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Opalite Bracelet for Sexual Energy & Healing

Price: $100.00

Opalite is a soft, rounded, exquisite, and energetic stone. It’s a bright glowing stone that has stunning colors.



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Opalite is a soft, rounded, exquisite, and energetic stone. It’s a bright glowing stone that has stunning colors. The stone is clear with a blue color that shines when placed against any background. Opalite is a stone that you should have if you wish to increase and expand your personal power and awareness. It will boost your confidence and improve your sense of self-worth. Opalite will also help you release any blockages and strengthen you so that are able to uncover and express your emotions.

This stone is also very helpful for improved communication on both a spiritual and physical level. It will help you connect with and receive messages from the spirit world and in the same time communicate better in the physical world. Its energies will also help you understand the visions, signs and messages that you receive.

This stone will help heal any emotional pain you have in your heart and help bring peace to your heart chakra.  It will also help you resolve any past hurts from your old wounds by letting go of the hurtful memories. It will be replaced by empathy, benevolence, and gentleness. The vibration of Opalite will help you understand your soul’s path in this life. It will help you find a clear path to your journey.

Opalite stone helps in many ways here are few:

  • – trouble sleeping or nightmares
  • – health issues
  • – success in business
  • – improved sexual and romantic prospects
  • – communication
  • – improves fatigue & exhaustion
  • – improved concentration
  • – assist in love and relationships
  • – removes fear
  • – energizing

Opalite stone when worn as a bracelet is one of the best ways to keep its healing energies close to your bodies auric field. It’s also a great stone to carry around with you in your purse or pocket because this will keep its healing energies close to your body. Put it in the area where you make a lot of important decisions in your career, finances, personal life, or where you spend a lot of time with your loved ones. It will absorb all the negative energies and attract more positive energy.

Do you feel like there is bad energy surrounding you? Are you constantly feeling sick or drained? There might be bad energy around you that is eating away at your life source one breath at a time. Energy crystals are amazing tools for sucking bad energy away from you and ensuring that your surroundings are clear of bad energy and are left with more room for good energy. Activating the crystals can be challenging for people who don’t know their power. Let me help you by activating your crystal for you and ensuring that it protects you and clears your energy properly. All I need is a detailed description of the problems you are facing. You can purchase a crystal bracelet from me and I will fully program, activate and prepare it to protect you from all evil energies. My process takes 7 days during which I will connect myself to your energy by meditating on the information you will provide for me and and program your crystal to help you with your issue. Crystal programming requires me to spend days programming it, using both the sun and my own energies to create a protective force. I will then ship the crystal to you to be worn or kept in your pocket for protection. Please be very specific with what you want your crystal to be programmed for, if you want luck with money, stress, love or protection. I normally ship your order within 7 days of ordering depending on what the requirement is some situations will require me to program longer then others.

Every product will be fully programmed and blessed to your needs by 

Spiritual Guru Uriel, with over 20 years of experience in programming crystals and seals for protection, health, success, luck and more.  Programming takes a total of 14 hours to properly charge your product using his high vibration, angels and the sun your product will be charged to the highest vibration. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions prior to making your purchase.

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Product Reviews

  1. Christopher Holland
    5 out of 5

    I've had a bad luck hex spell on me since 2006 I was hearing voices like if someone was connected to me didn't know who put it on me I've tried to take my life once I've been admitted to the hospital on several occasions everything was going wrong in my life that's until God connected Mr.Uriel & Myself together I purchased the full healing and let me tell you I feel like a new person with my angels around me everyday all-day it feels great I know I'm protected he removed the fear I had he removed the black magic I'm telling you I never felt happier this is one of the happiest day of my life welcome to the family A brother from another mother I really appreciate all you have done for me
  2. JJ
    5 out of 5

    I purchased the full service energy healing with black magic removal. My career was my biggest challenge throughout my life. I just felt I could not progress forward. There always was someone in my way and could not stay at a job for very long, never got promoted despite hard work, right people were not recognizing my efforts, etc. there always was some issue going on. I received this healing and I am finally getting interviews at good companies and hope to land an opportunity soon. What Uriel did was amazing and I feel the angels are still with me. I also feel I can clearly see what is a good fit and what is not. Additionally, I purchased an energy generator which I believe is also helping. Thank you God for finding this website.
  3. Erna
    5 out of 5

    Namaste, I contacted Uriel because I was worried about my finances and health. I start doing some rituals in the beginning of November until December and I began to feel a change after that. It is amazing! just after one week fineshed healing, I notice ....I feel there is energy around me, I felt healthy and my business was improving, even though slowly but continued. I am very happy to get healing from Uriel. Thanks God that You have sent Uriel and angels to me.
  4. Sonali
    5 out of 5

    Several black magic was done on me . Enemy wanted to destroy me in every aspect. Due to I got relief from those black magic. When he cleaned chakra, my body become light and feel like near to god. Thank you Uriel for your support. Whenever I need protection he was always there to help
  5. Tamara
    5 out of 5

    Uriel is a true Angel! I’m still in the mitts of my testimony but once it’s completed I promise to share all the great things placed before me since working with Uriel!
  6. Maria
    5 out of 5

    Uriel, YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you, Uriel for everything you have done for me and my family. Before meeting Uriel, I was in a toxic, abusive and dysfunctional relationship. Nothing was going right in my life. It was making me sick. By the grace of God I contacted Uriel and he told me that my enemies had done some serious black magic, evil eye and harmful things to me. My marriage was falling apart, two car accidents, 2 major surgeries and feeling sick all the time. I was depressed and couldn’t get out of it. My enemies had blocked me from my true self, my destiny. After months of working with Uriel, I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. He guided me in the right direction. I will never forget what you did for me and my family. I will continue to work with him because he was able to get me get out of HELL, and now I can focus on my bright, healthy, prosperous future.
  7. Maureen R.
    5 out of 5

    Uriel is an amazing man and has been a blessing to me. He is being used by God for healing those who were bounded by witchcraft. I am glad to have found Uriel while searching the Internet search. I called him and left and a message and he returned my call. I was going through a lot that had come directly from evil and jealous co-workers. I ordered the package that removed witchcraft and things are finally looking good right now. I was still being attacked after leaving 6 years later. I eventually resigned from the company and couldn't not find employment NO WHERE. When I did find contract employment, they would get rid of me. Everywhere I went there was negative energy which kept repeating itself. The were problems with the landline telephone, and garage door. If there is anyone out there who's in need of spiritual healing, and protection, Uriel is the one to call upon. I had seen countless people who did nothing but took my money. My life is finally intertwining itself back together and I give the credit to God for blessing Uriel with his spiritual and healing gifts. I will definitely remain a lifelong customer of Uriel.
  8. Viola
    5 out of 5

    Uriel is very kind and genuine person...we suffered a lot for 15 husband was suffered with panic attack...he won't come out from house and some one kept black magic for us...Uriel cleared everything from our life...we are so much thankful to u sir...thank u so much sir....
  9. Princess
    5 out of 5

    Uriel is a true angel. He knows exactly what to do when and it works. I am firm believer that I believe what I see!!! If you don't try him you will never know how magnificent he is. He is good and there is NO kidding around. He has the gift to make life better and he definitely has for me and my daughter. I was riped off by a psychic in Milwaukee who charged $750 and then 3 weeks later wanted $1,500 and she did nothing. Day one Uriel made a difference in my life. I am so appreciative for him and his prices are worth every cent..... His work is real and he explains it to you and what is next and how to do what is needed!!!! He is very good and I am a believer!!!! Thank you my lifesaver Uriel!
  10. Tina
    5 out of 5

    A big thanks to Uriel can't say all, I want to really appreciate you for all you did.
  11. Karen
    5 out of 5

    This review is finally being posted after the amazing healing work that Uriel has done for me!!! I want to thank Uriel from the bottom of my heart for all of his dedication, hard work and help. With his help I am moving forward with Growth, Miracles and Transformation!!!:):): Uriel’s healing has TRULY made a difference in my life. Uriel was always available whether email or phone to answer any questions I had. And believe me I had tons and tons of questions with each step of the process. But Uriel was so calm, helpful patient and responsive. He always replied back to me so quickly. He was there every step of the way and he continues to work with you until you get the results you want. Initially I sought out Uriel’s services because I was looking for a practitioner to clear away black magic, curses, negative energies etc. I had outside people who forcibly taunted me for 10 years. I wanted this negativity to be cleared and to be protected. After contacting Uriel about clearing these energies, Uriel suggested that I purchase his package called the Spiritual Healing and Blessing for Mind Body and Soul. I went ahead and purchased the Spiritual Healing and Blessing for Mind Body and Soul. This package covered multiple issues. My healing took around 3 to 4 months to complete. After Uriel performed the healing, I was able to talk to him on the phone to get guidance on how to maintain the healing energies of the work Uriel had done. I had dealt with negative energies for quite some time now and wanted to maintain the healing energies as best as I could. While speaking with Uriel, he was just as calm, generous and kind in his guidance. Thank Uriel for your amazing healing! Thank You for sharing your gifts and talents! I look forward to working with you on further healing in the future.
  12. Maryanne
    5 out of 5

    Following my recent review, I received my power necklace and I'm loving it. It's only been a few days but honestly I have just had luck coming my way since.... go figure! I had money come to me, people are suddenly so courteous to me on the road and random people chatting to me in a friendly way everyday. I am now sleeping like a baby thanks to Uriel's work! I have been suffering with severe insomnia starting a decade ago and got progressively worse. I was seeing specialists and taking anything and everything (literally) to help with this issue and NO LUCK! 3 weeks into working with Uriel, I'm going to bed at a decent hour and just falling asleep straightway. Anyone who has suffered insomnia can relate to the impact this by itself has on one's life. I am now so incredibly happy, my life feels like a dream. Just do it, just do it and when you do, be patient and follow his instructions and then wait to be amazed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Uriel!!
  13. Veronica Salinas
    5 out of 5

    uriel deserves more than 5 stars! he is the best! this is my 3rd review! i am so very grateful that i found him after dealing with so many scammers. uriel is the real deal, i have been working with him since june and i have seen improvements in my life right away- you need to just go for it, do it and it will be the best investment you ever make for yourself, you are worth it and you will never regret it! i was desperate when i found uriel, from the beginning he was very patient and kind and always answered all my questions. my life has done a 360 and i am so happy, grateful and so looking forward to have a better quality of life! i had the full service energy healing-includes everything + black magic removal and it so worth it every penny. uriel does really go above and beyond to help all his clients, he still does more blessings even after the time frame on his work. he is always there to answer all your questions. we all rely on the reviews to decide to do something or not and the reviews convinced me to go for it and trust uriel and i have made the best decision of my life and due to that i got my life back and on track. the prices might seem high to some of you or you think that you cannot afford it, but it is so worth it. i myself had to save up for 3 months before i could afford to do it and i am so glad that i did. you cannot afford to let this by or continue to suffer and go for it, trust me i did and i am so grateful. i cannot thank uriel enough for all his hard work, for all his time and all the wonderful work he has done for me and my husband and my family, this is the 3rd review and i also bought his green aventurine money bracelet and i have already won some money and received a check for a settlement and i am also considering another energy healing service, but i also have to save up for that but i know that when i do save up and do the next energy healing that it will be so worth it, i know i can count on uriel and his wonderful energy healing services and i can continue to improve my life and i will continue to work with uriel for a long time. he is the real deal. he really does a lot for all his clients and he really does care about all of us and wants all of us to have a better life. he is the best, he is the real deal and he is truly gifted. one of a kind and is just the one you can truly rely on to help you. do not continue to suffer and go for it. this is it and listen to your gut and read all the reviews and you will see that we all say the same thing, he is the best! you can trust him and rely on him. it will change your life for the better, trust me i was in your place, i did it and now i am doing so much better, i am eternally grateful and so much better off than i was just only 5 months ago! blessings to you all.
  14. Veronica Salinas
    5 out of 5

    i am so happy with my green aventurine money bracelet! it is awesome! i purchased it and not even a week later i won $28 in two scratch offs! it was great! i have won another $10 plus won some free tickets too. the following week, i received a check for $105.00 from a settlement that i totally was not expecting so i have had several surprises! it is so worth having and having that extra help from above! i am hoping that it will continue to grow the amounts for me. i wanted to share my story since i have never really won anything or had anything like this happen to me before! uriel is amazing, he really does a lot to help us all and he really does care about all his clients. he does everything to make sure that we do get the help that we need and he always goes above and beyond. he is the real deal and he is one of a kind. you can trust him and count on him to help you in any situation that is listed on his website. you do not need to look any further, his products work!
  15. Max
    5 out of 5

    Like the fast response, I think I will try this out and hopefully it works for me too
  16. Maryanne
    5 out of 5

    I am hoping this will be my first of many reviews. I’ve only been working with Uriel for a couple of weeks and I can’t believe the improvements already. This review is for anyone out there who is still contemplating if they should invest in Uriel’s services. Just do it, it’s the best investment I have ever made for myself, my only regret is not doing it earlier. When I came across Uriel I was completely desperate, I was in a bad state full of fear and was not functioning/ coping. The man of my dreams broke up with me and nothing made any sense, it was so sudden going from being in a love bubble to break up a text! I met healers who extorted money from me by inducing paralysing fear in me so I was a bit sceptical with Uriel, but fear not. Uriel told me everything that needed healing and I knew he was right because it explained everything that I have been experiencing from black magic to a lot of negativity and blockage. This man works with angels and you can tell straight away once you start communication that he’s a man of God and light. Thank you so so much Uriel, I am looking forward to receiving my necklace and all the other miracles I know are coming my way. May you be richly blessed!
  17. Priya
    5 out of 5

    I found Uriel when I was constantly praying to my Angels for help with all kinds of stuff I was going through. Uriel came in my life like an Angel and released me from black magic, cleared all my nightmares, helped me regain my energies and to transform myself completely. He's been there for me at all times whenever I needed healing and helped me in many areas of my life such as getting a better paying job, a good husband and for my mother's healing process. He's a genuine and a truly gifted healer who appeared in my life at a perfect timing. Thank you thank you thank you so much Uriel for all your healing and blessings!!
  18. Frances
    5 out of 5

    I came to Uriel for healing because I was struggling with dark spirit attachments and black magic curses.. I had 2 car accidents, depression, bad dreams, financial problems, family problems etc. Since the healing my life has turned around. I feel so much better!! I’ve been promoted at work, people are appreciating me more, I’ve been 3 months sober from alcohol, my mind is clear and I’m finally moving forward with my life. I can’t thank Uriel enough, his work is incredible and he is very professional too. I’ve been to a few healers in the past and it didn’t work! He literally has an army of angels that he can call down to help and that is pretty powerful. I felt like I was addressing god/my creator properly for the first time in my life. It really was an emotional and powerful experience that I won’t forget. I would recommend him to anyone because he is a genuine healer and his work can be trusted 🙂
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