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The history of the voodoo doll is shrouded in mystery and legend. The doll comes from West Africa, although over time has been made popular elsewhere, such as in Louisiana. Initially called by a variety of names, including “makyo,” “doll,” or “poppet,” the voodoo doll can utilize a wide range of materials, from wood to wax to cloth.

What is a voodoo doll?

A voodoo doll is a small figurine, often made of cloth, used in voodoo practice. Voodoo dolls are used to represent people and then harm or heal them. They can be created to represent a specific person or anyone who has wronged the voodoo practitioner.

Voodoo dolls are thought to have originated in Africa and were brought to Haiti during the slave trade.

A voodoo doll can help someone get revenge for someone who wronged them. The person who wants revenge will place pins in the voodoo doll’s head, heart, or other body parts, depending on what they want to inflict on their victim. The victim will feel pain at these locations and wherever else they have been pricked with pins when they touch their skin later on down the road!

Voodoo dolls are often used to curse others but can also be used in healing rituals. In this context, the doll represents someone needing help or healing. The doll is placed on a “spiritual altar” and wrapped in white cloth, and then it’s pierced with pins while prayers are said over it. Afterward, the pins are removed from the doll and buried under an oak tree so that the pain and suffering of the patient will go away with them.

What does a voodoo doll do?

A voodoo doll is a doll that is used in the practice of Voodoo. It is used to inflict pain or discomfort on a person. The voodoo doll can be made from any material, including wood, cloth, wax, or rubber, but it must have an image of the intended victim.

The doll is often pierced with pins or needles to inflict pain on the victim. The voodoo doll is also often buried in dirt to cause discomfort to the victim.

Sometimes people will use their hair and nail clippings to make the doll; this way, they can claim that they didn’t cause harm to anyone by making it (if someone finds the voodoo doll).

The most common use of a voodoo doll is to inflict pain on someone else; however, some people believe they can use it to help themselves. For example, some people might put pins in a voodoo doll to represent their ailments, which they hope will then be transferred onto the person the doll represents.

The idea behind voodoo dolls comes from the belief that if you can create an object that represents someone else, it will hold magical properties and be able to do things like cause physical harm or illness. For example, if you create a doll that looks like your neighbor, then that neighbor will start to feel pain when they touch it (or something).

How to curse someone with a voodoo doll

This is not recommended to be done for a novice or a person who does not know what they are doing as if it is done wrong, it will back fire and cause you the pain. You should not be wishing harm on anyone, as the karmic  back lash from it will be huge. I will try to explain how creating a doll works so you can get a better understanding of the process just for your reference of how it works. The most common use for a voodoo doll is to curse someone. If you want to learn how a voodoo curse is placed on someone with a voodoo doll, here are the steps:

1) Find a good-quality doll that resembles the person you want to curse

2) Write down the name of the person you want to curse on the bottom of the doll’s feet with a pen or marker

3) Take some string or yarn and tie it around one foot, then wrap it around itself until there is no more string left; this creates your binding spell

4) Take two needles and stick them right through the heart of the doll, one on each side, so they’re not touching (this creates your binding spell)

5) Get some salt and pour it over your head while chanting “curse, curse” three times (this makes sure your curse will stay strong).

First, you must ensure the voodoo doll looks like someone you want to curse. You can see if they have distinguishing features—like a mole or birthmark—and then draw them on the doll. It’s best to get a picture of them and use that for reference. If not, just do the best you can! Then, poke your pin into the doll where it will hurt most when you stick it in someone’s body part—like under their fingernail or somewhere on their face near an eye socket.

Now it’s time for the cursing part! Just say whatever curse words come naturally to you, but make sure you’re telling them directly into the pinhole so that your bad feelings go straight into their body too! That’s how cursing works: putting all your bad feelings onto something else so they don’t cling to you anymore!

When is it not ok to use one?

Voodoo dolls are used in many religions and cultures for healing and protection. They can be used to take away pain or illness, or they can be used in rituals of cleansing or purification.

However, some people use voodoo dolls for evil purposes. These people use voodoo dolls to inflict pain on other people through curses or spells. This is not okay because these people use their religion as an excuse to hurt others or cause harm. Using your religious beliefs as justification for violence against others is always wrong.

Voodoo dolls should never be used to make someone else feel pain or take away their powers. This is not the way of the Voodoo priestess.

Voodoo dolls should never be used to harm yourself or others. Again, this is not the way of the Voodoo priestess.

Voodoo dolls should never be used for revenge or to hurt another person in any way at all. This is not the way of the Voodoo priestess; it is only a path toward darkness and unhappiness for everyone involved!

If you find yourself feeling tempted by voodoo doll magic, try these steps: ask yourself why you want to use them; think about what makes you want to use them; talk with someone about what’s going on inside you; write in your journal; take a walk outside; listen to music that makes you feel good! Feel free to contact me for a free reading and to see if you have voodoo done to you or advice about voodoo magic. I also offer protection and removal services for voodoo and other curses.

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