us know what a curse is?

What is a curse?

A curse spell causes negative effects to befall a person or group. It can be used for good or bad purposes, but typically, it’s used to cause harm.

Curses are usually believed to be cast by witches, who draw power from the devil. They’re also thought to have been cast by ancestors or other spirits wronged by the curse’s target. Curses are challenging to defend against because they cannot be physically blocked or stopped by any means known to modern science.

The effects of curses can vary widely. Some curses bring about illness or injury; others make it impossible for their victims to find love or success in life; others still cause financial ruin for those who receive them. There are many examples of people who have suffered severe health problems after being cursed—some even died very quickly after receiving their curses.

If you’re worried about being cursed, there are some ways to protect yourself: You can try wearing an amulet necklace or a crystal bracelet (that’s an object with magical powers) or doing things that could counterbalance the power of the curse—like writing down all the good things about yourself and putting them somewhere safe where no one else can see them.

However, curses can also be used positively. For example, if you want to attract something into your life (such as money or love), it’s possible to cast a spell that will bring it into your life quickly. Curses can also be used for healing purposes; for example, if you feel like your house needs cleansing because of negative energy or something bad has happened there recently, then casting a cleansing ritual might help clear out those energies so they don’t affect anyone else who visits your home later on down the road.”

How does it work?

Curses are magical spells woven into the very fabric of your being. You cannot eliminate them with a simple spell or magic—they’re part of you and will be there until they’re resolved.

Curses work because they’re like little pieces of magic infused with your soul, locked away inside you. Sometimes, these curses can be triggered by an event or an action; this is why witches are so careful about what they say and how they act around people who are more likely to trigger a curse (such as those who are more sensitive or vulnerable to magic). When this happens, it can cause pain, illness, injury… even death.

It can be transferred from person to person and does not discriminate between age or gender.

The transfer occurs when two people share a kiss. When one person kisses another, their lips will turn purple, and their eyes will glow. The curse is then transferred to that person, who will begin to experience symptoms immediately.

When the curse is transferred to someone else, they experience the same symptoms as the original person: swelling in their neck, fever, coughing up blood, and death.

Most witches understand that there are risks involved when dealing with curses because their lives depend on it—but sometimes, even the most careful witch will make a mistake that causes irreparable damage.

Physical effects of curses

The physical effects of curses can vary widely from person to person, but they typically include some combination of the following:

  • Sudden and inexplicable weight gain.
  • Acne or other skin issues.
  • Hair loss.
  • Dry, brittle nails.
  • A weakened immune system makes you more susceptible to illness.

Curses can make a person more susceptible to disease or even cause them to develop it all together. They can also cause a person to become sick with a fever or even lose their hair—sometimes all at once!

The most common side effect is that the curse causes the victim to feel very tired and lethargic. This is because the curse drains their energy, leaving them feeling weak and unable to function normally.

If you suspect that you have been cursed, there are several things you can do to determine if this is true and what kind of protection you may need. First and foremost, always keep yourself safe when identifying whether or not you have been cursed: A curse can be very dangerous if left unchecked!

You must trust your instincts when dealing with curses because they can cause powerful emotions like fear and anger, making it difficult for someone else to help protect against them. If at any point during your research into identifying whether or not there is something wrong with your body/mind/spirit that feels too scary or upsetting, stop immediately!

The dangers of cursing

Cursing somebody is a dangerous practice. It is wrong and can have severe consequences in the physical world.

Casting a spell or curse on someone is dangerous and can have terrible consequences for the person you are trying to hurt.

For example, if you try to cast a spell on someone so that they will fall in love with you and only you, what happens if your target falls in love with someone else? You will have to live knowing that your spell failed and caused pain to another person.

Another danger of casting spells and curses is that they may backfire on you. If, for example, you cast a spell on someone to make them feel sick, but instead, they get better because they take medication or eat better food, your spell has made things worse for yourself!

Cursing someone is a form of magic and can be used to harm someone in the physical world. Cursing a person in any country is illegal, and many countries have laws against practicing magic on another person without their permission.

The spell will be directed at a specific individual, and that person will feel its effects immediately after being cursed. The curse will harm them physically or mentally, or both. The results of the curse can vary depending on what type of spell was cast, who cast it, and how they cast it (e.g., through witchcraft or voodoo). Feel free to contact me for a free curse evaluation and reading.

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  1. There so much I can say,I highly know that I am ,I have been dealing with a jinni/ as I’m trying to get this on here it’s messing with my tablet, everything electric mess up, I’m always tired my body swells I can do everything that is healthy for me and like take vitamins eat healthy do saging do cleansing everything backfires it’s counteracted as soon as it’s being known it’s working harder on me the harder I work on it it works harder on me I can hear the growling, a demon I’m dealing with a lot of Egyptian stuff this has been going on for a year now I noticed a huge difference in my body like 50/50 like I’m half of myself and there’s someone else inside of me everything that I do for my car my life financial was disappeared it was a huge struggle I believe and I know if voodoo hoodoo,vodou, Hades b*******. I’ve been dealing and living in Hades underworld it’s in my apartment it’s in my bedroom it’s always messing in my head causing swelling my fingernails don’t grow anymore my toenails don’t grow anymore I’m watching my body change every freaking day I take baths and cleanse and as soon as I step on my carpet I’m back to how it was cuz I could be feeling great as soon as I do my cleansing is like I’m energized and it only lasts for maybe like 10 minutes if that it’s a fight it’s a war it’s a battle battle. I could keep going on I mean I’ve oh my God I’m tired I’m exhausted I believe it has a lot to do with an ex and he’s holding on to my heart I am chained I am like locked trapped in my own apartment and everything I try to do is extremely hard and I go in circles I’m always confused I have pictures of a snake on me I know there is a white cobra on me in me my eyes change like shapewise and I have pictures of the damn thing I have a lot of pictures of a lot of things and that’s all I can say I want it off and I need some serious help, this is not a joke and I honestly don’t know what you can do for me but whatever you do try to send me email wise I’m not paying for anything so I’ll just go ahead and say that not over not over a conversation through notes there’s to get a spell off somebody you have to be face to face so if this is the case and that’s what you’re doing then don’t even waste your time emailing me back

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