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Are you struggling to connect with spirit? Do you need to figure out what your purpose is in this life? Has your intuition abandoned you? Then, you need balance and clearing of your chakras.

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Are you struggling to connect with spirit? Do you need to figure out what your purpose is in this life? Has your intuition abandoned you? Then, you need balance and clearing of your chakras.

Chakra balancing, or clearing or cleansing, is a semi-permanent change to the energy inside your body and chakras. With this service, you’ll feel energized, balanced, clear-headed, and calm.

Clearing Your Chakra

Clearing your chakras is an integral part of self-care.

Chakras are energy centers that govern how your body and mind work together. When they’re out of balance, it can lead to various health problems.

It’s essential to get your chakra system in order when you’re going through a period of stress or trauma. To do this, I recommend my Chakra Balancing & Clearing Service.

Chakra balancing is an ancient practice that can help clear away the obstacles keeping you from living the life you want. Clearing the chakras allows your energy to flow freely through your body and mind, making you feel more relaxed and calm.

Chakra balancing and clearing service will help get you back on track so you can feel more like yourself again. I’ll start by cleansing your energy field through exercises to remove negative energy. Then, I’ll focus on each of your seven chakras (energy centers in your body), one at a time, to balance them and restore their ideal functions.

I’ll also help you figure out what’s causing some of your problems so that you can make better choices in the future!

Why Clear and Balance Your Chakras

Chakra balancing and clearing is a great way to restore your balance and feel more relaxed. It is an ancient practice used for thousands of years to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

Chakras are energy centers in your body that help regulate your emotions, health, and overall well-being. When they are out of balance or blocked, it can cause physical symptoms like fatigue or illness. Clearing them helps restore balance to all areas of your life.

Chakras can get blocked by stress, trauma, negative thoughts or feelings, and even physical injury. Clearing them helps bring back harmony in the mind, body, and spirit so that you can live an overall healthier life.

Chakra balancing and clearing is a holistic way of restoring balance to your life. It works by bringing you back to your center and connecting with yourself. This helps us through challenging situations.

When we can stay centered and calm throughout our day-to-day lives, we make better decisions that align with our values instead of reacting unconsciously based on past conditioning or habit patterns. This can lead us down the path toward living a more prosperous life full of joy and purpose!

How to Recognize an Out-of-Balance Chakra

When you have an out-of-balance chakra, your energy isn’t flowing right—it feels blocked like something is holding you back. If a chakra is out of balance, it can affect how you feel and think. You might notice that you get tired quickly or your mind feels fuzzy. Or maybe you feel anxious, angry, or depressed all the time because your body hasn’t been able to find its center.

When your chakras are out of balance, you may experience a range of symptoms, including:

  • – Feeling fatigued and drained
  • – Lack of motivation
  • – Feeling stuck in a rut
  • – Not sleeping well
  • – Inability to concentrate

Chakras can become unbalanced due to external factors such as stress or trauma; they also can become unbalanced internally if you have an illness or injury. An imbalance may manifest physically as a pain in a particular region of your body—for example, a headache or stomachache—or emotionally as anxiety or depression.

I can help! My chakra balancing & clearing service will give your energy system a tune-up to flow freely and efficiently again. I believe in the power of our bodies to heal themselves, and when we give them what they need (which is often just a little extra help), they can do amazing things!

Balancing Your Chakra

Chakra balance is an integral part of your spiritual growth.

Chakra balancing and clearing helps you to release old energy and emotions while balancing the seven chakras in your body.

In this service, I work together with you to help you achieve balance by releasing any past or present blockages preventing you from reaching your full potential. Through this process, you will better understand how each chakra relates to your life and what you can do to improve each one. This service also helps with the following:

  • – Clearing negative energy
  • – Balancing all seven chakras
  • – Opening up your third eye (brow) chakra
  • – Unlocking hidden gifts/talents

My Chakra Balancing & Clearing Service can help you restore balance to your chakras and improve your overall health. I’ll guide you energetically through meditation and visualization to help you release negative energies from each chakra.

When your chakras are balanced, you feel happy and cheerful; when they’re unbalanced, you can experience anxiety, depression, or other negative emotions. If you’re feeling like something is off in your life—and maybe even feeling like there’s something wrong with you—chakra balancing may be the key to getting back on track!

Once I’ve balanced your chakras, I’ll end with a cleansing ritual that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day!

Chakra Balancing & Clearing service will help get your energy flowing again by clearing away any blocks in your chakras and balancing them. Hence, they all work together in harmony. You’ll feel more clear-headed and calm and see results in other areas of your life!

All I need is a picture of you and a detailed description of the problems you are facing. My process takes  30 days, during which I will connect myself to your energy by meditating on the information you provided and getting to the root of the problem. I will then follow up with an email and/or phone call with my confirmation and findings upon completion of my energy work.

Depending on what your situation is, I may ask you to light candles, light candles on your behalf, do spiritual cleansing, rituals to clear and change your energy, program crystals and much more. Every person and situation is different. I will decide on the route to take upon hearing your exact problem. Feel free to contact me with any questions prior to making your purchase.

“The seven chakras form a profound formula for wholeness that integrates mind, body and spirit.  From liberating our spirits to manifesting our dreams, the chakras are the very wheels that carry us through life”.  Anodea Judith

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Product Reviews

  1. NGrimes
    5 out of 5

    I would like to recommend Uriel because I came to him in shambles. He took his time and did the work needed for me to be set free of bad karma, evil eye, witch craft, love issues, success issues and money issues and more. I'm feeling better, happier, more confident, gaining my success back, I landed a job and was offered a Vice President. That was awesome. I feel like the work that Uriel did for me helped get me back on track. Thank you Uriel.
  2. Laquita H
    5 out of 5

    What can I say about a true Angel. Uriel you have been a blessing to me. I was going through a dark time in my life an since I met you a year ago MY LIFE CHANGED FOR THE BETTER. You keep me protected. Thank you for the work you put in to remove Negative an darkness from around me an given me a chance at life again. You are pretty amazing.. I will continue using ur service
  3. Shantel Gordon
    5 out of 5

    Thank God for the help I receive from Uriel. Before o was in a dark place after working with Uriel I am now seeing great improvements
  4. Mervyn
    5 out of 5

    Scenes I started working with Uriel I notice a lot of changes this man is truly a son of God may God bless him so he can help others
  5. Rooh
    5 out of 5

    Thank you Uriel, I do not know how to say thank you to you. You are not only best, you are very honest ,genuine, reliable person You help me one I had no hope You made everything possible. I was almost lost trust on people, because of you I am start trusting again. God bless you what you serving people ???? You are the best
  6. Liza
    5 out of 5

    i dont know where to start but i had allot of problems since 3 years in my life nothing was good and i was really depressed. And i was also in contact with many healers online but all of them were just fake and never helped me out. One day i was just scrolling on internet and i found Uriel his website i got a good feeling and did msged him. Uriel was very fast and started checking the issue and started helping us with our life. Now 3months later i do feel much much better and my problems are also gettings solved day on day. im so so Thankfull to Uriel he is the best!! ????
  7. Rawi khoury
    5 out of 5

    Man where do i start so I been having lots of problems in my life in all aspects and then i found Uriel online somehow and then all of sudden as soon as he started working on my energy levels and helping me get rid of a lot of negative energy that was draining me really bad and hard without even me knowing what was happening to my life and then all of a sudden I get these problems disappearing on me and only good things coming my way exactly what I needed is you my friend you a true gods gift to this world thank you and so grateful I have met you in this life
  8. Ursula Hoebes
    5 out of 5

    My life is not moving all. Financial, lot of debts and depression. Please help me.
  9. Heather Kinneer
    5 out of 5

    Uriel is a wonderful healer. I needed some cords and a dark presence removed and Uriel helped me. The positivity surrounding me is the best feeling. Thank you!!
  10. Gloria
    5 out of 5

    I payed many times before to others healers. Not body did what Uriel did. What a grate healer. Eveyrhing change for me after 8 years of nothing. I suffer this last 8 years. I will keep him as my personal advisor. He charge one fee and that it.
  11. Angela
    5 out of 5

    I, too, am a Christian who was worried about calling on help from online. I had a strong feeling that I was cursed or someone was sending evil to me because I had been in a very depressed state and also physically ill for years. Uriel is very patient and understanding and direct (all traits I highly value). He answered all my questions and guided me to steps to undo evil and protect myself. When I can I would like for his help with a few other people who are close to me since advice and support were very obvious and darkness/depression lifted. My physical health is improving greatly,too. Other events that were going to be very stressful were joyful for me. God Bless the healers like Uriel.
  12. Stefan
    5 out of 5

    I am writing another review about this man that helped me for more than a year now. I had to get another healing done because I allowed toxic people into my life and I had to cut the cord of attachments with people. Not just that but fighting off heavy attacks from people for almost 2 years now is draining by itself. I am an empath. I feel energy and things within people where it drains me. I had to get my mind right hense why I had to get this healing done over again . It's well worth it everyone this man is my friend and he has done AMAZING work in my life. I am going to be 9 months sober next week and all doors to life are opening by the grace of God. Between 2 years ago and now major transformation. My life was absolutely horrible 2 years ago and what I been through and experienced I wouldn't want to wish on my worst enemy. It was hell but uriel fixed most of my problems. He is a friend indeed and I fully recommend energy healing. I learned because of him to STAY away from negative people and watch your blessings unfold.. I learn now what people are meant to stay and leave my life. It's all about growing and succeeding here. 2 years ago I suffered extreme black magic by people casting spells on me, empathic attacks bad , bad people in my life and almost getting set up by a gang of people to now with me being safe and sober . Thank you uriel for your services. To anyone reading this review go to him. He is caring and helpful. Mostly All the bad is removed in my life thanks to this man
  13. Natalia
    5 out of 5

    I would like to thank Uriel for già help to my Brother. We have Lost any hopes before we met him. We tried everything to help my Brother to go out from darkness to the light. But we were unpowerful. Fortunately One my new friend told me about Uriel and It was the most Amazing and helpful work which made Uriel for my Brother. It was a strong black magic over my Brother and we knew It. And nobody before could help us. Uriel from the First mail gave a Hope to me and my brother. I believed him from the First Moment and I am very Happy that I contacted him. Thank you very much Uriel! My Brother Is the First Time feels really Happy that he can look in his future now. He has almost Paid all his debits and his has opened his healing talents. His life Is changing every day in Better direction and he looks with Joy and happiness in the future. His relations with his girlfriend Is going Better, in his job he has Better salary now. He started to meditate more often and the most importante that he has no more tanto strong fear without reason in his heart which he had almost all his life and It was the reason he was drinking alcohol. Your work with my Brother changed the life of the whole our family. I Will not be never tired to be grateful to Uriel for his help ♥️
  14. Kay
    5 out of 5

    I'm not sure where to begin. Uriel is patient, takes pride in his work, and is truly amazing. He prioritizes making a positive and lasting impact on people's lives over money. Uriel appeared in my online search after I prayed for guidance from God. I was facing financial, relational, health, and magical issues. I was extremely hesitant and scared to begin with Uriel, as energy healing was unfamiliar to me, as a Christian who only had knowledge of God. Before coming across Uriel, I had just learned about the Charkas. This was all new to me, and it took me 3-4 months to start because of anxiety and fear about energy healing. Uriel was patient and answered my 1000 questions while I waited to sign up. Uriel kept in touch with me during the process, and never pressured me to do anything that made me uncomfortable or went against my beliefs. I regret not starting the process earlier, as I now realize its benefits. I am experiencing a surge of positivity and feeling much better. Though it takes time and patience to see the results, my purpose is aligning. I was offered a new job with a pay increase. I'm grateful to God for placing Uriel in my path. Don't hesitate to sign up with Uriel if you're considering it - he's a sincere and mission-driven helper of those in need. Uriel, I sincerely appreciate your patience with me, thanks for all that you do. God Bless 🙂
  15. Diana
    5 out of 5

    I never heard of energy healing before, and I was introduced by a family member who randomly stumbled upon it one day and together we began our journey. I was extremely skeptical at first, but I knew I needed something to be done because I come from a family history of black magic, and all kinds of evil jealous people surrounding me. I often struggled with health issues that are unexplained, financial instability, and a lack of love in relationships. Certain cycles occur in my life and friends and family started questioning me if I was cursed. I am a Christian and the only thing I believe is praying and that's it! Long story short I decided to do the full healing package and I completed all tasks on my end which included candle lighting, praying, sagging, standing out in the rain, etc. I am not going to lie sometimes I was like what am I doing this is out of my comfort zone, but Uriel answered all my questions, I did my own research and nothing I did was to intentionally harm anyone. Nothing I did changed my beliefs or had to do with my religion it was simply energy, and positive energy at that. I have to tell you the results were priceless! It took some time and at first, I was like why I wasted my time and money but with patience came complete healing for myself and my family. Uriel was God sent and I thank God for his gift. I personally highly recommend this energy healing because it works! My family member who also went on this journey with you also is experiencing remarkable results. I am happier and I feel so relieved.
  16. Alex Seyiram
    5 out of 5

    I thank God for the opportunity and the privilege meeting this great man Uriel. My life was into a mess full of trouble challenges and obstacles not knowing what to do and was financially drained due to health issues I nearly gave up on my self and life till I met this great man. I doubted and did not believe due to fake men and people I came across on my way seeking for help and relieve,but after gathering a little confidence and hope,this great man started a wonderful journey with me. He took me through energy healing and as I am speaking now things have started falling back to it's normal places as my health has improve tremendous. For not taking much of your time expressing my current feeling after the energy healing service, i am urging each and every one out there who is going through any spiritual life problems should rush without hesitation to contact this great wonder working man Uriel and your life will never be the same. Thank you great man Uriel.l pray may you gain more powers to help the weak to gain more strength to overcome life challenge to have peace and happiness for his or her body mind and soul. Thank you for the good work done and those you are going.
  17. Sim
    5 out of 5

    I am very blessed and lucky to have find his website. It took me one year to finally contact Uriel, I was a little skeptical in the beginning. Very glad I finally contacted him. My life has changed since. I love the way he works. he is very patient, he cares and he will do his best to help others. All his instructions and advices during my work with him were very detailed and clear. Highly recommend his services. Thank you Uriel for everything !
  18. Tiffany Outlaw
    5 out of 5

    I don’t know where to start, Uriel is God sent. Uriel knew I was skeptical about the whole process, because what I was going through I didn’t trust anyone, and my trust was limited. Uriel was patient with me and for sure me that he was going to help me, and that he did! I thank our Heavenly Father for Uriel! And I promise you if you need any special guidance or something removed, Uriel is the one who you can depend on. I pray that our Heavenly Father continues to bless Uriel to continue to bless and heal humanityr! Jesus is our Savior and he is using Uriel to continue the healing. God bless you, Uriel.
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