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The Benefits of Saging

The practice of using sage for energy clearing and spiritual work has been around for thousands of years. Early civilizations are known to have been using the mystical powers of sage to rid of evil spirits and clear energies in and around their dwellings and places of worship. Many cultures and ethnic groups nowadays utilize the powers of the sage for different spiritual cleansing rituals. When burned, the scent and smoke of the sage releases smoke into the air which can change the composition of the air surrounding it. This change in the air has many positive effects, including changes in mood, release of stress, and release of negative energy in and around the peron’s dwelling.

When to sage? 

The benefits of saging can be utilized in different ways. The need to sage might vary from situation to situation depending on the circumstances surrounding each situation. The following is a list of situations in which saging should be completed:

  • – Prior to moving in to a new house
  • – Prior to moving into or opening a new business location
  • – Prior to attending or following a big party or gathering
  • – Following a departure of a loved one
  • – In an event a person in your household or immediate family is chronically ill
  • – Following a hard separation or breakup
  • – When being attacked with black magic
  • – Increased tension
  • – Stressful events
  • – Being around envious people

How to sage?

The sage should be burned at the tip releasing steady streams of smoke that fills the air with the aroma of the sage. White sage is the best sage to use for cleansing rituals. As with any other herb, sage is highly flammable and extreme caution should be used when handling the sage when hot. The sage should be placed in an aluminum pan or a skillet the entire time to avoid self injury or unintentional burning of carpets and/ or furniture. Saging around people should be completed in circular motion on top of the person’s head or around and under their body. The sage should never come in direct contact with a person’s body. The smoke and scent from the sage should cover the entire area. The person completing the saging ritual should voice their intentions for saging loud as they are walking around focusing on all the positive things they are hoping to gain. After the saging ritual has been completed, all people who have been around the sage should change out of their clothes and take a shower to remove the aroma (along with all the negativity) away from them. All windows should be opened following the ritual to allow the negative energy to leave the premises and allow the flow of positive energy to enter.

Where to sage? 

Saging should always be completed in the area surrounding the person and/ or situation where the negative energy or vibration is most present. In new homes or offices the person completing the saging ritual should cover every room and corner in the space (top, bottom, stairs, closets, bathrooms) . When saging to clear energy around a specific person the sage should cover the person’s personal belongings and personal space.

During saging the person performing the cleansing ritual should have in mind that they are clearing path for all the negative energy to escape. When lighting the sage the positive energy around a person’s aura spikes and shines, thus bringing positive energy around themselves and everyone around them. Most people that use the powers of the sage to perform cleansing rituals have to program their minds in advance with the intentions of clearing and  and improving their energy within the area they are saging.

Benefits of saging:

Some of the benefits of saging include but are not limited to:

  • – Increase in positive energy
  • – Feeling of Lightness
  • – Decrease in tension
  • – Positive thoughts & emotions
  • – Positive flow of energy
  • – Reduction in stress
  • – The ability to clear one’s mind
  • – Opening paths to accept new opportunities in life
  • – Increased physical strength
  • – Decrease in fatigue
  • – Removal of Black magic from someone’s home, relationship and/ or – business
  • – Improved intimacy

The Saging ritual allows a person to have a fresh start and enter a new chapter in life. Along with my services of home and business clearingfull mind body and soul healingaura and chakra balancing a new start in life is now easily attainable. Please feel free to reach out to me with any additional questions you may have on the process of and benefits of saging. Contact me to schedule your free consultation.