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How to remove black magic spells, voodoo, curses and hexes?

There have been many requests from clients around the world asking on how to remove black magic. The first step to take is to insure that you are actually struggling with black magic and are not having something else going on. I will use the term black magic to describe all types of curses in this article as there are too many to list.

It is important to understand what you are dealing with when it comes to black magic curses. Many times people confuse black magic for empathic attacks, telepathy, jealousy, and mental illness. Finding out the proper issue you are dealing with is extremely important. There are also many people who will take advantage of your struggles. It is strongly recommended to use a reputable person to perform your reading. Many readers such as psychics, astrologers and fortune tellers are not healers and often times are unable to properly diagnose the problem you are having. It is strongly recommended to use a legitimate spiritual healer who is experienced in removing these types of spells. You can contact me for a free black magic reading.

Many people who begin to experience setbacks due to black magic, start of with minor issues such as abrupt accidents, financial setbacks, health issues, arguments with friends and lovers, and have a pessimistic outlook that leads to having a negative mind set. These issues eventually spiral in to bigger issues and you begin to go down hill in every area of your life. In many cases it also hurts the people around you such as family and friends. It is important to note that not everything bad in life is due to black magic but it is a well known fact that things in this world don’t happen without reason. I don’t believe in coincidences and strongly feel that everything has a reason behind it.

Removal of black magic is very important, and must be done in a timely fashion, as delaying the removal of black magic can cause permanent damage that is irreversible. Depending on the type of magic or curse a person is experiencing there are different methods of removal available. Many spiritual healers will use their own techniques based on their experience or training with removal. Depending on the type of magic that you have, typical methods involve, using angels, performing sacrifices, creating talismans, prayers, ancestral healing, rituals, candle work, spiritual baths, balancing of the aura and chakras as well as using crystals.

When struggling with black magic there are a few very important things to do on your own at home:

  • – Think positive
  • – Avoid substance and alcohol abuse
  • – Surround yourself with positive people
  • – Visit places of prayer
  • – Have faith
  • Sage your home, business and office
  • Perform energy clearing & blessing
  • – Exercise and eat healthy
  • – Avoid conflicts and disagreements
  • – Meditate
  • – Take cleansing baths
  • – light scented candles
  • – Submerge yourself in an ocean or lake
  • – Pray
  • – help others who are struggling
  • – keep salt in your pocket
  • – hire a spiritual healer to perform black magic removal 

These things will help you lessen your struggle with black magic. I want to mention that each person will experience black magic affects differently. Some are more sensitive to these attacks then others and some will require continues support if they are under constant attacks.

The most common questions I get asked are, does black magic really exist? Is it real? The answer is Yes.

To begin, I want to emphasize on why people are skeptical about black magic, witchcraft or anything that is supernatural in nature. If you look back in time, before the 19th century many people found spirituality very interesting and there was a lot of emphasis on spiritual miracles and healings as well as curses. As technology advanced people changed their view and focus to what is in front of them and away from God and spirituality all together.

Spirituality has never left society, it lingers in everyone’s life and people often times begin to wonder why things aren’t going as planned or worse why are things getting really bad. Many just continue struggling without any insight as to what is causing their hardship and some begin to turn to spirituality to understand and determine what is really going on in their life.

If you ask me, life was not intended to be full of suffering, many times if you pay careful attention to your own thoughts, you will notice how jealous you are when you see someone else succeeding in anything beyond your own success, your mind immediately begins to feel a sense of jealousy and you subconsciously want to stop the success the other person has. These thoughts have painful consequences for the person you are thinking about or jealous of. Now without going in too much detail on how a black magic curse or ritual is performed, I will explain the basic information on what it is. Black magic is performed using a human intention and placing it in to an object to create a certain result when activated. The person who the ritual is performed on, in return begins to experience super natural consequences such as health issues, financial hardship, worry, relationship issues,  bad luck and much more.

Typically people don’t believe in anything they can’t see or confirm visually but when they begin to experience legitimate life changes  and constant destruction in their life they then begin to wonder if something supernatural is occurring that is beyond their visual capabilities. Feel free to contact me for a free black magic evaluation.

I am sure you have always wondered if you are living your life the way it was meant to be. There are many things and factors that can affect success when it comes to someone else trying to sabotage everything you are striving to achieve. Many times I am sure you find yourself looking at a co-worker, a competitor or even a family member who is successful and wondering with envy of why they are so successful. When these thoughts occur they bring negative forces to that person or entity. That person or business without proper spiritual protection such as an energy generator, necklace or a bracelet will end up paying a heavy price.

I am sure you have experienced getting a promotion, winning the lottery, buying the right stock in the market, getting a pay raise, a new client, a large order, a real estate deal or a new venture and after telling a few people and being extremely excited about it something happens and the entire thing goes bad or you just lose money elsewhere to match the gain. These are very common things that happen because of jealousy and negative forces that are created using evil thoughts, spirits, ghosts, and dark magic.

Here are some common signs to look for in your daily life to know if you are being affected by negative energies.

Common issues:

  •  – lost your job multiple times
  •  – never get promoted or raises
  •  – legal issues
  • – constantly fighting with friends & family
  • – repeat relationship issues
  • – surprise random expenses
  • – evictions
  • – accidents
  • – accusations
  • – making bad investments
  • – things breaking in your home
  • – car trouble
  • – loss of business
  • – health issues
  • – sudden death in family

These are just some of the things many people experience, I don’t want to say that everything that goes wrong in life is caused by negative energy as we are humans and things do go wrong sometimes but if you are experiencing a repeat of things that can go wrong do go wrong this is usually due to negative energy and requires spiritual healing and protection.  Many times the auric field that is around your body (a spiritual field that controls everything energetically) is supposed to attract good things to you but instead it starts to repel things away from you. The aura when properly balanced will not only make you feel better emotionally but also will make you feel whole and complete. Please contact me to have an aura reading or balancing service performed.

For many years I have witnessed many relationships that fell apart due to some form of curse, black magic, spells, jealousy, empathic attacks, hatred and voodoo. I want to start by explaining what a normal relationship should be like before we get in to the effects of black magic on relationships. I will use the term black magic to refer to all the different types of curses.

Relationships should not be complicated, a good relationship or a normal relationship should have the following :

  • – both people are constantly happy
  • – love spending time together regardless of what it is
  • – cant be apart and always missing the person
  • – willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy
  • – unconditional love (even if either person did something wrong, they still understand and love each other)
  • – giving gifts to each other
  • – checking up on how they are feeling
  • – taking care of the person when they are not feeling well
  • – amazing sexual relationship
  • – no arguments or disagreements
  • – loving each others families
  • – wanting to do things together
  • – having similar hobbies
  • – enjoy traveling together
  • – cooking, eating
  • – being caring
  • – feeling empty when apart
  • – never feeling alone
  • – lifting each others spirit
  • – inspiring one another
  • – makes you feel financially secure

As you can tell from the list above a good relationship is a dream come true, unfortunately most people in relationships will pick a person who will provide for them a few of these things and make them miserable on everything else. If you are not happy in your current relationship, I strongly recommend rethinking it and cutting your losses before it escalates further.

List of things in a bad relationship:

  • – no intimacy
  • – never calls or cares
  • – rude
  • – selfish
  • – cheating
  • – abusive
  • – inconsiderate
  • – takes you for granted
  • – gambling issues
  • – excessive drinking
  • – narcissistic behavior
  • – complaining
  • – ungrateful
  • – silent treatment
  • – never available for you
  • – trust issues
  • – cheap

I am sure if you are in a bad or good relationship some of these if not all sound very familiar. Many couples naturally struggle to stay together because of not being a good match for each other but stay together anyways. Now if you added outside interference to an already bad relationship such as from a vengeful ex, a jealous friend, a lover, or an in law ect.. A bad relationship begins to feel like something out of a horror film. Many spiteful people who don’t want to see you happy  in your relationship will do everything in their power to break you up and usually resort to black magic. Performing black magic on an already bad relationship will amplify everything, your fights will last longer, you will both feel the need to argue and not know how or when to stop. The fights will last longer and eventually the dark spirits and negative energy that were placed upon you will begin to separate you from your lover. Random thoughts begin to appear to push the person towards another person and in many cases they begin to cheat. Even in a good relationship these things will occur, unfortunately the strength of dark evil magic is very overwhelming and can bring damage to the best of relationships and quickly transform a loving partner in to someone who cant stand being next to you.

Many times one person in a relationship will feel like they are living in a nightmare. Their lover leaves them, and they just cant recover from it. They cant sleep, cant eat, cant work, constantly crying and just cant function in their life. When a person feels this way this is a clear sign of black magic, evil eye, jealousy and negative forces that were used to perform these things. The lover that was so loving towards you all of a sudden wants nothing to do with you and you are left in a sinking ship begging for mercy. In many cases the black magic that was performed will create issues with your aura, chakras and overall astral field around you will be affected. In such cases full healing of the aura, balancing of the chakras, healing of the cord that attaches you to that person and then removing the black magic that was done is required. I offer a spiritual healing package that will do all of the above and it is found here. Spiritual healing using angels after such a major issue is a must. It will make you feel better, your mind body and soul will feel much lighter and many times healing of the cord of attachment between you and your lover will restore the relationship as it provides both people a sense of relief from outside influence.

I mentioned the cord of attachment, it is a cord that connects people together and allows us to feel a connection to one another. Many people don’t realize this but the cord of attachment will not only keep a connection between people but it also makes you feel the exact thoughts, emotions, feelings of the person. it does not necessarily need to be a lover it can be anyone such as a best friend or a family member. I am sure you have come across this in your life where you think of someone and you run in to them that day or receive a call, text or email from them that same day. There are times where you feel down out of no where and then find out a friend was in a bad car accident. We are spiritual beings that feel each other energetically especially our lovers. This can transfer both good or bad energy. Pay attention to yourself and notice some days you will wake up fully energized and others you can wake up completely drained without any clue as to what is happening. There is no coincidences and its not just “one of those days”. These things are real and I strongly recommend aura healing services and chakra healing services regularly to insure you are not being drained without your consent.

Many times changing the energy using crystals brings a lot of benefit to both the person and the home. For people who have relationship issues and constant fighting, I strongly recommend ordering the Rose Quartz bracelet to wear or keep in your pocket and a Rose Quartz Energy Generator for the specific room that you feel most tense in or argue in most. These crystals make a huge difference as they help raise the vibration on both you and the room, and attracts good loving energy instead.