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I am sure a few things come to mind when you hear the term “Spiritual healer”

What is spiritual healing?
Why do I need spiritual healing?
Why can’t I heal myself? Etc…

The universe is a complex place there are many things that go on behind the scenes that involves the travel of energy. The way a person feels, thinks, grows, evolves, absolutely everything that happens to people will have a source of energy fueling the specific event taking place.
Have you ever heard a person say “wow I got so lucky?” or “I can’t believe that happened, such a miracle” well guess what? There are no mistakes, or coincidences. Everything happens for a reason and everything has a cause and effect.
Unfortunately, in today’s world a lot of things taking place involve the drainage of energy or the transfer of energy from positive to negative and negative to positive. People with high amounts of positive energy are natural targets from people who drain them with their negativity.
Many things taking place in the world such as accidents, tragedies, sickness begin with a source that transmits their negative energy to an object, a location or a person. Negative thinking many times will create entities and these entities harm the person and everyone around them and the cycle begins with no end in sight. This is when a spiritual healer is needed most.
Spiritual healers are people that have a lot of positive energy and using that force of higher vibrating energy can transform anything negative in to positive. Keeping in touch with someone that has good energy is an excellent idea because even being next to someone that vibrates on a higher level will naturally improve how you feel.
Just as everything else in life doctors, lawyers, musician’s, dentists, electricians etc… all have a specific gift to do something that another person cannot. Being an energy healer is a natural gift that allows the person to help other that are struggling.
From the beginning of time the universe has always had people who were able to help others get through their problems and clear away spiritual blocks. In today’s day unfortunately there are too many people that don’t know what they are doing and bring more harm than good to a person they are healing. I strongly suggest using a healer that is reputable and has a gift of healing with a lot of experience.Uriel
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13 thoughts on “What is spiritual healing?”

  1. I think my boyfriend ex has something on him and it was brought in my house. I can’t keep money and he is always getting mad and bring up the past and try to blame me for what he has done wrong please help

  2. I think someone but black magic in my house because they jealous of what me and my husband have and trying to brake us as a family

  3. I know for a fact I’ve been hexed. I’ve been alienated from the people in my life. I will go weeks without hearing my phone ring. I can’t keep a job and now my health is deteriorating. I have lesions appearing on my skin, I do not eat or drink anymore. I need help, I fear for my life and the life of my father with whom I live and the hex also effects.

  4. My energy is high however Black Magic is unfortunately trying to gain it — it won’t happen. But because it has occurred, I to would like to help others, but I want to ensure that I am going about it the right way.

  5. Uriel’s methods of spiritual healing are highly effective. When I started communicating with Uriel, I immediately realized that he was the spiritual healer who could resolve my problems. However, I became impatient, and Uriel informed me that it will take a while to clear me, my sons, and granddaughter. Uriel’s work has resulted in so much progress, and I am so pleased with its progress: My granddaughter was doing poorly in school, and now she has improved so much in her academics, and her confidence has risen so high. The teachers have commented on her progress, and they seem a bit shocked. My sons are doing well, and things are improving every day for them. Uriel is not only the best spiritual healer I have ever dealt with, he is honest, and so real. I no longer worry about my sons, and granddaughter; in fact, I am feeling so good, and I am so much happier!

    I would highly recommend Uriel. It is not every day, one comes across someone like Uriel. In fact, I find knowing Uriel to be a wonderful blessing. I miss communicating with him, and I will always be appreciative of the work that he has done for me, and my family.

    Valerie Z

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