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Spiritual Energy Blessing & Healing for Court Cases

This service will include a special blessing with the help of God using ancestors, angels and divine energy to intervene and help you in your court case.



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If you’re involved in a court case of any kind, don’t just rely on your lawyer to get you through. While that may work for some, others will need an alternative. A spiritual healer will help with curse removal, chakra healing and other services related to spirituality. With these kinds of issues, it can also be helpful to find someone who has experience with curses and dark magic in particular. Curses are very real things and many people have found themselves cursed without even knowing it. The effects can range from illness or bad luck to situations where you’re in a court case that is never ending or a case where all hope is lost. You need the help of a spiritual healer to bless you and clear yourself of curses that could get in your way of getting what you want. Using his psychic gifts, he can tune into your situation and use his intuition to give you guidance. His gifted intuition will tell you what lies ahead and how you can achieve better results that you haven’t had up until now.

This service will include a special blessing with the help of God using ancestors, angels and divine energy to intervene and help you in your court case.

Spiritual healing helps in all areas of life, if you have run in to some sort of trouble or are in a battle to win a case and in need of blessing and healing from a spiritual healer to bring you favor for your case. This service will include daily rituals, blessings and ancestral work on your behalf.


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  1. D. Marie
    5 out of 5

    I don’t know where to begin, but I will start off first by saying that the way that I found Uriel‘s website was a miracle in itself! It literally popped up on my computer screen. I was searching for other information on Google when his link popped up. As the link popped up on my screen and I looked at my clock it said 3:33. I knew that was a sign that he was sent by God! You see I prayed about a week before discovering Uriel’s website, asking God to please help me find someone because I knew I was under spiritual attack and that I desperately needed help. It literally felt like I was going crazy from what was happening to me spiritually. I hired other Spiritualist prior but none of them were able to address the issues or provide the services that Uriel provides. Nothing was going right for me in my life and Uriel explained that it was because someone put a curse on me. I had negative energies attached to me and in my home! Spiritual wickedness/warfare! Uriel assessed the situation and took care of everything! He got rid of the curse and removed all of the negative energies that were attached to me and in my home! He is extremely thorough and very patient. God knows how many emails I send him and he always answers you in a very kind, patient and timely manner. He offers comfort and is very understanding. He walks you through the healing process, step by step! He not only removed the curse and the negative energy but healed my chakras and placed protection so that no one can EVER hurt me again. I can sleep at night in peace! You can’t put a price on that but his prices are very reasonable in comparison to what other healers charge, especially for the thorough services he provides. I can say this because I’veworked with several other Spiritualist that charged a lot more and was not as thorough or successful in helping me. Uriel’s crystals are also very powerful and I would recommend you purchase it. I wear it with great confidence! I highly recommend Uriel and can say with great confidence that if you hire him you will not regret it. He is truly a gift from God! If you found this website, you are blessed because you’ve come to the right place. Uriel is a profound, experienced healer, an earth angel! God bless you Uriel. I can never thank you enough! 😊🙏🏾💕
  2. Lissette
    5 out of 5

    Uriel is amazing. He always answer my questions, and I started feeling much better, my life had changed, I’m so happy and positive, I will recommend Uriel 💯
  3. Goldie
    5 out of 5

    Uriel you are the greatest Angel of all. My life & energy has completely changed. There has been a tremendous difference in my daily life since I have been Working with you. Bad energies, emotions, nervousness, stress, and more is diminishing. I am looking forward to keep working with you. So glad that I crossed paths with you. My life is changing for the better. Thank you so much🙏❤️
  4. E.S.
    5 out of 5

    Uriel is an amazing and was able to help me with things. I am grateful for how things have changed. Very kind soul. I was experiencing a number of negative things happening. It literally felt like a cycle. My life was all over the place. Things weren’t stable. I was struggling in almost every aspect of my life. Sometimes it thing’s just never went right. I was in a bad place in life. Uncertainty of how to how things together. At that moment I wanted to give up. Actually I almost did. One day I came across Uriel . I was uncertain and skeptical honestly. At this very moment I truly Thank God for everything that Uriel has helped with . Things have dramatically improved and I’m still healing . What stood out to me was that he was patient and I humbly Thank God for allowing me to had found him. This is much more meaningful to me than a review. This has been nothing short of a blessing. If I were to go into details this review would turn into the never ending story. It’s been an amazing blessing to experience this healing experience. Yes this was a real and emotionally challenging experience through the works of healing God and Uriel if you found your self scrolling here. You are exactly where you should be on your journey seeking whatever healing services needed his is truly an experienced knowledgeable healer to come to. I give 10 ⭐️ star rating. I support energy luck healing .
  5. Stacey Davis
    5 out of 5

    I just want to say thanks to uriel and the angels he had to help me out he is truly a blessing in my heart and I thank him for everything he done for me even tho it was a process but it worth every moment of your time I was going through a tuff Time back in December 6 2020 I was battling going through black magic, evil eye, witchcraft and voodoo that was done on me by some envy jealousy friends that didn’t want me to succeed In life so it was a bit tuff I felt like I didn’t want to be hear anymore so I came across him and started to work with him September 21 2021 and I can say he truly took me through step by step so I feel better from last year I’m still healing but over all I thank him for what he has done for me god bless you uriel I love you from the bottom of my heart 💯💙🙏🏽😌
  6. K.M
    5 out of 5

    My Friend is an excellent, great help!!! I've being going through pure hell for over 20 yrs. and it's only been over 30 days with his help and I've already see Miraculous change!!! I recommend you guys to get the help you need from Uriel my God sent Angel!!!!!!!!!
  7. Alex
    5 out of 5

    Uriel helped me so much. I had many problems, also with black magic that somebody was doing on me. Uriel totally shift my energy and life. My stregth is back, my life is back, my sleep is back, my happiness is back. It was very difficult but it really helped me a lot. Thank you so so so much for everything
  8. Wayne Anderson
    5 out of 5

    Thank You Uriel! You have an excellent service. Since I have found Your site, which I was destined to do, I am seeing lots of positive changes happening. There were lots of negative energy and black magic around Me and I needed help to reverse this trend. Uriel has helped Me as I am going through this transformation. And this is steering Me in the right direction for the Future. I highly recommend his service as Uriel is the real deal..I give Him 5 out 5 stars! I will use more of His services in the future!
  9. sonali nath
    5 out of 5

    When I came to Uriel,I had a feeling someone controlling our brain ,not able to think anything, bad dream like death, ghost, having rape. I had insecurity in job, and relationship. I had previously sleep paralysis. So many accident happened to me,feel like someone did death spell on me. Uriel find out all the problems. Given protection, he is kind , down to earth , specially he is devoted to God, he has 24x7 hours sevice to protect me. When I went to him, I had feeling someone pricking needle on my head.its awful pain. He helped me here to protect me. Like that several problems I had he helped me a lot.
  10. Iwona
    5 out of 5

    I been working with Uriel for over a month now and he’s truly amazing with what he does! I had a lot in my life going wrong for over a year including breaking of my relationship Nothing seemed normal so I was doing research and it looked like black magic was put on me to ruin my life. I came across Uriel website and right away emailed him he was very supportive and told me when I’m ready he will help me finally he did what he does best and told me I was right a jealous girl did a lot to destroy me with black magic especially taking my love away from me! I was depressed etc but right now I’m feeling like a new person Uriel is amazing with healing I will never forget what he did for me! He gave me my life back I’m still healing and working with him, his positive influence has helped me so much I can’t thank him enough for removing the magic and guiding me!
  11. Arisha
    5 out of 5

    I am a client for almost a year and I can attest that Uriel is an incredible human being who truly cares about his clients well being and healing. His work with energy, spirituality, as well as life-coaching advice comes from the pure heart. Undoubtfully, he also has an incredible gift. Impact on my life was immediate, profound and transformational, and assisted immensely in spiritual growth and self-realization. I also purchased a number of products for myself and my family, they come on time of high quality and are filled with positivity and light. I recommend Uriel the Healer in the strongest terms possible and immensely grateful that he has been a part of my life. With gratitude and love. Thank you Uriel.
  12. Zachariah
    5 out of 5

    I am happy to purchase the service from uriel. I would defiantly recommend the healing. A master at he's craft. He's very good and great for advice.
  13. Dorothy M
    5 out of 5

    Uriel is the best. He was sent by the heavens at the right time. I was affected by black magic but it was removed.Everything black magic curse that was put on me was removed and all the bad luck was removed thanks to him. He always responds to everything you ask and very quickly.Good things have already started to emerge because of him .He is indeed a spiritual guru.
  14. Preston Wilkins
    5 out of 5

    Uriel was amazing. I was very very badly effected by black magic witchcraft and voodoo and he called Angels to help me. I was struggling at first but after the work was done I started to feel much better and smelt the holy nice smell I smelt while using his oil he blessed for me. It really worked really well!! I’m still hoping my luck and this beauty will last and become stronger and the angels will help me achieve happiness and success. Uriel walks you through EVERY step of the process and explains EVERYTHING and answers ALL questions very detailed and professionally and if your like me and in a panic he won’t shut you out or tell you to stop emailing him rather try’s to calm you down and is still there with you through your process. I also bought 2 almulets from him that I believe are and have helped me very much. I would highly recommend his work and his products as he actually puts time and effort into everything he does and where there’s effort there’s results even if you don’t see them right away they are there trust me.
  15. Indranil Ganguly
    5 out of 5

    I'm an Indian, live in Calcutta. My Brother was very badly affected by black magic by a notorious Hindu black magician (sadhu) in the year 2015. Initially we started healing from some local healer but failed. Finally I approached Uriel Haler in Jan-2018. He started work and within a few days my Brother improved a lot. His face color changed, eating properly, tiptop. When Uriel Sir, taken into charge, our enemy started a spiritual attack on him using demos and he was non-stop. Uriel Sir fought with him and defended us. It was a really intense spiritual battle with our enemy. Finally our enemy was destroyed this year. Months after months Uriel Sir fought with our enemy with life risk and protected us. Many times I was angry at him. But he never lost his temper. He is a really cool and caring person. Even though he is very busy with fighting and healing for others, he answered me on time. Month after month he worked for us COMPLETELY FREE and I was unable to pay. He has God gifted power of HEALING, RITUAL. He is really very POWERFUL spiritual guru. He works very hard and HONESTLY for his clients, you can realize it within a few days. Jut try him. Indranil Ganguly
  16. P.K.
    5 out of 5

    Uriel is amazing… Recently I got the horseshoe and within a week started seeing amazing positive changes in life, got multiple job offers , each paying better than other, offers to lead a division, overall happiness at personal level Would highly recommend crystal horseshoe to change your life
  17. Courtney Saunders
    5 out of 5

    From the moment I starting my healing process with Uriel my life has continued to change. I was not the spiritual type prior to meeting him, however he really made a huge change in my life, I recommend Uriel to anyone who is trying to be healed.
  18. R.W
    5 out of 5

    Uriel is a lifesaver for me I couldn't have done it without him I've had error reading cards by a lot of people and I always felt something was wrong but when I came across him to help me out in a way that no other one could have helped me my life has changed every since I've been working with Uriel thank God for him thanks
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