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Why is it so hard to change your life?

One of the hardest things for most of my clients who come to me has been to change their life. Achieving change feels impossible when you have lived a certain way for a long time and then decided you no longer like it.

There are many reasons why change is hard. People in general don’t like change, if you look at your life today you will notice that you have a certain type of wardrobe, eat certain type of food, surround yourself with certain type of friends or lovers, and work in a certain type of field. Everything in your life that surrounds you has been done by you and oftentimes changing everything requires a lot work.

There are also many habits, routines and things that people have or do that are not even noticeable, but cause you to be a certain way such as dating, smoking, exercising, reading, types of activities you like and even the types of shows you watch on television. Everything around you, from the design of your house, the type of artwork on your walls, the music you like to listen to, is an expression of you.

The things I have described above don’t include the hardships in your life, that are current or from your past. Traumatizing life changing events such as divorce, a death, an illness, or monetary loss ect.. that occur in your life, can cause you to have emotional pains and create energetic blockages, especially when you decide you want to change your life.

All these things that I have mentioned above make it incredibly hard for a person to change or transform their situation in life, but it is not impossible. I have guided many people to change their life and have succeeded in transforming the entire life of many. I do offer life coaching services  that include spiritual healing of the aura and chakra balancing as well as one on one coaching to help you with these types of drastic changes, and many times can recommend the proper steps needed in order to transform everything in your life.

The first steps one must take is to be honest with yourself and accept all your strengths and weaknesses. It is also important to be prepared to come out of your comfort zone. What that means is, the things that are hardest for you to do, you will be required to do it no matter how it makes you feel in the moment. If you are ready to transform your life and want a free consultation, feel free to contact me.