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Energy Luck provides the best spiritual energy healing, black magic removal and good luck blessing services for personal problems, business & relationships.
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As a life and spiritual coach, my goal is to assist you in realizing your professional and personal goals. In order to feel aligned with your life’s mission, your greatest abilities, and your area of wisdom every morning when you wake up, I want you to feel that your everyday life is compatible with your values and that you are facing a day where you are engaged in work that you enjoy and find important. While you can’t control what happens to you, you can direct your energy and how you feel about your life, and arrange your life to follow your aspirations.

I will help you figure out what you want out of life, teach you how to achieve your goals, and keep you accountable to your vision. I will ask questions that lead you into self-reflection, providing exercises to help you better understand yourself, and setting up regular check-ins with you over the course of the coaching period.

I will help you create a holistic plan that addresses all areas of your life. This includes your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being for getting back on track with your health and happiness.

Every day I assist wonderful clients go in the direction of their dreams, and I am living proof that you can completely redesign your life this way.

I am able to help you in the following areas:

– Health and Wellness Coaching

– Business and Career Coaching

– Marriage and Relationship Coaching

– Performance and Sports Coaching

– Executive Coaching

Here are some services I offer:

– Helping you to find your life’s mission and purpose

– Identifying what makes you unique and irreplaceable

Learn more about me:

My name is Uriel I was born in Tajikistan and now reside in the United States. I have been studying and controlling energy for over 20 years. Growing up as a young boy in a family that has been doing spiritual healing for over 800 years, I started to feel other people’s emotions, feelings, and illnesses without having to speak to them directly.

By age 13, I was giving advice and assisting people much older than myself. One morning a few years later, I started to see energy in front of my eyes. It had a visual component. I was able to see the flow of energy and how it works behind the scenes. It is almost like listening to the radio. People can hear it, but they cannot see it. Except I was different. I could see how the waves transferred.

I then found the ability to change energy flows. It overwhelmed me, so I decided to seek guidance from the world’s leaders in spirituality and energy healing. I went on a journey that changed my life, joining monks, kabbalists, and other spiritual people where I spent the next 15 years in daily meditation, at times not eating for days, just staying in a meditative state. I was connected to a whole new realm of reality that didn’t exist in the mundane, physical world we all call home to. I was able to leave my physical body and connect myself with the spiritual three-dimensional worlds that are controlling our universe in every way possible.

It became clear that this was my calling, and that I was put into this world with this power to help others. I made it my life’s mission to use my gift to assist in getting people through the struggles and challenges in life we all face. I found the power to provide spiritual guidance and energy healing for all areas of life. I invite you to come embark on this journey by letting me help you!