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Why are some people rich and successful while others aren’t?

Since the beginning of time success has always been a priority for everyone. If you look back at any time in history you will come to the conclusion that everyone no matter when the world existed has always fought to achieve some form of success. The things people fight to achieve have changed but the goals have always stayed the same. Everyone has always wanted more wealth, fame and power. Those things have not changed and I don’t see them changing anytime soon.

The biggest questions many have always wondered is, why are some people born wealthy, succeed easily, marry the right people, get lucky, are at the right time and the right place, are gifted athletes, singers, actors, lawyers, doctors, lottery winners and leaders. The truth is none of these things are by accident. Everything in life has a specific reason. Things are perfectly calculated and given in perfect order where it belongs in the right time and place.

I want to quickly explain the concept of reincarnation, it is known by many  religions, faiths and beliefs as the concept to be reborn in to this world in a new body after passing away. There have been many cases of people who have come back not only remembering their past life but also remembering specific details, places and family members from a previous life.  The concept of past life is very important because it explains the why’s and the how’s a person experiences in this world, both the good and the bad. I offer full past life readings and healing packages here.

Now that we understand how past life works, I will explain something that is very important and that many people are not aware of. Everything that we do in this world both the good or the bad will come back around to us. Let me explain that, if you built a huge company and passed away, you may think “oh what a waste, can’t take it with you” but that’s where you are wrong. The little child reborn in to that family, grows up and eventually runs that same exact company. From the outside we may sit there and think, “wow is he or she successful, what a lucky person” but that’s exactly where society gets it wrong. There is no free lunch, everything is earned and given to people who actually deserve it.

Same goes for many of the famous singers and actors, I am sure you have seen extremely talented singing or acting by the age of 5 or 6, this is a soul that reincarnated from a previous life that was already a professional and is just continuing the talent.  This does go both ways, you also see many people who are miserable, and they don’t do anything about it. Many times struggle their entire life and pass away like that as well. When they are reborn they are usually right back to the same lifestyle as in their past life. Their struggle continues and they have a hard time ending or changing the cycle.

Change only occurs in this world (the physical world), you cannot change anything when you are not in a physical body. Another concept I want to go over is the journey the soul goes through to learn certain things and the push the universe must give in order for things to occur. The typical human being does not like change, as a matter of fact people do everything in their power to avoid change. Sometimes a person will get so comfortable in their routine life that the universe that is expecting more out of that person will throw a surprise curve ball or something in a form of pain and or major change that will force the person to shift and accomplish their souls mission to change and transform that specific thing in their life.

If you notice many times, you get a huge surprise such as you are fired from a job after many years of service and feel extremely devastated in the moment. Fighting with your employer, upset at friends and family and of course the universe for causing this to you and crying “why me”. After a few weeks or months you get offered an opportunity of a lifetime, then all of a sudden you are feeling the complete opposite and are thankful for being fired because if you were not fired, this new opportunity would not have taken place. There are many cases where the universe will force you to shift your life in order to help you achieve your goals and or test you to see if you can handle the pain. With that said there are also many cases where outside factors such as curses, black magic and or voodoo is used to stop you from being successful in life. When this occurs and you lose your job and or business, that is not work of the universe and in that case you are usually struggling to get back on your feet and require spiritual healing. There are also cases of tragedies that occur due to jealousy, external attacks such as curses and hatred. Not all tragedies are from that but it is said not a single thing occurs in this world without reason.

It is very important in life to make sure your auric field, chakras and energy field are always balanced and protected. In order to achieve maximum success and avoid many unnatural tragedies or abnormal events from occurring. It is recommended to get yearly spiritual healing sessions and use programmed crystals for protection. You can learn more about crystal programming here.