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What does it mean to be empathic?

Empathy is the concept of the transfer of energy telepathically from one person to another. Empathy transpires using strong telepathic channels and/ or cords of attachments. Empathy allows you to feel the emotions and thoughts of another person. Empathy can make a person feel things randomly within their body that they normally would not feel under similar circumstance. Empathic attacks can have physiological symptoms such as:  physical internal pains , ailments,  drastic changes of temperatures in the body, sudden heartburn, and feelings of nausea. Empathic attacks can also bring about emotional symptoms such as: feeling bursts of anger, excessive stress for no reason, anxiety, and increase in hyperactivity. Empathy doesn’t only transfer bad energy but can also transfer good energy from one person to another.

Many empathic people are able to sense what their loved ones or close friends are thinking before the person reveals it to them. For example, an empathic person can sense that their friend is going to text or call them regarding a specific problem they are having. They can know what their friend was going to share with them before the friend even made any contact. Although powerful, empathy can feel very draining and overwhelming for people who have no power or do not know yet how to control it. An empathic transfer of energy can make the receiver do things they wouldn’t normally do, such as argue, fight, or show signs of anger towards others without prior cause for confrontation, causing an internal battle within the person’s own body. This can also be described as having two different personalities within one body. Empathic people often struggle when being attacked by energy vampires. Energy vampires describes those individuals who practice deep thinking and obsess over someone sending them constant bad energy, hence sucking the life out of the person being targeted weather they know they are doing it or not.

How does empathy work?

Empathy transfers energy using cords of attachments instantaneously  allowing a person to feel different things at that exact moment. The transfer of energy can occur through different portals of a person’s body and/ or energetic Chakras. Where the energy attack are being felt on a person or how it makes the person react or feel depends on the sender of the energy and their connection to the receiver. In most cases, the transfer of energies occurs with people who the person has a strong connection or bond with such as a family member, a past or current lover, or a close friend. The person sending the energy is often one who had spend a lot of time with receiver and had developed a strong energetic connection to them.  One belief is that empathy is existent as a tool to help control people from making decisions such as walking away from life situations and relationships without facing adequate consequences. As you may see in your own daily life, very often people walk away from problematic relationships or complicated friendships thinking they can just escape their problems, not realizing that the cords of attachments they forged along the way and the energy connecting them to person and/ or situation still exists.

Most people cannot differentiate between their own feelings/ emotions or physiological pains and those of the person who is attacking them energetically. In cases where the energetic attacks are happening on a regular basis the receiver can adapt to the attacks and accept it as part of their well being. Experiencing moments such as struggling with emotional regulation, anxiety, and feelings of unexplained depression can all be signs of an empathic attack taking place at that very moment. The attacks can be momentary or last as long as hours or even days depending on the sender’s motive and energetic powers.

How it affects our daily lives and people around us?

One important distinction to make when contemplating whether an empathic attack is occurring is understanding the difference between emphatic attacked and black magic curses.  Where Black magic takes place abruptly in forms of “accidents” such as car crashes, tripping over something or injuring yourself badly, an empathic attack presents itself in a more natural way with physiological symptoms such as headaches, body aches, emotional drain, anxiety and stress (to inquire more information about Black magic removal services please feel free to contact me for a free consultation). Empathic attacks also present themselves in forms of jealousy and hatred towards someone or something the person has no prior negative feelings towards.  People with strong empathic capabilities can be intense to a point where they obsessively loop with intensive destructive thoughts and behavior that can end up destroying a person’s life.

How to protect ourselves and prevent empathic draining?

The first step in protecting yourself from empathic attacks is trying pinpoint who the sender of the energy might be and what brought about the negative thoughts towards you. Some reasons why someone might be sending you empathic energy might be:

  • – Date of an important anniversary from a past relationship
  • – Person experiencing feeling of regret or guilt following a relationship ending
  • – Birthday or important life event where you used to be part of but no longer are
  • – A person strongly missing another person who is no longer in their life
  • – Family member experiencing some sort of trauma or illness and subconsciously sending negative energy to other family members
  • – Employer or co-worker having negative thoughts about you due to jealousy, resentment or hatred

There can be many other reasons why someone might be sending you negative energy via an empathic attack.  A good practice following an attack is to write down how you feel when you are not under attack so you can differentiate when you are yourself verses when you are under attack and feel like you are possessing someone else’s energy. There are many forms of meditation that can help you protect yourself against empathic attacks (Please contact me to inquire more information about this topic and receive a 10 minute free consultation) . Placing a pillow or a large thick object to cover the area of your body being attacked while it’s occurring can sometimes help decrease the intensity of the symptoms. Programed Crystals can also be used to protect the person from empathic attacks. To assure your Auric field and Chakras are fully balanced and vibrating properly a spiritual healer is recommended to assess where the energy is coming from and how to properly stop it by cutting the cords of attachments as well as providing energy healing services. I offer fully programed bracelets and necklaces with crystals that  are used to protect the person wearing it from being a victim of an empathic attack.

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