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I am here to help with any major decisions, such as purchasing a house, marriage, children, jobs, investments, business and much more.



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In this day and age everyone seeks spiritual guidance. Many people lack or feel like they lack motivation, success, luck, mental and physical health, money, love, relationships and friendships. If you want a nice cake or a delicious loaf of bread you will seek out the best baker in town, right? or if you need  business advice you would contact a highly recommended financial advisor to make sure you are getting the best advice. Spiritual healing requires someone gifted in working with the balancing and healing of energy.

I am here to help with any major decisions, such as purchasing a house, marriage, children, jobs, investments, business and much more. I use energy healing to advice you but it’s up to you if you want to follow my advice or not. If you require any medical advice I highly recommend contacting a medical professional. If you need luck for healing or being healthy I can send you good energy but anything major should be directed to a medical professional.

Many people contact me about a specific partner and if they should marry them or a business investment. Those type of questions I can help properly direct you to making the best decision based on energy.

Problems such as losing a loved one in an accident or sudden death or even death from natural causes many times changes the colors in your aura and does require healing.

The entire world runs on energy and forces that most people cannot see carry this energy from different locations, people, and objects. Energy controls every single thing that happens in our lives. Our thoughts, emotions, and actions are all controlled by our energy field. Everything we see around us requires something to operate. Our bodies require food to survive, our cars require gas to run. Most people don’t realize that the most important thing in our life is how we feel, our level of happiness, our entire life depends on this but yet most people spend very little time on spiritual protection, cleansing and healing.

This service is $100 per issue via email service. or $150 for 30 min phone call. I will respond to your emails until the issue is fully answered and you are satisfied with the result.

Depending on what your situation is I may ask you to light candles, light candles on your behalf, do spiritual cleansing, follow rituals to clear and change your energy, program crystals and much more. Every person and situation is different. I will decide on the route to take upon hearing your exact problem. Feel free to contact me with any questions prior to making your purchase.

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  1. Karen
    5 out of 5

    This review is finally being posted after the amazing healing work that Uriel has done for me!!! I want to thank Uriel from the bottom of my heart for all of his dedication, hard work and help. With his help I am moving forward with Growth, Miracles and Transformation!!!:):): Uriel’s healing has TRULY made a difference in my life. Uriel was always available whether email or phone to answer any questions I had. And believe me I had tons and tons of questions with each step of the process. But Uriel was so calm, helpful patient and responsive. He always replied back to me so quickly. He was there every step of the way and he continues to work with you until you get the results you want. Initially I sought out Uriel’s services because I was looking for a practitioner to clear away black magic, curses, negative energies etc. I had outside people who forcibly taunted me for 10 years. I wanted this negativity to be cleared and to be protected. After contacting Uriel about clearing these energies, Uriel suggested that I purchase his package called the Spiritual Healing and Blessing for Mind Body and Soul. I went ahead and purchased the Spiritual Healing and Blessing for Mind Body and Soul. This package covered multiple issues. My healing took around 3 to 4 months to complete. After Uriel performed the healing, I was able to talk to him on the phone to get guidance on how to maintain the healing energies of the work Uriel had done. I had dealt with negative energies for quite some time now and wanted to maintain the healing energies as best as I could. While speaking with Uriel, he was just as calm, generous and kind in his guidance. Thank Uriel for your amazing healing! Thank You for sharing your gifts and talents! I look forward to working with you on further healing in the future.
  2. Maryanne
    5 out of 5

    Following my recent review, I received my power necklace and I'm loving it. It's only been a few days but honestly I have just had luck coming my way since.... go figure! I had money come to me, people are suddenly so courteous to me on the road and random people chatting to me in a friendly way everyday. I am now sleeping like a baby thanks to Uriel's work! I have been suffering with severe insomnia starting a decade ago and got progressively worse. I was seeing specialists and taking anything and everything (literally) to help with this issue and NO LUCK! 3 weeks into working with Uriel, I'm going to bed at a decent hour and just falling asleep straightway. Anyone who has suffered insomnia can relate to the impact this by itself has on one's life. I am now so incredibly happy, my life feels like a dream. Just do it, just do it and when you do, be patient and follow his instructions and then wait to be amazed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Uriel!!
  3. Veronica Salinas
    5 out of 5

    uriel deserves more than 5 stars! he is the best! this is my 3rd review! i am so very grateful that i found him after dealing with so many scammers. uriel is the real deal, i have been working with him since june and i have seen improvements in my life right away- you need to just go for it, do it and it will be the best investment you ever make for yourself, you are worth it and you will never regret it! i was desperate when i found uriel, from the beginning he was very patient and kind and always answered all my questions. my life has done a 360 and i am so happy, grateful and so looking forward to have a better quality of life! i had the full service energy healing-includes everything + black magic removal and it so worth it every penny. uriel does really go above and beyond to help all his clients, he still does more blessings even after the time frame on his work. he is always there to answer all your questions. we all rely on the reviews to decide to do something or not and the reviews convinced me to go for it and trust uriel and i have made the best decision of my life and due to that i got my life back and on track. the prices might seem high to some of you or you think that you cannot afford it, but it is so worth it. i myself had to save up for 3 months before i could afford to do it and i am so glad that i did. you cannot afford to let this by or continue to suffer and go for it, trust me i did and i am so grateful. i cannot thank uriel enough for all his hard work, for all his time and all the wonderful work he has done for me and my husband and my family, this is the 3rd review and i also bought his green aventurine money bracelet and i have already won some money and received a check for a settlement and i am also considering another energy healing service, but i also have to save up for that but i know that when i do save up and do the next energy healing that it will be so worth it, i know i can count on uriel and his wonderful energy healing services and i can continue to improve my life and i will continue to work with uriel for a long time. he is the real deal. he really does a lot for all his clients and he really does care about all of us and wants all of us to have a better life. he is the best, he is the real deal and he is truly gifted. one of a kind and is just the one you can truly rely on to help you. do not continue to suffer and go for it. this is it and listen to your gut and read all the reviews and you will see that we all say the same thing, he is the best! you can trust him and rely on him. it will change your life for the better, trust me i was in your place, i did it and now i am doing so much better, i am eternally grateful and so much better off than i was just only 5 months ago! blessings to you all.
  4. Veronica Salinas
    5 out of 5

    i am so happy with my green aventurine money bracelet! it is awesome! i purchased it and not even a week later i won $28 in two scratch offs! it was great! i have won another $10 plus won some free tickets too. the following week, i received a check for $105.00 from a settlement that i totally was not expecting so i have had several surprises! it is so worth having and having that extra help from above! i am hoping that it will continue to grow the amounts for me. i wanted to share my story since i have never really won anything or had anything like this happen to me before! uriel is amazing, he really does a lot to help us all and he really does care about all his clients. he does everything to make sure that we do get the help that we need and he always goes above and beyond. he is the real deal and he is one of a kind. you can trust him and count on him to help you in any situation that is listed on his website. you do not need to look any further, his products work!
  5. Max
    5 out of 5

    Like the fast response, I think I will try this out and hopefully it works for me too
  6. Maryanne
    5 out of 5

    I am hoping this will be my first of many reviews. I’ve only been working with Uriel for a couple of weeks and I can’t believe the improvements already. This review is for anyone out there who is still contemplating if they should invest in Uriel’s services. Just do it, it’s the best investment I have ever made for myself, my only regret is not doing it earlier. When I came across Uriel I was completely desperate, I was in a bad state full of fear and was not functioning/ coping. The man of my dreams broke up with me and nothing made any sense, it was so sudden going from being in a love bubble to break up a text! I met healers who extorted money from me by inducing paralysing fear in me so I was a bit sceptical with Uriel, but fear not. Uriel told me everything that needed healing and I knew he was right because it explained everything that I have been experiencing from black magic to a lot of negativity and blockage. This man works with angels and you can tell straight away once you start communication that he’s a man of God and light. Thank you so so much Uriel, I am looking forward to receiving my necklace and all the other miracles I know are coming my way. May you be richly blessed!
  7. Priya
    5 out of 5

    I found Uriel when I was constantly praying to my Angels for help with all kinds of stuff I was going through. Uriel came in my life like an Angel and released me from black magic, cleared all my nightmares, helped me regain my energies and to transform myself completely. He's been there for me at all times whenever I needed healing and helped me in many areas of my life such as getting a better paying job, a good husband and for my mother's healing process. He's a genuine and a truly gifted healer who appeared in my life at a perfect timing. Thank you thank you thank you so much Uriel for all your healing and blessings!!
  8. Frances
    5 out of 5

    I came to Uriel for healing because I was struggling with dark spirit attachments and black magic curses.. I had 2 car accidents, depression, bad dreams, financial problems, family problems etc. Since the healing my life has turned around. I feel so much better!! I’ve been promoted at work, people are appreciating me more, I’ve been 3 months sober from alcohol, my mind is clear and I’m finally moving forward with my life. I can’t thank Uriel enough, his work is incredible and he is very professional too. I’ve been to a few healers in the past and it didn’t work! He literally has an army of angels that he can call down to help and that is pretty powerful. I felt like I was addressing god/my creator properly for the first time in my life. It really was an emotional and powerful experience that I won’t forget. I would recommend him to anyone because he is a genuine healer and his work can be trusted 🙂
  9. Eboni
    5 out of 5

    Uriel is truly gifted in helping those in a helpless situation live a better quality of life. I went from not having dreams to dreaming more often, my thoughts are much more positive, people always want to be around me so I know the negative energy has left. My financial situation is better and I'm losing weight like crazy.
  10. marie murphy
    5 out of 5

    Mr Uriel deserve more than a 5 star. I am a Registered Nurse today because of my Father/maker Jehovah who guided me to Mr uriel path to help clear me off some bad energies . Sometimes our God put certain people in our path for this reason and Mr Uriel good positive energy was felt even through his emails. All I can say is that he helped me with my chakras, energy cleansing and help boost up my confidence to believe in myself. I am living a much more positive life than I did one year ago. Thanks to my Jehovah first and foremost and thank you Mr Uriel, a true servant of God/ my Jehovah with a good heart to help others in desperate need. May God continue to bless you and your business and family. I am forever grateful..... Thank you from Marie.........
  11. marie murphy
    5 out of 5

    Mr Uriel is the real deal,I was skeptical at first because He had me do some personal candle lighting and meditation and I was having panick attacks and it was hard for me to even sit down for 5seconds to concentrate but I felt like he was my last resort because I had tried every thing, I had one more chamce to take my RN exam to pass and if I failed I would have to do a remedial course. I also knew that my situation was a spiritual warfair,I was under big attacks, But I did everything Mr Uriel told me to do and I had faith and never had doubts cross my mind (people, the mind is very very powerful, we can really create our own reality by what we think and believe). Well I am now A License Registered Nurse thank to my God Jehovah who led me in the path of Mr Uriel to assist me and yes I am happy I came across his path.He deserve more than a 5 star, I will be his forever returning customer in the future, He will be my one stop shop. Thank you,for your prayers and you answered my emails and never got discouraged with me even when I doubted myself and had fear of failing ,you woke me up to reality quick and I thank you for believing in me. Much Blessings...Marie ...
  12. Veronica Salinas
    5 out of 5

    i cannot express in words how uriel has helped me and my family! i purchased the full service energy healing (includes everything + black magic removal. i want to tell you that his services work! he is amazing! he is the real deal! i am so grateful for all that he has done and i will be eternally grateful for all his hard work and all that he does to really go above and beyond to help you out to get the results you need! there is a lot of work done and he does care and does so much behind the scenes! his services are so worth it! it may seem like a lot of money to you, but trust me it is so worth it and so much more affordable and his services do work! trust me when i tell you that i have tried them all and had not gotten any results and not to mention i was scammed so many times before that this is such a wonderful website and it does work and it is the real deal! i was hesitant in the beginning due to that but the reviews speak volumes! do it! do not overthink it, just go for it and do it! you will not regret it! i know it might take you a while to save up the money, but do it! it will be so worth it in the end and you will not regret it! it took me a while to save up the money, but while i saved up the money, i kept reading his emails, reading the information on the website and the more i read, the more i just knew i had to do this asap! i do believe that we all deserve to enjoy life and be able to ask for help and there are still good people in the world that do care and can help us, we just have to ask and uriel is that person, he cares, he does know what he is doing and he is real good at it! he is patient and he will help you, i can attest to that! it has been 2 months since i ordered his services and i can see a huge difference in my life, i am so much more alive and i am in such a better place with my husband and we were really in a real bad, dark place and believe me i did not think that we would ever get past all this bad situation and i was so grateful that i found his website and that i was able to afford and be patient and save up and be able to ask for help! he answers all your questions, he takes the time to read your emails and takes the time to make you feel like he is really there for you! he does care and he will do what it takes to help you in the services that you are in need for help! i cannot really tell you all that i want in this short space but just believe that he can and will help you! this is the place, you are here for a reason and it will work for you! email him and ask questions and see for yourself that you are not alone, that you do matter and that there is help! it will work for you! please do not overthink it and just see it as an investment in yourself and your family, it will be worth it and it will work! we do spend more money on stupid stuff and if you really do take the time to think about it, we spend more money in the long run on stuff that will not help us and this is worth every penny and it is actually more affordable than a lot of scammers out there! i tried about 4 of them and in the end i paid a lot more to them and none of them worked, they just took my money and ran! some people should be ashamed of themselves but they enjoy scamming people and this is not the case! this is the real deal. do it and believe me in no time you will be in such a better place, you will not regret it at all! i am speaking from the heart and i want to help you make a good choice, this will change your life and it will get better! things do get better, and they will with the help of uriel! he is amazing, he is the best out there and he will make a difference in your life! just do it! believe me it will work and he will help you to have peace and get you the help that you need! do all that he asks of you and do your part and do the work and trust me it will make a huge difference in your life, but you also have to put your part and take the work serious and follow the instructions and do all the work as he asks and it will work! if you still have doubts, pray and ask for guidance and look into your heart and what does that tell you? read all the reviews and read all the emails, all the information in the website and it will let you know that this is the real deal. it does work!!!!! may you be blessed and take the chance and do it, do not compare it to other websites or other so called professionals, there is no comparison! his services and worth it and more affordable! you are worth it! he is very special and does know what he is doing and he actually does care and is amazing at what he does! he is unique and a gift to the world! do it ! thank you for taking the time to read my review and i hope that it will help you to see that it does work! this is it, no more looking and comparing to other "professionals" this is it!
  13. Kate
    0 out of 5

    As a believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord and God, I believer that God had power over all good and evil. With Uriel’s help, I hope this will be my last resort- no more therapy rehab transition homes bad relationships hospitals 🙏 I ordered the full package. I will update in the future what happens. Thanks
  14. Jay
    5 out of 5

    Uriel is a very kind caring man that actually cares about what you are going through. He is exactly what I needed in this hard time in my life after going through a horrible break up due to black magic and jealousy. After a few months I have never felt better and he has made miracles happen that I begged him to see because I was so upset and down after losing my ex. Things are looking up for me and he continues to give me guidance and support !! I highly recommend him to anyone that feels hopeless because he truly makes miracles happen !!
  15. Helen
    0 out of 5

    Uriel is a master spiritual healer. He has helped me and my family so much. Never never taught other people could wish you so much harm put curses on you wish you harm.. Uriel sorted it all out for us. Helped get our lives back to normal. You do have to have a little patience but it sure is worth the wait. I am so thankful he is in my life and will continue to be.
  16. William
    5 out of 5

    I have had mental health problems a serious one and some other mental health issues and difficulties. He has done healing on me on everything for less than 2 months and I don't need to see my psychiatrist not for 6 months now I used to see the old one every month or every few months. Uriel is a very kind and very gentle man he is awesome if you give him a try you won't regret it. But the healing is for 3 months in total. So I would recommend you try his service at least once and see how it goes and buys his products I have two which are great, I had no problems with the order and delivery and payments for the items I brought and ordered and delivered on time very gifted Uriel is with his healing and work I am impressed. I am so pleased and well and well done to Uriel the superb healer and man.
  17. Myles
    5 out of 5

    I am so happy with this man, Uriel! He is awesome. It is great to work with him and be assessed by him, waiting for surprises that happen around the corner. I am very happy to work with him. A woman named Ditas put a horrible curse on me because she is evil due to her eyes being cockeyed and misaligned she wanted to cause havoc and horror. With Uriel it’s almost gone and fixing it it through trial and error and finding a solution. You don’t have to fly to Timbuktu to get this work done which probably wouldn’t even work. He is a true master! A master of the world of spirit stuff that you can use to help you through anything. I am happy to note I am one of the people saved through his help. You will notice everything can change. Give him a chance and watch as the possibilities are endless. You can now come to the light. This stuff is great.
  18. Sarah
    0 out of 5

    I really love ureil, I have purchased this necklace, when I received it , I felt do happy and I felt like something was released from my body, and the colors are so beautiful, today a lot of people called me just to say hi to me, I am so love with necklace, recommended to get this necklace. Thank you ureil for helping me and my family.
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