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How does black magic affect relationships?

For many years I have witnessed many relationships that fell apart due to some form of curse, black magic, spells, jealousy, empathic attacks, hatred and voodoo. I want to start by explaining what a normal relationship should be like before we get in to the effects of black magic on relationships. I will use the term black magic to refer to all the different types of curses.

Relationships should not be complicated, a good relationship or a normal relationship should have the following :

  • – both people are constantly happy
  • – love spending time together regardless of what it is
  • – cant be apart and always missing the person
  • – willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy
  • – unconditional love (even if either person did something wrong, they still understand and love each other)
  • – giving gifts to each other
  • – checking up on how they are feeling
  • – taking care of the person when they are not feeling well
  • – amazing sexual relationship
  • – no arguments or disagreements
  • – loving each others families
  • – wanting to do things together
  • – having similar hobbies
  • – enjoy traveling together
  • – cooking, eating
  • – being caring
  • – feeling empty when apart
  • – never feeling alone
  • – lifting each others spirit
  • – inspiring one another
  • – makes you feel financially secure

As you can tell from the list above a good relationship is a dream come true, unfortunately most people in relationships will pick a person who will provide for them a few of these things and make them miserable on everything else. If you are not happy in your current relationship, I strongly recommend rethinking it and cutting your losses before it escalates further.

List of things in a bad relationship:

  • – no intimacy
  • – never calls or cares
  • – rude
  • – selfish
  • – cheating
  • – abusive
  • – inconsiderate
  • – takes you for granted
  • – gambling issues
  • – excessive drinking
  • – narcissistic behavior
  • – complaining
  • – ungrateful
  • – silent treatment
  • – never available for you
  • – trust issues
  • – cheap

I am sure if you are in a bad or good relationship some of these if not all sound very familiar. Many couples naturally struggle to stay together because of not being a good match for each other but stay together anyways. Now if you added outside interference to an already bad relationship such as from a vengeful ex, a jealous friend, a lover, or an in law ect.. A bad relationship begins to feel like something out of a horror film. Many spiteful people who don’t want to see you happy  in your relationship will do everything in their power to break you up and usually resort to black magic. Performing black magic on an already bad relationship will amplify everything, your fights will last longer, you will both feel the need to argue and not know how or when to stop. The fights will last longer and eventually the dark spirits and negative energy that were placed upon you will begin to separate you from your lover. Random thoughts begin to appear to push the person towards another person and in many cases they begin to cheat. Even in a good relationship these things will occur, unfortunately the strength of dark evil magic is very overwhelming and can bring damage to the best of relationships and quickly transform a loving partner in to someone who cant stand being next to you.

Many times one person in a relationship will feel like they are living in a nightmare. Their lover leaves them, and they just cant recover from it. They cant sleep, cant eat, cant work, constantly crying and just cant function in their life. When a person feels this way this is a clear sign of black magic, evil eye, jealousy and negative forces that were used to perform these things. The lover that was so loving towards you all of a sudden wants nothing to do with you and you are left in a sinking ship begging for mercy. In many cases the black magic that was performed will create issues with your aura, chakras and overall astral field around you will be affected. In such cases full healing of the aura, balancing of the chakras, healing of the cord that attaches you to that person and then removing the black magic that was done is required. I offer a spiritual healing package that will do all of the above and it is found here. Spiritual healing using angels after such a major issue is a must. It will make you feel better, your mind body and soul will feel much lighter and many times healing of the cord of attachment between you and your lover will restore the relationship as it provides both people a sense of relief from outside influence.

I mentioned the cord of attachment, it is a cord that connects people together and allows us to feel a connection to one another. Many people don’t realize this but the cord of attachment will not only keep a connection between people but it also makes you feel the exact thoughts, emotions, feelings of the person. it does not necessarily need to be a lover it can be anyone such as a best friend or a family member. I am sure you have come across this in your life where you think of someone and you run in to them that day or receive a call, text or email from them that same day. There are times where you feel down out of no where and then find out a friend was in a bad car accident. We are spiritual beings that feel each other energetically especially our lovers. This can transfer both good or bad energy. Pay attention to yourself and notice some days you will wake up fully energized and others you can wake up completely drained without any clue as to what is happening. There is no coincidences and its not just “one of those days”. These things are real and I strongly recommend aura healing services and chakra healing services regularly to insure you are not being drained without your consent.

Many times changing the energy using crystals brings a lot of benefit to both the person and the home. For people who have relationship issues and constant fighting, I strongly recommend ordering the Rose Quartz bracelet to wear or keep in your pocket and a Rose Quartz Energy Generator for the specific room that you feel most tense in or argue in most. These crystals make a huge difference as they help raise the vibration on both you and the room, and attracts good loving energy instead.

I have spent many years working with clients who have lived with the struggle of black magic in their lives. Black magic or any type of man made curse means nothing to some people while others struggle with it daily.

Not believing, acknowledging its existence does not mean it will not have an impact on you or your life. First one must understand that black magic does not necessarily require someone to perform a ritual or a curse or go to a trained magician. The universe has shifted energetically to a much higher vibration and simple thoughts, emotions, anger and jealousy from friends, ex lovers, co-workers, family members or even people you don’t know have a huge effect on your well being.

Many people have thoughts or dreams of what they thought their life “should” have been and  something has always held them back. In reality nothing is supposed to hold us back in this world. We can succeed and prosper in anything we do. You see all these successful people around you and wonder why they are doing well and yet you are struggling your whole life to make ends meet. No matter what you start a small business, an investment, a savings goal, a relationship it just does not work out as you planned and something always goes wrong. A lot of times this has to do with spiritual blockages.

Spiritual blockages are not easy to catch or figure out, they are energy cords that are not visible and exist within your energy field of your body or aura. Many clients over the years have reported being extremely successful or happy and then losing it all and struggling to regain their strength or to get back to the flow they once had. I am sure you have seen this in your daily lives where someone extremely successful all of a sudden takes a huge turn and from driving luxury cars to not being able to make ends meet is very common among people who have been the victim of a spiritual attack.

There are people in this world who are senders of energy. It can be good energy or bad energy and in some cases very bad energy. Some people have ability to drain your entire life force just by wishing bad on you. Have you ever randomly out of no where felt exhausted, drained, depressed, tired, had a headache, were paranoid, anxious or worse suicidal? These are very common symptoms of an energetic attack.

Have you ever had days where everyone you are around you begin to fight with and cannot calm down no matter what you do? Then as some time passes the energy begins to fade or the spiritual attack stops and you go right back to normal wondering what just happened. Spiritual attacks from negative energy or from an energy vampire (someone who completely drains you) are very common yet most people ignore all these symptoms and believe they are just having a “bad” day.

I am sure you turn on the news or hear stories from your friends about sudden accidents, that absolutely sound like they are out of a horror film and make no sense and shouldn’t ever happen. These sudden events occur due to negative energy at places, people and mostly happen due to an energetic attack sometimes even without any intention from the person sending the energy.

One may ask what can be done to protect yourself?

  • – Surround yourself with people who are full of life.
  • – Be around places and people who you know for certain will not affect you energetically.
  • – Wear fully programmed protective spiritual bracelet or necklace against attacks.
  • – Avoid being around jealous people.
  • – Perform black magic removal or spiritual healing services for your aura and chakras regularly.
  • – Sage your home and office regularly.
  • – Avoid bragging about your success to others.
  • – Be humble and stay humble regardless of your successes.

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