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Forced Love – Relationships where you just don’t get along

You may wonder why the title says forced love? Being a spiritual healer and working with clients all over the world, I have come across many cases of  what I like to call “forced love”. I came up with this term after spending years working with clients who had relationships that failed and one person just can’t let go and are willing to do absolutely anything to get the other person back, regardless of how they are treated.

Let me begin by going over what the purpose of a life partner is, relationships are formed for companionship, intimacy, love, children, family, marriage, care, friendship, attention, adventure and financial support. Clearly the purpose of a relationship is a give and take scenario where two people are combined together to experience a better life. There is absolutely no requirement in the universe to have a relationship but people do so for the pleasure it brings them.

Relationships in general are a beautiful thing to experience, they bring unimaginable pleasure and the feeling of love or to be loved is truly priceless. There are many relationships or connections that are extremely strong due to their past life time experience together, as well as soulmate or twin flame bondage. I do offer past life time readings, if you are interested in learning more about your past life, please visit this link.

I am sure you’ve heard about relationships that go bad, actually the divorce rate in the United States is about forty to fifty percent. Many relationships end due to unforeseen circumstances  such as cheating, fighting, lost love, communication issues, financial struggles and evil intentions such as black magic.

When relationships fall apart, many begin to look for reasons and at least one person in the relationship tries almost everything to stop the separation from occurring. When the person tries everything but the other person just isn’t interested. This is when “forced love” begins to take hold.

The vast majority of relationships with issues typically involve one person having more strength, confidence and control then the other. Using that to their advantage they begin to push the other person around and take advantage in every way possible. These type of relationships involve people who struggle with self love and codependency. When a person doesn’t consider themselves  important, they allow others to push them around in all areas of their life, including their work life.

Relationships must be equal, in all aspects. What does that mean? In simple terms, both people should be treated the same. Neither should have more control over the other. If you struggle with self-love I would strongly recommend a life coaching session where I can help you better manage that area of your life.

Chasing someone after they have clearly decided they don’t want to be with you or have anything to do with you will usually lead to depression, anxiety, stress, failure, reduced happiness and obsessive thoughts for that person.  It is important to get proper help when facing a challenging separation. Separating from someone after being with them for a long time is very painful, and many times feels as if your entire world has stopped. It is recommended after such a break up to get a full balancing of the chakras, healing the aura and placing angels to help you get through the pain. I offer a full mind body and soul healing package to help with such cases.