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Black Agate Bracelet for Protection from Danger and Improved Health

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The Black Agate Bracelet is all about achieving a state of equilibrium. The Black Agate stone is a grounding stone that can help you regain control of your yin and yang.

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Product Description

The Black Agate Bracelet is all about achieving a state of equilibrium. The Black Agate stone is a grounding stone that can help you regain control of your yin and yang.

Black Agate is the moonlight rock on which bad waves can crash and disperse, as this calming stone takes that stormy energy and offers it a more pleasant presence. This stone can help you cultivate a peaceful feeling of thankfulness, but it’s also capable of pulsing your energy and dispelling oppressive energy fields, which gives you the confidence and clarity to reach into the darkness and pull out your own personal star.

Product benefits:

  • – Wearing this Black Agate bracelet will bring you good fortune, victory in sports, and the bravery to face adversity. Black Agate is used as a talisman to boost one’s self-confidence and courage.
  • – Connecting the physical and spiritual worlds, Black Agate is a powerful tool for bringing you back to the present moment. Black Agate is a stabilizing and reassuring.
  • – This Black Agate bracelet will protect you from danger, give you the strength in the face of darkness, and bring stability in your emotions.
  • – With the help of Black Agate bracelet, you can harmonize the good and negative elements in your life, alleviate terrible nightmares, give yourself bravery, vitality and power, and erase your concerns.
  • – Emotional grounding can also help alleviate feelings of jealousy. As a stone of harmony, it helps to maintain equilibrium within the elements of a single entity.
  • – Spiritual consciousness is activated by Black Agate, which harmonizes Earth and Sky. Emotional pain can be removed while at the same time being helped to be more grounded. You may use it to get centered and focused.
  • – Attract good fortune with black agate. Improves focus and mental clarity. Boosts morale. Helps to overcome weaknesses, worries, and feelings of isolation.
  • – Protection, courage, and success are all associated with black agate. It’s a good luck charm to have on when you’re competing. The Reproduction System benefits from the heated energy of Black Agate.
  • – Healing properties of Black Agate include alleviation of gastrointestinal difficulties, indigestion, cramping, and tooth and gum problems. Dizziness, headaches, and skin issues can all benefit from agate. As one becomes older, it helps to keep the body in harmony.
  • – Improves circulation and lymphatic system health with Black Agate in the intestines, especially the large intestine.

Activating the crystals can be challenging for people who don’t know their power. Let me help you by activating your crystal for you and ensuring that it protects you and clears your energy properly.

All I need is a detailed description of the problems you are facing. You can purchase a crystal bracelet from me and I will fully program, activate and prepare it to protect you from all evil energies. My process takes 7 days during which I will connect myself to your energy by meditating on the information you have provided and program your crystals to help you with your problem. Crystal programming requires me to spend days, using both the sun and my own energies to create a protective force. I will then ship the crystal to you to be worn or kept in your pocket for protection. Please be very specific with what you want your crystal to be programmed for; if you want luck with money, stress, love or protection. I will ship your order within 7 days of ordering. Depending on what the requirement is some situations will require me to program longer than others.

Every product will be fully programmed and blessed to your needs by 

Spiritual Guru Uriel, with over 20 years of experience in programming crystals and seals for protection, health, success, luck and more.  Programming takes a total of 14 hours to properly charge your product using his high vibration, angels and the sun your product will be charged to the highest vibration. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions prior to making your purchase.

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