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There have been many requests from clients around the world asking on how to remove black magic. The first step to take is to insure that you are actually struggling with black magic and are not having something else going on. I will use the term black magic to describe all types of curses in this article as there are too many to list.

It is important to understand what you are dealing with when it comes to black magic curses. Many times people confuse black magic for empathic attacks, telepathy, jealousy, and mental illness. Finding out the proper issue you are dealing with is extremely important. There are also many people who will take advantage of your struggles. It is strongly recommended to use a reputable person to perform your reading. Many readers such as psychics, astrologers and fortune tellers are not healers and often times are unable to properly diagnose the problem you are having. It is strongly recommended to use a legitimate spiritual healer who is experienced in removing these types of spells. You can contact me for a free black magic reading.

Many people who begin to experience setbacks due to black magic, start of with minor issues such as abrupt accidents, financial setbacks, health issues, arguments with friends and lovers, and have a pessimistic outlook that leads to having a negative mind set. These issues eventually spiral in to bigger issues and you begin to go down hill in every area of your life. In many cases it also hurts the people around you such as family and friends. It is important to note that not everything bad in life is due to black magic but it is a well known fact that things in this world don’t happen without reason. I don’t believe in coincidences and strongly feel that everything has a reason behind it.

Removal of black magic is very important, and must be done in a timely fashion, as delaying the removal of black magic can cause permanent damage that is irreversible. Depending on the type of magic or curse a person is experiencing there are different methods of removal available. Many spiritual healers will use their own techniques based on their experience or training with removal. Depending on the type of magic that you have, typical methods involve, using angels, performing sacrifices, creating talismans, prayers, ancestral healing, rituals, candle work, spiritual baths, balancing of the aura and chakras as well as using crystals.

When struggling with black magic there are a few very important things to do on your own at home:

  • – Think positive
  • – Avoid substance and alcohol abuse
  • – Surround yourself with positive people
  • – Visit places of prayer
  • – Have faith
  • Sage your home, business and office
  • Perform energy clearing & blessing
  • – Exercise and eat healthy
  • – Avoid conflicts and disagreements
  • – Meditate
  • – Take cleansing baths
  • – light scented candles
  • – Submerge yourself in an ocean or lake
  • – Pray
  • – help others who are struggling
  • – keep salt in your pocket
  • – hire a spiritual healer to perform black magic removal 

These things will help you lessen your struggle with black magic. I want to mention that each person will experience black magic affects differently. Some are more sensitive to these attacks then others and some will require continues support if they are under constant attacks.

 How to find out if you have black magic?

Black magic is a kind of magic that is used to harm others. If you are wondering how to find out if you have been affected by black magic, there are some things you can do.

First, look at your life. Are there any changes that happen at the same time? For example, if your relationship with someone has changed or if you have trouble getting along with people, these could be signs of black magic.

Second, look at your body and mind. Do you feel tired all the time? Do you feel like something is wrong with your health that can’t be explained? These could also be signs of black magic.

Finally, look at your dreams. Have they changed in any way? Are there certain people who appear in them more than others? Do these people seem familiar somehow but also unfamiliar? If so, this could mean someone has cast black magic on you while dreaming about them.

Someone may have cast a spell on you if these things sound familiar. To figure out who did it, ask these questions: Who do I know who could cast spells? Who would want me to behave differently? Who could benefit?

Black magic symptoms

Black magic is a form of sorcery that has been practiced throughout history. It is believed to be practiced mainly by men, but both men and women can use it. Black magic is considered one of the most powerful forms of sorcery because it uses rituals and spells to produce specific results.

The purpose of black magic is usually to harm an individual or group of people. The effects of black magic are usually felt immediately, although some effects may not occur for several days or even weeks after the spell has been cast. Some common signs that someone has used black magic against you include:

  • Your loved one’s behavior changes drastically and suddenly
  • You feel as though someone is watching you at all times
  • You think that someone has put a curse on you or your family

If you experience any of these signs, then chances are good that someone has used black magic against you.

How to remove black magic at home?

Black magic is a common problem, but it can be cured easily. Black magic is something that we must be cautious about. It is a very powerful and dangerous form of magic that can cause great harm to the person affected by it.

If you have been affected by black magic, you must remove it as soon as possible. However, there are many different ways in which you can do so. You can use these methods at home or even consult an expert if you want to remove them safely and quickly.

Here are some simple ways to remove black magic at home:

  1. Take a lemon and cut it into four parts. Put one part in front of your house door and one each at the entrance of all the rooms in your house. It will prevent black magic from entering your home or harming you.
  2. You can also put a red thread around your neck to protect yourself from black magic spells or bad luck that may be trying to attack you through other people’s thoughts or actions toward you.
  3. You can also use white flowers around the house to protect against negative energy and any adverse influence coming your way. The white flowers will help keep these negative energies away from your life so that they cannot cause any harm or damage to your body or mind.”

How to protect yourself from black magic?

Black magic is a very real thing. It can affect your life in various ways, from making you feel like you’re going crazy to causing physical harm. So if you think you’ve been the victim of black magic, don’t panic—there are things you can do to protect yourself.

First, try to remain calm. Black magic is meant to make its victims feel out of control and worried, so avoiding that feeling will help keep your mind clear and focused on protecting yourself.

Next, get some support from friends and family members who believe in you and want to help. They may be able to provide comfort when times get tough and also keep an eye out for any strange behavior that might indicate black magic is present in your life.

If none of those options work for you, or if they do but don’t seem compelling enough, then it may be time for professional help from someone who knows about black magic and how it works: a witch doctor or shaman who’s been trained in the art of fighting back against evil forces like these! You can contact me here to help you.

How can I protect myself emotionally and physically from bad energy and people who have negative energy?

There are many ways to protect yourself from negative energy, but first, you must understand what it is. Negative energy results from an imbalance in your environment caused by bad thoughts and emotions. It can be very difficult to avoid this type of energy, especially if you live in a city with many people around you.

However, there are some things you can do to protect yourself emotionally and physically from negative energy:

Meditation – Meditation is one of the best ways to calm yourself down and remove all negative emotions from your body. This will help you become more positive and feel happier about life.

Positive thinking – Try not to think negative thoughts because they will attract more negative energy into your life. This is why it’s important to surround yourself with positive people with positive energy so their excellent vibes can help negate all bad ones around them!

Also, if someone seems like they’re trying too hard to connect with you or get your attention—by constantly asking questions about you or trying to start conversations—that’s a red flag. This person may not necessarily be bad, but they probably don’t know how boundaries work yet. If this happens often enough, it’s worth taking time away from them so they can learn that it’s okay not always be talking! I offer free black magic reading and evaluation of your aura, feel free to contact me here.

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123 thoughts on “How to Remove Black Magic Spells, Voodoo, Curses and Hexes?”

  1. I need help I live with my friend he recently broke up with his ex and now she has told him she put a spell on him and he will no when the time comes. And now me and my friend are in a sexual relationship and he can not perform he can’t get his penis hard and this is the spell she’s put on him and I believe she’s done something or has something in his bedroom where he has sexual encounters with me and no luck with performing . I’m trying to find out what it is she’s done and how to remove this spell from my friend and his bedroom , house period. Please send me information on what and how I can remove this unwanted evil spell and I also sense a stronger presence or demonic force in his bedroom at night while I’m laying in his bed.

  2. I NEED HELP REMOVING A SAN MUERTE spell or hex or whatever it is. THIS guy did this to the mother of my daughter to love and worship him. For her to die if she falls out of love and stuff. I’ve never seen her behave the way she does know. It’s so crazy. It’s so scary. He chokes her out and she cowers to him. She isn’t like that ever. Please help

  3. I was told there us a curse on me preventing me to find love and it’s odd because every time I start to find love the moment I tell one of my friends or my mom about my significant other they ghost me. They never talk to me again and absolutely lose feelings. What should I do?

    1. Well… that’s simple jeep your comments about your love life to yourself! Tell other people that your new guy us just OK, without letting them see that you are so happy with your new love! And open your eyes see who does passive aggressive acts against you. Sometimes it’s right in our face and all we need to do us open our mind? eyes and ears!

    1. This lady told me that I had a curse on me and it’s a death spell she said a lady showed my pic and sacrificed me and lately I been feeling so tired and feeling like I been having to many health issues but every time I go to the doctor they tell me everything is fine but I still be feeling tired how do I get rid of this spell

  4. I’ve been a victim of Empathic attacks and some black magic curses. I contacted Uriel back in December for help and my life has definitely changed since then. He walks me through the process on how to calm down and think more clear. Uriel helps me to refocus and reclaim my life.
    Uriel has been a blessing to my family. I recommend you hire Energy Luck to restore balance and improve your life.

    1. I have had evil stalkers everywhere I go since1992 starting at Alexandria, Virginia. I have tried several times to get rid of the evil. Nothing worked. There at everywhere I go mostly stores. I have had vehicles zig zagging between other cars stalking with their evil deeds. They are extremely needy, obsessed with my personal life past, present and future. I was told that whatever they are using to destroy my life and others is dangerous. It goes on and on. It goes on and never quits. If you believe it or not, Denver, A.K.A., John Duetchendorf, Jr. a musician, has caused a lot of evil negative problems in my life over the years. He is extremely needy. Needy gone too far of evil deeds. The stalkers, I believe, are his clan that support him with extremely negative evil deeds. I have written so many complaints to no avail. Denver was laughing evil all summer long last year to present in each store I am at. I cannot even travel any where without his clan stalking. Presently, they are obsessed with everything I wear to ear rings, my hair, looking at me from top to bottom at each store. This has to end. Everyone of them need to be stopped and exposed with everything they have done to destroy lives. Helen M. Lampley

      1. When you’re dealing with musicians and gang stalkers, you’re really only dealing with one consciousness streaming through many bodies. Bono said, “We’re one but we’re not the same.” The Verve, “I’m a million different people from one day to the next.” Call it Satan, Lucifer, The Adversary, or Beyoncé, Kanye, or Oprah. They’re all one person playing out the same agenda. Kill, steal, destroy. He wants your destiny. You can’t change fate but you can figure out the cloning process 1000’s of years ago, hide it from humanity, and stall your not so happy ending. There’s rules and contracts. They can’t kill you but they can make you so miserable that you want to die. I’ve been stalked since I was a child but the gangs began 10 years ago when I got divorced. They mess with your money, freedom, relationships, and mental health! It’s hard but what doesn’t kill you…

        Bottom line is you’re that important to the light work. They know you better than you know you. And they’ll make you question your divinity day after day. I used to think that I am Jenn with a spark of the I Am. In truth, I am the I Am with a spark of Jenn. I Am experiencing this reality through the eyes of Jenn’s body. Make sense? If we can grasp that we are only dealing with one other entity it’s easy to see we have the upper hand and individuality. Something he will never experience!

        How do we stop “them”? Only answer I can come up with is fight fire with fire. Give him a dose of his own medicine. Send all that shit right back with no option of retaliation. And order the scheme to become confusion and chaos for anyone contracted to participate and anyone innocently caught up in the rigamaroo.

        Best of luck! See you on the other side!!

  5. I have been going through the exact same thing for 3 months I have been sexually touched and it keeps waking me up and he’ll The only thing is fight it believe cause it feeds off of FEAR AND REGRET JUST NEFATIVE AND ANXIETY RED THREAD AROUND MY NECK OR A RED BEANIE I SERIOUSLY BELIEVE IT IS SOMEONE WHO HAS CURSED YOU WITH BLACK MAGIC!!! IF I FOUND A WAY TO BEAT THIS I WILL LET EVERYONE KNOW IT HAS RUINED EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE

    1. I am going through a similar situation and it keeps getting worse is there anyway to get rid of it I don’t know what to do please if you know a way let me know

    1. Try visualizing the entities while you are awake in a safe place. Close your eyes and see them and then imagine you have a ray gun and shoot them with it. In your mind, see them melt away and vanish. Do this several times a day until it happens in your dream or vision.

  6. I see those fuckers flying in my room above me white ones and black ones I breathe those mother fuckers in hahahah I believe in God but I done some bad things but I just follow my gut I just let it be I don’t know what is the correct thing ughh

  7. I saw a psychic he told me I have a spirit inside of me
    Not feeling good why I see him some one put a lot of. Silver ,coin under my back step few weeks later so many
    Fly in my house, I spray them they come back I spray so
    Much tin of spray


  8. i need help getting ride of dark magic then has been on me since childbirth i don’t understand why this had to happen to me that dark voodoo was put on me

    1. This is what I been told to me from atleast 6 different spiritual readers but my mom told me that someone put something on her while she was pregnant with me

  9. I need help removing something that my husband burried I think it’s black magic and it got me and my animals actually very strange please help me

    1. I be been with this guy for almost six years he’s very controlling and I’ve found myself becoming dependent on him me and my daughter have tried may times to leave but always end up back here he has a problem with me leaving the house I don’t go anywhere and there’s now a lot of mental abuse he’s doesn’t apologize for yelling or threatening to kick us out also I haven’t been to church I don’t recognize myself anymore I’m tired all the time time from working 16 hour shifts be also makes his business to keep my fund under so that I’ll have to depend on him he blames me for everything and if I try to leave nothing works out everything begins to fall apart money bills my mind is constantly rambling crazy thoughts I’m never felling well rested on the side of him I know this guy is evil because the old me would have never gotten herself in this situation please help I just want a normal life and to get back vk to doing the things I love like writing and spending time with family I haven’t have a vacation since I met him because he’ll use it against me saying things like your going fund a man and still playing me for stupid. I can’t even get in my car and simply go up there street to the corner store. I wanna get this situation under control he’s also gaslighting my mother she’s sick. I want to see her he but he doesn’t want me to have any friends or family at our house and hate it if i have to go to an important event that concerns my family.he hates it he’ll sit at home for hours till I return. It’s him and I believe one one is heavily sister’s, I’m speaking of may have black magic on me as well there been to many down calls when I’m around here plus she’s extremely jealous of me. Because unlike the rest of the siblings she has her finger wrapped around them and she’s been trying to work on me for years but has failed because I do read the Bible and I pray but sometimes I get bossed and I can’t make my way to pick up a pen and write I’ll pick up the Bible and write I’ll get on my knees and pray like I used to I’m meditate like I used to all of these things that I used to do I can’t seem to do it anymore I know something is going on and I know someone is trying to or is using black magic on me I know this without a doubt please help

      1. Seems to me that this guy needs a good butt whooping. I have never really treated my wife the way I have been lately.(not good) But whenever this evil spirit, or whatever the heck it is inside me, decides to take over, I always apologize to her when he goes away. I told her for the first time today, that I think I’m possessed by something evil or someone put a curse on me. A year ago I would’ve been calling everyone on here crazy! Now look at me. I hope everything works out for you and your daughter. I just prayed so hopefully it helps a little bit. God Bless

  10. No you are not feel the same way things also happens to me without explanation I believed it’s someone I know doing this to me it’s like a circle each part of it my life cycle stay the same on each end of the circle I don’t know what to do I more hurt that the Lord could allow this evil I’m not a saint but I not evil I struggle with a lot and try to be a good person but jealousy will drive a person to do dark things to you

  11. My friends reclining chair had goofer dust thrown on it! And also I was told that he’s a part of jar magic. Who knows what other curses and magic was cast upon this person who clearly doesn’t deserve it. How can I seek help for him. He loves this recliner, but every time
    he sits in it, he doesn’t feel good, aches and pains, looks peakid. It’s sad to see him go through this. I have been burning sage and mint tealight candles. Also burning white sage sticks, can you please tell what else can and needs to be done. Much help needed. Also salt baths have been taken. Thank you in advance.

  12. Black magic was always interested me & I ame here to learn how to curse someone who has wronged me possibly but.. This does remind me of a little issue I have. I’ve been practicing & using manifestation & affirmations to get my crush of 4 years to return to me, yet when I try to visualize him in my mind, a guy who was desperately obsessed with me & tried to rape me keeps coming to mind . like if picture my cweet, innocent crush’s face, & he’d appear instead.. Idk if it’s my guilty conscience or what, but.. It’s starting to scare me. I try to fight it off as much as I can, but his face angers me. I don’t want anything to do with him or his toxic outlook on “love”

    1. That’s karma for ya, put down the black magic and pick up a bible keep it up and next time he won’t almost rape you he will and maybe worse

  13. My best friend has seen this black entity crawling around her house and she has recently seen a second lighter colored one in the same shape crawling around. She has a lot of animals and her husband has changed his whole demeanor and is now wanting a divorce. My views are more witchcraft like and I do mostly cleansing and purification and protection spells but I’m not sure what I can do to help her get rid of this thing. It kinda looks like a wendigo but it’s more see through and looks like it has like these wispy tentacle like limbs. I don’t know how else to describe it. But I want to help her because she has a lot of health problems already.

  14. I always have bad luck, any time I quest for something positive, something negative happens almost immediately. If I have plans with friends then something important happens and I can’t go. Ive lost all of my friends from years of not showing up to events. If I request time off work I get ill. The cycle repeats and this has been for years of my life. My grandfather grew up with a gypsy family and I’ve always felt that a curse has been passed down through the bloodline. Can this be possible? I don’t do witchcraft or black magic, I feel like it’s the only explanation on why these things are attached to me. It’s exhausting!

  15. I have been hated by many people, even before I was born. I have always been bullied all my life. I have had a difficult time with relationships and making friends. I am also having problems with money situations and finding a new vehicle. Ever since my fiance and I moved into a house, it feels like everything around us is falling apart. His side of the family isn’t communicating with each other, my side of the family wants to criticize me and not help financially. I am always getting blamed for everything, even if it wasn’t my fault. What shall we do?

    1. Go to a spiritual store and get a sage stick, or burn your own sage, or basil.
      Light it smude you whole house and wish any negativity away. Then open all windows,,m doors are open.
      Then take a beer lemon and salt bath make sure you use you right hand to put in all if the ingredients. While sitting in the bath make sure yourevery part of your body head is wet, tgeb wish for all negative energy out of your whole body. Sit in there at least 15 20 minutes or longer is better

  16. my girlfriend says she being followed by sumthin and it sounds like her ex and it constantly talkin to her putting her down it even beats her up touches her in her sleep wat do we do to make this stop

  17. Ive done cord removal too. For same reason , but to get chord removed that my sons father had attached to me. He has been very honest as his other family members about how they have a hex/family curse. I have been in a different relationship for almost 4 years now and i NEED TO BE FREE. ITS RUINING MY LIFE IT EFFECTS MY CHILDREN, AND MY FIANCE IS NOW SERVING PRISON TIME DUE TO THE MENTAL EFFECTS IT HAD ON HIM. PLEASE HELP ME

  18. I have a spider and worm curse or spell on me i lost alot of hair and there’s spiders and worms in my hair and face and skin. I’m on the verge of suicide and need help to reverse this spell. I believe in the creator and there are many witches where I live and I pray for help and protection and still the spiders and worms are there. The doctors say I have nothing but I know this is impossible and I don’t know why they can’t see them either.

    1. Hi dear it was not meant for anyone else to see it but you here’s a little bit of advice sage daily take herbal baths daily light white candle with salt and pray psalms and continue to do that until you’re able to find someone to remove break this curse

    2. I have the same thing – systemic worms in my skin – even my mouth lips and eyes. Please, who can you recommend to help us remove this curse? My body is filled with worms. It is like being mummified alive by it. I’ve kept it at bay but it is so difficult. I find the sunlight and vitamin C help. No doctors believe me. I am not crazy.

  19. Had a funny feeling one morning after being false charged and not showing up for differed adjudication or probation for a family violence I was conviction in 2004-2005 it’s 2022. It might be to late to expelled the evil craft I think may have been a detective or some police inteity. car’s started going faster. felon’s, dirty inmates from prison’s, an jails people became violent an more obvious to me. Service became terrible treating me like I am a beggar theif. what to do after this witchcraft attack. Was it the police, or someone around me with a hatred towards people with criminal records. I’m trying for a pardon it’s to late for a rite of habeas corpus. If God allows a curse to undercut someone as a demonic punishment for wrong in your world the false charge not be enough to let a person be, the false charge is bad enough why an extra punishment being placed an allowed Is beyond my and power I may need a spiritual healer. Or some advise.

  20. Hi I’m Lilah last night I had a dream someone was trying to attack me recently I sage my bedroom and in the dream someone kept trying to get in my room and I kept trying to push them out I don’t think this is black magic but I’m not sure what to do sage isn’t working and I have tried Palo Santo as well so far nothing I have tried has worked. I believe that someone or something is spritualy trying to attack me and once I am weak I’m afraid they will try to physically attack me i want to build up my wards before it is to late any tips would be awesome thanks. This could all just be a dream to but I really feel like this isn’t just a dream.

  21. hello my name is darieon caesar im 27 years old I grew up a Catholic believer now im Christian I been living in ontario got into a fight with landlord and he put something sweet on all my things like a bad smelling sweet thing everything was garbage then after I took a train to bc while on the train my stuff started smelling really bad was garbage then I smelled it on me I got scared and got off in edmonton alberta ran off the train started blaming people for what was going on then people starting following me it seemed like the where throwing stuff that smelled bad on me my food once I touch it smells bad I lost all my weight and I have no safe place to get away I tried acting crazy to get into mental health place an failed Imon the run I want to die im in trouble

  22. My Daughter is 43 years old and she has been doing Witchcraft, too me scents 2016 and now she’s trying to kill me what do I do too stop her? She also has a Demon in the house that her Dad, and myself got for her back in 2006 build from the ground up. She has 3 kids and she has even put a spell on her oldest son to make him hate me. Once again what do I do? Can You, help me please?.

    1. I’m sorry that is happening to you.
      Holy water. You can walk into a catholic and have a clean jelly jar and fill it with Holy Water.
      I would leave an offering in the offering box.
      With linen, not cotton, not silk but linen fabric, dampenit. Wipe your eyes with the linen dampen with holy water. Starting from the inner eyelid out ward to to end of your face and through your hair.
      Pour a bit in your (powerhand) one you write with. Rub the water in your hands like lotion. Then rub your finger through your hair. Command the worms and spiders to die.
      And never return. You are healed. Believe you are healed.
      Daily as you go about your day, dab the holy water on the back of your neck, forehead, wrists, and top bottom of each foot. Before you put your socks on.
      Say: I am protected!!
      In my experience…evil hates Holy water.
      You could also pass it on to a tree. They like spiders and worms. I use trees for lots of things. If you are walking by and you think….that is a pretty tree, go and hug it. Ask the tree to take your spiders and worms. Let the tree know you need it’s help. You don’t want those things anymore.
      Holy water and trees. My go to.
      My best wishes and hope for you to be free.

      1. Wow this sounds so amazing! Will it work for negative energy or being cursed? Also can you use something else if you can’t get Holy Water? Maybe some kind of holy oil?

  23. I don’t know if you help with demons or unwanted spirits but need help there’s one I saw in a dream and now it’s this dream or nightmare is coming true

    1. I had same thing happen and still going through a lot . I have a negative vampire orb above me too. Plus someone attached themselves to my aura how really. I just wish I could go back to normal.

  24. I have a friend who is currently curse by a spirit. They want to know how to remove it and help the spirit to past on. Also to help open my friend’s gift so she can see spirits more better and hear them fully too! What do I need for that???

      1. Hi i needs help i bern dealing with so much blockages curses , evil demons who attack me when i am sleeping causing me In my children so much pain , i needs deliverance someone sends curses against me , i can’t have money i am struggling i can’t find love please help me remove or reverse the cures please

  25. I am not sure how to start but I did a love spell on my ex I got it off the internet it said works 100% and before he died he said I put black magic on him which stopped me in my tracks cause I would never have done that and I would never do anything to harm anyone especially the man I wanted to marry…. but it’s getting weird like I keep thinking he isn’t dead he faked his death to get away from me also that he hates me. But I did something to take it off because the last thing I wanted was for him to die or even hate me breaks my heart. But I can live with the fact he hates me as long as he is alive and ok but I cant figure it out or if it worked. I don’t think that it did. Because things still seem to be working against me and I think it might have been repelled and sent back to me! Which is why all my thoughts are negative and relationships in life are all negative and I’m suicidal and cant seem to get it fucking done! But I’m tired of this pain and sorrow I feel and I cant even take care of myself anymore…. like why I did it in the first place is ludicrous but everything else seems to crazy to believe yet it is very possible because I thought it and I’m hearing voices to like I’m being watched by God knows who (like everybody). I just want my life back and for him to not hate me and be alive because it was the worst thing I have ever regretted in my life. But I could live with it if he was alive and didn’t want to be with me. Just don’t think I’m crazy and would do something to him or his family. Because I couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to. So I need to get this off of either me or him whom ever it got.

    P.s. “My lesson has been one I could never forget even If I wanted to.” I love him but i can live without being with the one i love I’m used to not getting what i want anyway. Like all my life so. I just thought this time maybe this is going to be me who gets the guy and everything she wants and needs with ease. But I was wrong and I wish everything could go back to how it was before this big mess. HELP!!!!!

    1. Watch psychic kids. I believe you need to confront and command the entity to leave (banish it from your home) you are more powerful than it is.

    1. Karma checkmate ??? So someone putting a spell on you with black magic should just be called karma… Okay.

      1. Am being stalked and attacked by a jinn. And a group of people controlling it . Would love some help with removal

  26. I was told that someone has a picture of me and has placed it in the graveyard and they are killing me slowly what items are what herbs or what do all I need to get this off of me

  27. Someone has done something to my mom, because she’s sending her money to someone every month. She’s never been like this and we want to get whatever someone has put on her off.

  28. I believe, naw I know one of my Mama’s friends placed a spell on me. Every time I’m alone or just comfortable, I feel a presence come over me. It feels as if someone is touching and having sex with me without no one being there. If I didn’t believe in God I would go insane, simply of knowing no one believes me when I tell them this. Every day my faith is tested for this been going on for a year straight…every since I’ve met my mother’s friend.

    1. In my experience when I get that feeling I have found that it is someone who is have intense sexual feeling about you right then.

  29. hi. I believed that my X girlfriend put a cursed on me for money. She create a documentary about a person being cursed and put on youtube to be viewed for money. I want to know if you could really reverse a curse? So please anyone who knows or know someone please let me know. thank so much..

  30. My girlfriend has a black magic curse on her that cause her to feel like she is being suffocated everytime we are together. She talks to spiritual healers but nothing helps. It is putting a strain on our relationship and I’m about to walk away if it doesn’t get fixed she needs help

  31. I’m reaching out for help I feel I have a hex or a curse on me stopping me from success in life what can I do to find out If this is the case

  32. For a while I found out that my oldest nephew whom I live with has been having terrible nightmares to the point where he says he’s afraid to sleep. He is very angry with emoitional outbursts are common with him. For some reason we have always bumped heads and disagreed with each other. I feel like he could careless about me. But he’s my nephew I know he’s going through something and I want to help him. Oh and also we do live in a highly paranormal area including our house. Please I would love some advise.

  33. There is something outside my RV every night in the 3 am hour I’m super scared so are my dogs my Lil one wont stop shaking its a weird noise circling us tike a frog but a bark at the same time and it does it twice each time together like a heart beat pattern. My big dog is tripping out while the baby is so scared it gets closer every time I have sage and some candles different colors not all the colors but a few and a few oils and crystals idk what to do I tried a jade spell with a yingyang OMG its back ….. Im not playing

    1. Did you figure out what it is? This sounds more like a dimensional creature. They’re coming through because the veil is thinning and they’re getting lost in our reality. It could also be extraterrestrial in nature but please tell me more about it because I may be able to help you. Positive vibes and prayers sent your way love.

      1. Listen, my ex girlfriend whom i came to understand 3 months into our relationship praticed in bl4ck m4gic. (Much to my disapointmemt) came over after her recent breakup with her new boyfriend. When she left i soon came to discover all types of markings on everything from my walls to my dresser to my closet doors. Symbolism wich i believe to be related to those practices. Since then i feel a precene always around me. I never feel alone. Every picture i take i see creatures in the background. I hear breathing and muffled talking at night from which sounds like its only feet away from me. I see dark shadows out of the corner of my eyes move all night. And what apperas to be muddled faces of the unimaginable outside of my window. Ive become accustomed to this feeling of impending doom which never seems to leave me. What do i do. I started going back to church and praying. Which helps but i cant seem to shake it all. Can someone. Or anyone really help me. I have literally hundreds of pictures with black stuff engulffed around myself. Or ones with actual faces. Please let me know asap. Im really lost rn. Ive put all my faith into god and opened my heart to him once again after along time of feeling conflicted with my beliefs after my girlfriend of 8 years passed away in a sudden accident. But ive come around to rralize i need the lord now more than ever. Can someone suggest what i should do.

      2. Hay, I’ve been having a problem with an entity it makes my mind dark… I can’t feel my emotions like I use to.. I also feel this heavy negative stagnant energy coming through my phone, mirrors, tvs, computers exc. I hear voices and it just calls me every degrading thing in the book.. it mostly attacks 3rd eye. My mind and emotions. Keeps me in a toxic loop. And disconnects me from my spirituality and life itself… if you can help please. I think it’s a black magic spell from different dimension.

    1. I have been suffering with some mental issues, it’s not a mental disorder. I think someone did something to my mind and body???

  34. Hi, I’m confused and lost people Instagram always tell me that there is a curse or a spell cast on me by a family member when I was a little girl I’m very hesitant just because hell that’s my family and why would a family member do such a thing! But man my life is a damn train wreck anymore so it’s like okay is this really happening ! I’m scared I just need help to know foe sure ! Thank you ?

    1. I get this a lot too, and wanting money to do a ritual. I do believe that someone did something to my family, but I don’t believe it’s what they are portraying

    2. I get this a lot to, I believe that they’re scammers. Unfortunately I do believe that someone has done something to wish Ill upon my family. But I won’t go into details. I’m looking into how to change my life

  35. Hi I wanted to know how to get black magic spell off my Lil brother he is only 20 he is suffering physically and mentally he hears voices praising to the devil trying to sacrifice his pure soul! He says it’s a lady names madrina and all her family! He feels they have something from him could be anything he feels they made a doll out of him he can feel the torment through his body! I’m scared for his life don’t want my little brother to pass away my mom recently passed away a yr ago from emergency hernia surgery ! She believed in the lord Jesus christ we all do as well just I need to figure out how to save my Lil brother from the voodoo or black magic? Thank you God bless!

    1. Ive been experiencing multiple evil people come into my life where they have done and said and some family members as well. I didnt do anything to anyone. But they have done psychic attacks. Feel tired all the time and i can feel it hurt my body and heart and head. I wish it would go away. I am too good of a person with good things to do in life to feel this way. I have a hint of who they are. Maybe just need shielding.

  36. My gf son has had Yu-Gi-Oh cards for 20 years..and we have paranormal activity ..he’s a special needs and we don’t know to remove what entities that have come through the window of summoning ..her son has been paralyzed and we begins to look at the cards and they are definitely a gateway..
    How do we cleanse their house and lives
    Personally I’ve felt bad energy, my depressiom is even worse
    And we hear sounds and burn seems to attack males only ..I am a Christian who has served God for years ..

  37. My gf son has had Yu-Gi-Oh cards for 20 years..and we have paranormal activity ..he’s a special needs and we don’t know to remove what entities that have come through the window of summoning ..her son has been paralyzed and we begins to look at the cards and they are definitely a gateway..
    How do we cleanse their house and lives

  38. I need help for my grandmother in-law. She came to me for the second time now this weekend almost in tears. She has a women (supposedly her friend) who has some type of negative hold on her. The “friend” constantly reads a book around her and mumbles things under her breathe which makes my grandmother in-law very uncomfortable. She also stressed to me that the women always asks her to buy things for her and give her money and for whatever reason my grandmother in-law can’t say no to her because of this hold this lady has over her. She’s even been to a spiritual store and the lady in the store used a Tibetan Singing Bowl on my grandmother in-law and gave her a look and told her she has bad energy around her and then looked at the women who has this hold on her as she was with her at the time. It has me very worried as she is old and has health issues as it is and I feel like whatever this women has over her is making it worse. She got very shaky and almost started crying when she told me this time. She says she prays regularly and it is not helping at all (which I think is what really scares her about it because my grandmother in-law is very religious). Do you have and insight or advice on what she can do or what I can to help her? Please help I’m afraid it’s going to drain her from the inside out.

  39. You need a spiritual healer but you and your brother needs to believe in magic good and bad. Your goal is to find that spiritual healer who is willing and the power to banish the evil spirit. Not all spiritual healer is the same some are not as strong but it’s up to them.

  40. Befriend a gay guy. He will be your protection from his love that he will be uncomfortable to keep his love with you. But as a friend you must be like girlfriends. Its unorthodox but if hes truly inlove with you he must accept your new friend.

  41. My brother has a death spell r curse on him,black magic I believe it is,wut do I do cause it’s close to him bein dead,I don’t want to lose my brother please help

    1. Let her live somewhere else with her dogs until she gives life. Her baby will break the spell. For birth means new life. Someone needs to give her a hand until then. Give her a peace of mind. If not the baby needs to be blessed with holy water for the baby’s soul if she cant make 9 months of maturity.

  42. my daughter is 8 months pregnant and she is seeing a dark shadow of a woman that is crouching down on the floor and scaring her dogs and it’s scaring her and I don’t know if it’s black magic if it’s in a cult if it is Voodoo you can feel it in the presence of her trailer it isn’t right there’s something wrong with the place but I would like for you to contact me with some type of advice for her cuz it is freaking her out thank you I’m not sure what’s causing it all I know is she’s even been to the hospital because she has found flies even in her food and she’s got herself all spooked I don’t know what the hell’s going on but I would like to know if there’s anything I can do to maybe avoid it from her or get rid of it myself but her boyfriend lives with her and he says he’s seen it too but it’s really bring her so bad it’s causing her to go into labor early she won’t even leave the house because he’s afraid that she does is going to hurt her dog

  43. Please help me I need to stop black magic before it gets out of hands how do I heal myself spiritual because I believe in God I don’t want any problems how do I stop spells I have caused upon the people I love how do I stop this guy how do I stop a spell I have caused upon my cat without her dieing how do I chase this spirit out of my house how do i stop this guy because he told me if I stop the ancistors will make it bad and everything will turn negative I don’t have the money to keep going on with it I am in financial debt and this guy does not understand it I am a Christian I am a believer of God my ex made me do this and the person I love so much is going through a set back and I don’t wanna be the cause of that nor on my mom nor on the family nor on myself

  44. I want healing for my person who is under black magic spell of his own mother She does not want of relationship to continue diff caste religion. Most important dowry she will miss.

  45. I need to know if my warlock psycho ex put a curse on me.
    Please contact me, as my shadow work has been consistent and I still cannot release the energies from him. I’ve cut cords and everything else.

  46. blessing to you. I am interested in your work regarding removal of curses, i.e. black magic for a friend of mine who is really suffering. Can you help Sandra. Thank you for your attention. best wishes, m a cason

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