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Why is it hard to recover from a painful breakup or loss?

Most healthy relationships begins with two individuals who find fondness in each other and form some sort of bond or connection over a shared interest and/ or common life goal. These individuals will then grow to enjoy each other’s company and develop a bond. Many firsts will come along, such as first touch, first kiss and first date. During the initial stage of a relationship is where couples share their interests and explore together.

The relationship then grows as the couple begins to get comfortable with one another. Going on trips together, sharing a bed, allowing oneself to be vulnerable in front of the other person and meeting important people in the other person’s life (such as family members and close friends). Relationships also turn into life time commitments that people make to one another when buying homes together, getting married and ultimately having children together. Those are all the steps and the making of a growing relationship. As the couple in the relationship invest more time and emotion into their relationship they strengthen their spiritual cords and become inseparable. People often get too comfortable with someone and forget how life was before that person came into their lives. Even a few months can have an everlasting effect on someone due to the time invested into the relationship.

For this reason the universe disabled humans ability from remembering their previous incarnation (past lives) that includes past relationships. Relationships often stay stuck in our chakras and auras and there is a cord of attachment that binds the two souls together for eternity.

Unfortunately many relationships come to an end. There can be many reasons why a relationship would end. Some relationships end on good terms, some not. People sometimes discover later on in life that the life path they have chosen for themselves no longer makes them happy,  they discover that their significant other is cheating on them, or they simply don’t want to live with the person they married anymore. Every situation is different and every person’s heartache following a breakup or a separation is going to differ.  Either way, there is always baggage that follows a person when they end a relationship.

So why is it so hard for some people to move on following a breakup or a loss of someone they loved? There are many reasons why. Environmental triggers is one of the reasons. Something as  simple as a smell of a familiar perfume, or the sight of favorite restaurant that was a frequent venue for date night can bring feelings of pain, regret, resentment, and nostalgia. Perhaps during your past relationship going to the movies was a passion you shared with your ex and now you can’t bring yourself to step a foot in a movie theatre because of all the memories that took place there.

Another reason why it is so hard to move on following a breakup or a loss could be attending life events that represented or would have taken place in your relationship such as weddings, the birth of a new baby, an engagement of a family member or a close friend. More often than not, seeing a loved one go through a changing life event that you struggled to get to in your own relationship triggers a lot of negative emotions and feelings towards the person you had the relationship with, hence making it hard for you to get over the relationship.

Sometimes it is people around you that make it hard for you to forget or get over a relationship. Perhaps you were dating a person who came highly recommended by a family member or a close friend. If the relationship fails after a period of time, the person or people who initiated the relationship are likely to bring it up everytime they see you to try to change your mind and maybe pressure you into giving the person a second chance. Perhaps your close family friends have a child who they always thought you are destined to get married to in order to form a bond between two families, yet your relationship failed and you are now stuck with handling the drama that follows every time you are in contact with anyone from your family.

The feeling of  comfort and belonging is perhaps the biggest cause of pain following a relationship breakup. Especially when the couple in the relationship become codependent on each other. The sense of coming home to a familiar routine, a familiar person and a familiar home gives a person a sense of comfort. Leaving your comfort zone is very hard and often leads to couples toughing it out from the fear of change. Learning to live life without your partner can be tough and emotionally draining. Perhaps your partner was responsible for all household chores or handling all the finances in the relationship. Having that fear of “what now?” can have a huge emotional drainage on a person following a breakup and can make getting over the person very hard. People contemplate at that point if leaving the person was the right thing to do, as the saying goes “distance makes the heart go fonder”.

These are just a few of the reasons as to why it is so hard for some people to recover from breakups and losses in relationships. When it comes to a point where you cannot get over your past relationship and you dwell on the past for a prolonged period of time, your intense feelings can turn into an obsession. At that point you need a lot of guidance and support to get your life back on track and cut or heal your cord of attachment from your painful breakup in order to set a path for you to be able to form new healthy relationships with no emotional baggage from previous relationships.

So how can I help you? I can help you cut your cords of attachments and heal your auric field from all negativity that any previous relationship has left on you. With my guidance and life coaching services I can bring you back to a life filled with hope and success with any future relationships.  I will be with you every step of the way and I will ensure you reach your full potential.