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Black magic and witchcraft have been around as long as the human race has been able to communicate, and it’s very likely that it will be around long after our current civilization has passed from the face of the Earth. Witchcraft is an eclectic collection of beliefs and practices which can span many religions and cultures.
Black magic and witchcraft may seem like something out of a horror movie, but it’s very real and can have severe effects on your life and your loved ones’ lives. When someone casts a spell on you, they send negative energy your way in an attempt to control your emotions, thoughts, and actions in order to cause harm or trauma to you or someone else. Fortunately, you can work with a spiritual healer to remove black magic from your life, attract good fortune and prosperity back into your life, and restore yourself to a place of inner peace and happiness once again.
Black magic and witchcraft can be hard to remove because it’s usually left in place by people who have great knowledge of the occult and know how to hide their spells from being discovered. These negative effects can be placed on you or your loved ones in many ways, including curses, hexes, or bindings, but regardless of the method, they all require the same steps to reverse them.

What is black magic and witchcraft?
When people think of black magic, they often think of things like voodoo or tarot cards. While it’s true that many forms of witchcraft do use magical items like wands, knives, herbs and crystal balls (among other things), some forms focus on ritualistic practices instead of magical objects.
To remove black magic from your life for good, learn more about what causes witches’ spells in the first place—and how you can stop them once they’ve begun. What makes a spell a curse? In order to determine if a witch’s spell is truly black magic, you need to know its motivation. In short: Witches cast curses when they want something bad to happen, but don’t have direct control over an outcome. They rely on their own influence over events while enlisting outside help at the same time—hence curse. That might mean setting a dinner table with specific dishes while also wishing someone won’t come home alive at night; or buying a new car then placing nails all around that car while performing invocations. Simply put, no matter how much power a person believes they have personally, witchcraft allows them to exert additional force onto circumstances that are already underway. And that means no matter who casts it or why, black magic almost always implies intentional harm.
Voodoo Witchcraft
Africa is home to Voodoo Witchcraft, which is exceedingly dangerous. It has spread to other regions of the globe in the past several decades, including Haiti, South America, and the southern United States. In South America, Caribbean countries adopted Voodoo as its own religion, and it became known as Hoodoo when it became the official religion of Haiti. Voodoo was originally intended to treat and cure people across long distances, but it fell into the wrong hands and has since been used to cause pain and even death to innocent people.
Black magic and witchcraft centered on the manipulation of psychic cords, such as Voodoo and Hoodoo, are among the deadliest and cruelest forms of magic. Voodoo assaults aim at your key organs and energy points in order to disrupt your energy system.
Hair, nails, and menstruation pads for women, as well as a photograph of the victim, are used to create a doll that looks like the victim; the heart portion of the doll is left exposed for the final ceremony. At this stage, the doll is given life by demonic chanting and the spirit world linking the doll and victim through an invisible psychic connection using a living heart taken from a live animal and inserted into the doll’s heart region. 2-3 inch needles are inserted into the doll at certain acupuncture places to disrupt the victim’s energy system after they are linked to the victim. Injecting the pins into the doll causes excruciating pain and misery for the sufferer.
Even if the victim is hundreds of kilometers away, the attacks will still occur in real time for him or her. Black magicians and Voodoo experts who force their victims to consume “Masaan” (Dead Ash)-laced food and/or water will have life-threatening results and give them complete power over their bodies and minds.
The primary goal of the black magic Voodoo practitioner is to deplete the victim’s strength and immune system in order to render the victim bedridden and ultimately cause his or her death. Once the victim is dead, the black magician gains possession of their soul and uses it to destroy others.
Males are attacked in the skull and temple region; females are targeted in the thumbs and big toes to weaken the immune system. To threaten and injure women, their breasts and intimate regions are targeted. This method may be used to end the life of the victim in about 28 days (one Moon cycle). Attacks may last for years if the victim or the black magician is physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually powerful, making it impossible for the attacker to murder the victim in a short amount of time.
Voodoo Dolls
The use of dolls for protection has many similarities to using voodoo dolls, or voodoo doll curses. To learn how to remove curses effectively, you will first need to understand what dolls are, how they work, and why they may be used for protection.
This type of negative energy can come in many forms; however, one common example involves a person creating a doll in the image of someone else. This doll is then used as a representation of that person for purposes such as healing or cursing. Oftentimes witches who practice white magic will place positive energy into their dolls to use them as helpers instead of malevolent forces. Sometimes these dolls are referred to as poppets or voodoo dolls even though they often have nothing to do with voodoo practices whatsoever. At other times they can contain some kind of curse which a witch will use to cause harm upon another. In some cases, if not done properly, it can backfire against those who cast spells on others because of their belief in spells regardless of any evidence. In cases where curses are involved, your best defense is counter-spells—or better yet – a healer who can cast spell-protection that ensures no harm comes your way regardless of what evil doers may try against you.
Curses, Hexes, and Jinxes
Someone may have deceived or hurt you in the past, and you may have just ignored him or her, but some individuals go to the level of cursing or casting a spell on that person. Because both are magical spells spoken on someone, a hex and a curse may seem identical to us, yet they have significant distinctions. Both hexing and cursing are intended to cause harm and loss to the person who is cursed.
What’s a jinx?
Jinxing someone means to wish harm on them, either jokingly or seriously. It’s an expression of bad luck, like tempting fate. Jinxing someone can be seen as a playful threat: I’ll put a jinx on you if you do that again! But some use it in more sinister ways — especially in sports — to curse opponents with misfortune.
What’s a Hex?
Hexes are spells that send negative energy toward the target and it usually doesn’t stay for too long. To put it another way: most hexes either operate seasonally or cease functioning after the intended victim has learnt their lesson.
What’s a curse?
You’ve probably seen a lot of scary movies about witches and how the curse is passed down through the generations. Curses do have a long-term effect and are difficult to remove.
A curse is a cruel, unforgivable act that has the potential to end the life of the victim. Curses include things like crucio, petrificus, and sectumsempra, to name just a few.
Nightmares, Sleep Paralysis & Bad Dreams
There are good and bad spirits in the world. The problem is that only one person in millions is capable of seeing them, and even fewer people are able to speak with them.
Fear is the driving force behind the dark energies, and fear weakens the auras of those who are targeted by black magicians, witches, or spell-workers. This allows the black magicians, witches, or spell-workers to gain access deeper and deeper into their victims’ minds, bodies, and spirits. Sleep paralysis may take several forms based on the black magician’s might vs. the victim’s weakness.
In sleep paralysis, the most common occurrence is a person grabbing their leg or legs. This is because most of us live in the mooladhara chakra, which governs our sex center and is easy to access for any black magician using spirits. Because our minds are preoccupied by the illusory world, all we can think about is sex and food, which are essential for our survival.
While sleep paralysis may seem to be a medical problem at first glance, it is really a spirit world problem caused by becoming the victim of a black magician or being trapped in an evil-spirit-infested home.
It is advisable not to take sleep paralysis lightly because it is a way the black magicians gain control of their victim and continue to go deeper as time passes, reaching stages where these black magicians are able to cause disease in the victim’s body, block their victim’s mind from functioning properly, and in extreme cases attach evil spirits to the victim’s soul and have complete control over their body and mind.
What are evil spirits?
There are many kinds of evil spirits, including ghosts, demons, and devils. But at their root they are all connected by one thing: negative energy. Energy flows in a direction determined by its source. Energy flowing toward you can be helpful or harmful depending on where it comes from. Energy flowing away from you is harmful regardless of its original source. To remove curses or black magic successfully, it’s necessary to understand how energy moves through our universe—and how that applies to you personally.
Damages caused by black magic and witchcraft
The use of black magic in ancient times was rooted in religion. It was employed to settle scores, exact revenge or punish one’s enemies. Since then, it has evolved into something that can cause massive damage to an individual’s life by bringing misfortunes upon them. Curses are not only sent for retribution but also to control someone. For example, if your friend were to hex you, they might place a curse on you so that you are never able to get married or have children. That kind of behavior can cause immense physical and emotional damage which will affect every aspect of your life.
You must be wary of people who take black magic seriously. If you know someone who practices voodoo or spells out negative intentions towards others, avoid them at all costs! Be wary of their actions because once they start affecting other people’s lives, there’s no telling what kind of harm they may bring about to you as well.
Sometimes, even good friends might cast simple pranks on each other just to play around. Just remember that you have full control over everything you say and do – positive energy always prevails! Black magic does exist and its effects can be permanent. It can leave scars but removing curses through a healer is possible through many different methods that effectively heal these imbalances brought about by black magic. There are certain ways in which removing curses works. Often, a spell put onto you could alter your karma path which attracts randomness from a greater universal force. This causes a domino effect which can trigger numerous problems in your life.
How black magic ruins lives
Even if you don’t know what they are, there could be one in your life right now. In fact, whether you believe in it or not, Black Magic is a real thing. This kind of dark art often hides from view – usually to protect its caster from being discovered – but many people experience its negative effects every day. Many experts claim that over half of all marriages end in divorce, and almost everyone will have a family member or friend who undergoes a nasty breakup with a spouse or lover – simply because of Black Magic.
That’s how damaging black magic can be. Its consequences can shatter lives, tear apart families and ruin careers. And sometimes it goes even further than that; on occasion these spells can actually cause physical harm – including death! Yes, Black Magic isn’t just about petty squabbles between lovers; it’s an evil form of sorcery designed to ruin innocent lives for no good reason whatsoever.
Fortunately, there’s also some good news: even though Black Magic wreaks havoc, it’s easily removable by a healer. One experienced psychic recently revealed exactly how these dark spells work – along with their immediate effects upon those unlucky enough to fall victim to them. Any spell cast by any psychic can have an effect on someone else. This can be anything from making you ill so you can’t work so therefore cannot pay your bills, losing money out of your pocket or even causing someone to die.
Signs you have been cursed
It is easy to imagine someone cursing you. But what are some signs that may indicate that you have been cursed? Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can determine whether or not someone has put a curse on you. There may be more than one reason why people cast spells or curses on their enemies. One common reason is for revenge; they want to hurt you as much as possible without getting caught, which makes it very hard for anyone but an experienced professional to figure out if black magic has been used against them.
Another common cause of black magic is because someone wants something from you; perhaps they want your love or money and if you won’t give it to them, then they will often seek other methods to get what they want. People who do evil things like casting spells generally do so because they believe that doing so will give them power over others. They believe that casting spells gives them control over others or something else important in their lives. After all, when bad things happen to good people, many assume there must be someone who is responsible.
A third reason why people use black magic is that they believe that doing so will help them protect themselves. Some cultures with strong religious beliefs often associate witchcraft with demons and Satan worshipers, which naturally leads to many fears about witchcraft among members of those religions. To try to neutralize these fears, these people turn around and use it against others through black magic, trying to ward off dark forces by invoking dark forces themselves. Perhaps unsurprisingly, most cases involving negative reasons for using black magic go hand-in-hand with most cases involving serious threats toward another person’s life or well-being.
1. Unexplainable illness of injury
If you’re generally healthy but suddenly find yourself afflicted with illnesses or injuries you can’t explain, this might be an indication of a curse. Don’t forget that disease is often a response to an underlying problem in your physical, mental, or spiritual well-being. So, before assuming the worst, take a good look at yourself. Individuals may be cursed or hexed to make them sick or “waste away,” And if you’re suffering from a disease that no one, even physicians, can explain, you may be the victim of a curse or hex.
2. Repeated bad luck
When things are fair, things tend to go in your favor. You’ve been dealing with a run of poor luck for the last several weeks/months. Again, think about your life’s choices before drawing the conclusion that you’re cursed. Is your current “bad luck” a direct result of your poor life choices? If the response to this question is no, you may be the target of a curse or hex. When things go wrong, it’s usually due to things like bad luck or misfortune.
3. Constant nightmares
Even when we’re not aware of it, our subconscious mind is working, processing and acting out our internal monologue. A curse can be active due to our lack of vigilance and inability to understand or regulate our experiences. Remember that having nightmares from time to time is very normal. It’s the recurring dreams with the same themes or subjects that should worry you. Frequent nightmares with the same subject are an early sign of a curse that will soon strike your life.
4. Having strange animal occurrences
Strange animal sightings, disappearances, and illnesses are all indications of a curse. In addition to sending an animal familiar to “spy” you, the person who is cursing you may also bring bad karma to your door and do other things. Does a pet appear to be paying you more attention than normal lately? Have you just discovered one or more dead or dying animals on your doorstep? Or did anything happen to your pets, such a sickness or death? Sadly, curses may also affect animals.
5. Behaving abnormally
A common indication of a curse or manipulative magick is acting out of character. If your close friends and family members are worried about your new habits, think of why or how you acquired them. It’s possible that they were sent to your brain telepathically by someone who wanted to do you harm.
6. Depression or deep thinking mood swings
Despite getting enough rest, relaxation, and therapy, something is still dragging you down. If you’re experiencing an unexplainable unease, it’s probably due to poisonous energy in the environment or a connection to an entity. For as long as the curse lasts, and for a short time after it is lifted, this symptom may persist.
7. Constant negative thoughts
Your personality tends to be cheerful and positive, yet all of a sudden you find yourself depressed, if not suicidal. Some of your ideas are originating from an outside source, not from within yourself. Please take notice that these ideas DO NOT belong to you. This might be a symptom of a curse.
8. Regular broken relationships
Frequent breakups in relationships might be a symptom of a curse. This might be a connection of any kind: family, romantic, platonic, or any combination thereof. Curses aim to ruin people’s lives, and what better way to do so than to separate them from the people they care about most in the world?
9. You see strange objects delivered to your home
When someone is being cursed, only their own fear and negativity will let the curse take root. This should be kept in mind. It is possible someone is attempting to curse you if you discover unusual symbols, artifacts, or stuff on your property that don’t belong to you and smell like bad magic.
10. Personal items go missing
Having a piece of your personal property in the hands of a malicious individual makes it much easier for them to curse or hex you. It is common practice for witches to use materials that include a person’s DNA to bring about harm.
spirit 8
How to remove black magic?
When it comes to curses, spells or hexes, you need to get rid of them. This removal process takes different amounts of time depending on whether they are self-created or come from someone else. Some can be removed faster than others depending on how powerful they are, but no matter what sort of curse or spell you have you’ll need a spiritual healer to rid yourself of it quickly. It’s time for you to learn what black magic and witchcraft entails so that you can better protect yourself in future.
In spells, herbs are often used to help strengthen your aura. Herbs can be added to your ritual bath or sprinkled on an altar. Another use for herbs in spells is as a charm or talisman that will bring you closer to a specific goal or even remove curses. Many people choose plants that represent things they want to achieve in their lives – protection, strength, confidence, etc. To create your own charm, wrap a small piece of paper around a root from an herb you’ve chosen and tie it with string before using it in spell work. Once you have decided what type of herb you want to use for your charm or talisman, write down one of your goals on the paper before placing it around one of your charms.
Hang them where you will see them often so that they remain fresh in your mind. Use strong words when writing your goals so that energy will flow towards achieving those desires more easily. Always burn or bury them once you have achieved what you wanted to achieve. If removed correctly, Black Magic / Witchcraft won’t haunt your life again.
spirit 9
Your physical body, however, is not your only body. There’s no escaping the fact that everything is made of energy, whether you’re studying chakras or quantum physics. Everything in the universe is made up of energy, from the smallest atoms in our cells and organs to the largest planet in our solar system. Also, this energy is referred to by many other names: among these are the following: qi; ki; chi; prana; mana; Odic force; bioplasm; and life force energy
The human energy field goes beyond the physical body, and is referred to as the energy body. Your energy body, like your physical body, is made up of numerous overlapping layers with sophisticated functions, such as your neurological system, muscle, and skeletal system. Each layer, like the cells in your body, has a distinct function and the layers operate together as a unit. Your aura refers to all of the energy layers that make up your physical body. Your physical body and your energy centers, or chakras, are all affected by your aura.
There are seven major chakras in the body, each with its own unique energy field. Within your aura and body, as well as between your physical body and its layers, these energy vortexes carry energy. Think of your chakras as the veins and arteries of your spiritual life. Blood transports oxygen, nutrients, and hormones throughout the body, aids in physiological regulation and balance, and protects the body from injury by eliminating waste products and clotting. An individual’s chakra system functions similarly to their lifeblood in that it links and supports all of their physical body systems.
Chakras are living systems of energy vortexes that occur inside all living things, including people and animals as well as plants and trees. Chakras are energy centers located throughout the body. There are seven main chakras and a number of smaller ones. Physical functions and dysfunctions, emotional and mental problems, and spiritual problems may all be linked to one or more of these disorders.
A genuine holistic healing occurs when we learn to access the energy that resides inside our chakras and learn how to heal ourselves from the inside out. It’s for these reasons that mind-body-spirit techniques like meditation may help you feel more focused and clear your thoughts, and that nourishing your spirit heals your mind and body.
The 7 types of chakras
1. Root chakra
The root chakra, or base chakra, sits at the base of your spine. It’s responsible for encouraging feelings of security, safety, nurturing, faithfulness, focus, direction and groundness. Many healers believe that problems with an individual’s root chakra may be responsible for obsessive or addictive behaviors as well as chronic physical illnesses like diabetes or cancer. Those who are having trouble with their root chakra may feel out of balance both physically and emotionally. They may also experience difficulty in maintaining strong personal relationships due to emotional distance or fear of commitment. When your root chakra is imbalanced you might find yourself feeling disconnected from reality or stuck in a rut that you can’t escape from no matter how hard you try.
2. Sacral chakra
The sacral chakra, also known as Swadhisthana, is responsible for balance between mind and body. It determines how an individual feels about sex, sensuality, intimacy, pleasure, money, work, play…everything that can be associated with physical desires or pleasures. When it is blocked or imbalanced you may experience lack of sexual desire, anxiety over finances or other basic needs being met. If one’s sacral chakra is blocked it will lead to feelings of separation from others. Balancing your sacral chakra will help bring your energy back into alignment so that you can have healthy interactions with people once again.
3. Solar plexus chakra
The solar plexus chakra is located in your rib cage. The name solar plexus comes from Latin, meaning belly brain. It’s linked to deep-seated fear, anxiety, stress, anger, frustration, fear of failure or rejection. This chakra affects how you deal with uncertainty in life. If you are unable to control your fear or are not self-confident enough to take risks you will have a weakened solar plexus chakra. A major cause of an imbalance in solar plexus energy levels is trauma due to physical abuse or sexual abuse as a child or adult which can affect both males and females.
4. Heart chakra
One of the most important chakras to keep open in order to be protected from negative energies is your heart chakra. It’s located in your chest, just next to where your heart resides. When you’re feeling emotional—whether that’s happy, sad, or angry—your heart chakra becomes activated. When it’s closed, however, it allows emotions to build up inside of you until they become overwhelming. Additionally, when your heart chakra isn’t open you allow others to easily draw energy out of you with their own negative feelings or actions.
5. Throat chakra
This chakra is centered in your throat, which has to do with self-expression. It’s associated with anger, frustration, helplessness, criticism and blame-taking. Self-expression can include verbalizing what you think or feel or it can be using your voice in other ways to express yourself. This includes singing as well as breathing exercises. Chanting mantras are a way of cleansing your body by cleansing your chakras so if you are chanting mantras then that will also help cleanse your Throat Chakra because it’s all tied together energetically.
6. Third eye chakra
Because of its direct link to your consciousness, any blockages in your third eye chakra will be felt directly in your mind. Symptoms may include headaches, migraines, or visual disturbances like double vision or blurry vision. Likewise, you might feel as though you’re having trouble focusing mentally. Any time you’re feeling these symptoms, it’s likely that something is impeding energy flow through your third eye chakra—either because of emotional issues or actual physical problems like an eye condition (like glaucoma). Using some kind of energy healing can help return balance to your third eye chakra; some people find meditation to be particularly helpful here.
7. Crown chakra
This energy center lies at the top of your head, just below your crown. It’s thought to regulate our higher thinking, including what we think about ourselves. A blocked crown chakra can lead to feelings of despair or lack of self-worth. When it’s open, you feel confident in your ability to solve problems in a creative way—as well as in your skills when it comes to achieving success for yourself and others. It helps you maintain positivity in difficult situations, accept people for who they are, not compare yourself with others and also helps clear up any confusion or misunderstanding that might occur between people so there’s more harmony and less chaos.
 If you are looking to have your chakras balanced by a professional spiritual healer you can use chakra balancing service.
 Benefits of Balancing the 7 Chakras
You get energy from your life force by way of these energetic centers in your body. They are also responsible for supplying energy to the organs around them. When your chakras are unobstructed and clean, they may help you stay healthy and powerful.
Individuals with a thin aura are more likely to be sensitive. They serve as an antenna since they are always open. You may pick up other people’s vibes by constantly examining your surroundings.
It’s important for people like this to understand how to do self-energetic cleansing on a regular basis. Root Chakra imbalances are common in those who are easily overwhelmed. Knowing what is going on in your body requires self-awareness. You can check in with yourself on a daily basis by honing this skill.
Listening to music that promotes healing via the use of energy is another effective method. You may do this on a regular basis to help your body mend itself. Music is a powerful tool for bringing one’s body, mind, and soul into harmony. To avoid disease, imbalance and energy depletion, it also maintains you healthy.
1. Root charka
Unbalance, insensibility, instability, and insecurity are all symptoms of a closed root chakra. When the root chakra is open, a person feels extremely grounded and trusting of the people around them. An unbalanced/under-active state causes anxiety and worry. Root Chakra is hyperactive in certain individuals, and such people tend to be materialistic and greedy. As a result, it’s important to have your Root Chakra balanced. The chakras may be more easily balanced by doing things like yoga or working out physically.
 2. Sacral chakra
Feelings and sexuality are dealt with by this chakra. If your heart chakra is out of order, you’ll be cold and unresponsive to others people’s emotions. When your chakras are overactive, you become overly emotional and overly sexual.
 3. Solar plexus chakra
You feel powerful and confident in yourself when this chakra is opened. When a chakra is overactive, a person’s conduct becomes hostile.
4. Heart chakra
Upper and lower chakras are linked by the heart chakra. Harmony, inner and outer peace and love for self and others are all related with the chakra energy center. A person’s temperament will be cold and hostile if their chakra is under-active. High blood pressure, palpitations, and heart attacks are all symptoms of an overworked heart chakra. Fear, sadness, rage, hate, and jealousy characterize those whose heart chakras are out of place.
 5. Throat chakra
The thyroid and endocrine system are both controlled by the fifth chakra which is positioned at the base of the neck. The Throat Chakra is linked to the ability to communicate effectively and express oneself freely. People with poor self-esteem, shyness, and inability to express themselves correctly have underactive chakras. A person with a very active chakra tends to talk excessively and is also a poor listener. In order to maintain a healthy hormonal flow and all of the functions of the neck and the brain, a balance chakra must be maintained.
 6. Third eye chakra
The third eye chakra may be found just above the eyebrows, on the top of the forehead. Though everyone has incredible intelligence, intuition, knowledge, and spiritual power, opening and balancing the sixth chakra allows you to access these gifts. Confusion occurs when the Third Eye Chakra is not activated.
 7. Crown chakra
The crown chakra is the most important because it serves as a portal to the energy of the universe. Activating this chakra allows us to communicate with our higher selves. Chakras that aren’t fully activated cause rigidity in thought. Depression, restlessness, impatience, and greed are all symptoms of an unbalanced crown chakra.
 Unblock your chakras with crystals
Many things might cause chakras to get blocked, including physical disease and our own emotions. To reach complete harmony in terms of physical, emotional, and spiritual health, it’s critical to maintain openness and balance in all seven of these areas. Using crystal healing to unblock your chakras is the greatest option if you think that one or more of your chakras are blocked.
When a chakra is blocked – or hyperactive – there are usually telltale indications and symptoms. Here are some indicators that your chakras are out of whack, as well as certain crystals and stones that may help you get them back on track.
 1. Root chakra
If your root chakra is blocked there are a number of symptoms that you may experience. Among the most common are fears, anxiety disorders and even nightmares. If the blockage is externally expressed, it is usually through the digestion and digestive disorders, including liver, lower back, foot or hands.
If your Root Chakra is open to you:
• Have a strong connection with your family
• Have friends like your family
• Feel loved and wanted
• Feel happy with your body
• Have faith in finances
• Always have enough for what you need and want
Crystals to help unblock and re-balance your Root Chakra:
· Black Tourmaline – You may use Black Tourmaline stones to transform all of your negative emotions related with your Root Chakra issues into good ones. It serves as a “protective barrier” against all bad energy and vibrations.
· Hematite – Positive vibes are brought by this stone, particularly for people who have been feeling unstable and insecure.
· Jet is a wood component which is decayed under high pressure and deoxygenated. Though light in weight, when it comes to defense, jet packs a heavy punch, eliminating curses or hexes, and extracting dark magic that originates from past ages or lifetimes. Our ancestors claimed that holding a piece of jet, including the plague, would help protect them from illness.
· Onyx helps empathy by absorbing and transmuting low vibrations in people or places as a working tool. Having the bearer physically powerful and formidable, and gaining good luck and a great harvest.
· Red aventurine purifies and detoxifies energy frequencies to help clear the trauma stored, promoting a deeper connection with energy source. It helps to promote strong body ventilation, remove accumulated toxins, and increase blood flow.
· Red jasper is a battle-stone of resilience and reminds the carrier of her personal strength and ability to overcome challenges. Native Americans claimed red jasper would reinforce warriors going into combat. The red color, because of the protective properties of the stone, reflected the blood they would not have spilled.
2. Sacral chakra
Sacred chakra blockage occurs through general emotional dysfunction or through feeling creatively uninspired, anticipating improvement, feeling depressed or indulging in addiction-like behaviors. Sexual dysfunctions include physical signs of sacral chakra misalignment.
When your Sacral Chakra is open:
• You have a strong sense of your identity and accept it as one of the most important creative energies
• You build healthy sexual encounters with others that respect you.
Crystals to help unblock and re-balance your sacral chakra:
· Amber – With its warm glow, this stone arouses feelings of well-being, creativity, and perhaps a little lust. Keep a piece of Baltic amber in your pocket to keep it near to your second chakra.
· Citrine – People with a blocked sacral chakra from abusive relationships benefit greatly from using Golden Citrine as a stone of protection. It boosts one’s current sense of self-worth and self-confidence.
· Carnelian is a gemstone version of caffeine which gives you a turbo boost of energy to stimulate creativity and complete even the most difficult tasks. If you need to move around the world more easily, using carnelian as your tools of hidden strength.
· Goldstone contains natural copper and therefore helps good circulation. Goldstone brilliantly absorbs electricity, and so it can help you feel more secure, focused and motivated. Hold it to improve blood flow during intercourse, and reinforce orgasm intensity.
· A deep orange talisman of strength and power, imperial topaz, one of the rarest of all topaz colors. The fiery orange light is tied to its aphrodisiac status.
· Orange calcite is said to help with sexual performance and erectile dysfunction issues. Men report that orange calcite makes physical energy and stamina better, while women report that it helps counteract the effects of menopause on sex drive.
· Peach moonstone harnesses moon phase creative powers. The waxing gibbous moon phase which is most often associated with transformation is assumed to signify.
· Sunstone is the stone of leadership for politicians, teachers and administrators of every kind. It activates the fire within, helping you to connect to untapped enthusiasm and potential.
· Tangerine quartz enhances sex drive and offers the wearer erotic feelings of lusty connection. An aphrodisiac is thought to be able to help male sexual activity and enhance sexual stamina.
3. Solar plexus chakra
If your chakra of the solar plexus is blocked you will experience symptoms such as difficulty making choices, low self-esteem, or even lack with control or frustration. The signs may not actually mean you’re going to feel bad for yourself, but this blockage of the chakra may allow you to procrastinate, show excessive apathy, or somebody else may easily take advantage of you. Physical manifestations include gastrointestinal problems, tummy ache or gas issues.
When your Solar Plexus Chakra is open you:
· Have a strong sense of your own strength and how to make good use of it
· Admire others with power and influence and choose to imitate others who are
· Want to use your power and influence for the good in the world.
Crystals to help unblock and re-balance your sacral chakra:
· Rutilated Quartz – Use this form of quartz to assist mend your third chakra and your connection with the other person if you have an overactive third chakra. Negative thoughts about them will be replaced with good ones.
· Calcite – This crystal is available in a wide range of colors. When you have stomach ulcers or discomfort from a blocked Solar Plexus, use the yellow or orange kinds.
· Yellow Apatite – With the aid of Yellow or Golden Apatite, you may get a fresh feeling of self-confidence. It’s well-known for helping people accomplish their objectives by giving them a good boost of personal power.
· Tiger’s eye also strengthens perception and unlocks the bearer’s protective shield. With it meditate on channeling past life experiences.
· Citrine is time-captured, bright sunshine. Citrine opens, aligns, and heals the Solar Plexus Chakra, the primary gemstone for both prosperity and manifestation. In China, citrine is called “the stone of the trader” and is held in cash registers and currency drawers because it was said to attract the bearer’s money.
· Golden healer quartz empowers you to determine the internal causes of your own illness and suffering, and also provides you with self-healing instruments. It’s said to magnify prosperity as well as bring financial abundance.
· Orpiment is a mineral of instant transformation, said to manifest thoughts and emotions more readily into physical form and to promote spiritual and physical growth.
· Pyrite is the gemstone of confidence and inner strength, while golden calcite allows you to combine external experience. Pyrite is a well-known talisman to riches outside of the United States: Gem-grade crystals demand the top dollar from many collectors.
· Yellow aventurine is the jewel of bold exploration, offering strength through lived experience. If you’ve been slighted by someone, holding a piece of yellow aventurine will help heal your connection.
· Yellow fluorite is an alternative to citrine, yet another gemstone of manifestation and richness. It can also be useful in helping business owners attract new customers.
· Yellow jade strengthens the digestive system, encourages calorie consumption and decreases appetite. To help ease stomach pain, enhance digestion, and increase metabolism, place a piece of yellow jade over the belly button.
 4. Heart chakra
If your heart chakra has been blocked it will open doors to emotions like envy, rage, fear of rejection, sorrow and resentment towards others and yourself. When it is blocked the negative feelings are nurtured cutting them off from opportunities to attain inner peace and love.
When your Heart Chakra is open you:
• Are comfortable in your relationships
• Give and receive love easily
• Feel a sense of heartfelt gratitude for how wonderful your life is
• Appreciate others and feel compassion for yourself and others without feeling sorry for anyone.
Crystals to help unblock and re-balance your heart chakra:
· Unlike any other gemstone, pink tourmaline unlocks the energy source of unconditional love, while light-pink mangano calcite helps a broken heart back to safety. Pink tourmaline teaches you that caring with an open heart is free, while mangano calcite restores damage previously experienced in the heart room.
· Rose quartz is the primary love stone, magnifying love within you as well as in your home or sacred space. It is known as the mother of all the stones of love, because it unlocks eternal, unconditional love.
· Girasol is a lighter and more translucent form of rose quartz, and brings in your life renewal energies to love. Carry it in your life to bring the light of the sun of you.
· Rhodochrosite is the rose of the gemstone family heart chakra, the flowering flower of goodness, compassion and chance. Rhodochrosite is lovingly bringing renewed hope. The greek rhodo means “rock.” only imagine holding the rose of love and compassion in your hands as you deal with rhodochrosite. Extend this rose from your hands into the cosmos, allowing the petals to spread and absorb in the light of unconditional acceptance, grace, and happiness all you know and love.
· Chrysoprase restores old wounds with marriage, and is also said to help support heart health.
 5. Throat chakra
This chakra’s blockage manifests in a peculiar way. Affected people will have trouble telling their facts, will find it hard to stay focused and pay attention and will often risk being judged by others. These manifestations may further impede their ability to see things clearly around them, and how they really are. Physical manifestations of the misalignment of this chakra are sore throat, thyroid gland issues, stiffness of the shoulder and neck and headaches.
When your Throat Chakra is open you:
• Voice the truth honestly
• Imagine people listening to you
• Know that you are genuinely understood and respected.
Crystals to help unblock and re-balance your throat chakra:
· Amazonite is the primary stone of reality, and it enhances confidence for public speakers, allowing them to express with ease even the most difficult words and themes.
· Angelite (in crystalline form, known as celestite) invokes the angelic forces to evoke in your spaces the presence of angels. Take this jewel with you or sleep by it to feel more connected to your own personal angels and guides.
· Since centuries turquoise has been valued by indigenous Americans who find it a powerful purifier and healer, as well as a tool that strengthens and defends warriors in combat. It was revered as a source of good fortune in antiquity Persia.
6. Third eye chakra
Third-eye chakra blockages manifest through troubles trusting your inner voice and access your intuition, recalling important facts or learning new skills. There are a wide range of physical manifestations associated with blockage of the third-eye chakra, including dizziness, fatigue and brain health problems. Psychological symptoms include fear, depression and moral judgment.
When your Third Eye Chakra is open you:
• Trust and act with confidence
• Have a strong sense of your own inner truth and listen to it and follow it as it guides you along the path of your life.
Crystals to help unblock and re-balance your third eye chakra:
· Azurite is the most powerful of all the gemstones of the third eye, enabling psychic visions for renowned prophets and seers like edgar cayce, who called it a psychic dominance stone.
· Blue aventurine enhances imaginative ability and provides visions of future events while tanzanite is a healing crystal believed to hold other metaphysical teachings. Blue aventurine foretells what it is going to be, while tanzanite shows you what it was. Both can be used to maximize the present-day experience and direct customers towards their own highest good.
· Labradorite retains new potential strength. It includes rainbow light flashes that spark your imagination and allow you to kindle the fire inside.
· Lapis lazuli gives the bearer confidence and self-esteem. It was considered to be the queen’s stone of power in ancient Egypt.
· It is assumed that sodality, also referred to as the dreamcatcher rock, stops insomnia and fear. This consciously helps you free up worries about what might be and help you stay present and focused.
 7. Crown chakra
You may experience feelings of emotional distress, loneliness and disconnection from other people and events if your crown chakra is blocked.
When your Crown Chakra is open you:
• Feel connected to a higher power and feel that you are being watched and cared for
• Know that you deserve immense blessings
• Felt immense gratitude for the universal love and appreciation that you feel for yourself and others.
Crystals to help unblock and re-balance your crown chakra:
· Amethyst is the crown chakra’s most widely accepted gemstone, and for good reason: it purifies, detoxifies and gives the wearer both harmony and calm.
· Auralite 23 and super 7 are crown chakra gemstones master healers, constantly reducing inflammation and helping the body heal itself from emotional and physical damage.
· Lepidolite is lithium micanized, bringing powerful peace and relaxation. It relaxes the central nervous system.
· Scapolite is the gemstone for successful results and helps you organize your thoughts to make things clearer.
· Stitchtite encourages the creation and maintenance of strong personal boundaries in relationships, and the warrior’s shield, charoite, gives the bearer bravery.
· Sugilite is physical body cleanser and detoxifier. It elevates personal vibration to counteract any kind of illness.
1. Healing the Root Chakra: Balancing and opening the root/base chakra helps you unleash negative emotions, regenerating trust and willingness to move forward in life. A healthy root/base chakra promotes feelings of security and encourages exploration to seek out the purpose of your life and to succeed. The energy flow to all other chakras is also created by a balanced root chakra. Wearing or holding crystals/gemstones is vital for healing the root chakra and for sustaining its positive energy flow.
 2. Healing the Sacral Chakra: Balancing and opening the holy chakra will allow you to feel healthy and comfortable in all aspects of life. People are drawn to your positive energy and open opportunities for you. You can live in the moment with a healthy sacral chakra, and experience life to the fullest. While stamina increases, physical tasks become easier. Wearing or holding crystals/gemstones is vital for healing the sacral chakra and for sustaining its positive energy flow.
 3. Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra: Balancing and opening the chakra of the solar plexus lets you feel centered in your mind, body and spirit. This chakra’s energy permeates the other chakras softening many physical and psychological discomforts or disorders. This helps you to be more mindful of your own strength and being, confident in your actions, and mentally linked to your emotions so that you can respond with conviction appropriately. Wearing or carrying crystals/gemstones is important for healing the chakra of the solar plexus and for maintaining its positive energy flow.
 4. Healing the Heart Chakra: Balancing and opening the chakra of the heart reinforces love for oneself and others. It enables you to feel compassion, empathy, and forgiveness for others, and to reconnect with the world of love around you. Wearing or carrying crystals/gemstones is important for healing the heart chakra and maintaining its positive flow of energy.
 5. Healing the Throat Chakra: Balancing and opening the throat chakra helps you to share your emotions and to communicate freely, without caring about criticism or judgment. It promotes honesty and harmony with our feelings and actions, and helps us to live freer and more authentic. A healthy throat chakra allows us to connect effectively in relationships and at work, and is of specific benefit to those with professions who rely on contact and self-expression. Wearing or holding crystals/gemstones is vital for healing the throat chakra and sustaining its healthy flow of energy.
 6. Healing the Third-Eye Chakra: Third-eye chakra balancing and opening encourages insight, creativity and innovation. This encourages us to fulfill our dreams and to improve our natural psychic abilities and spiritual links. A balanced third-eye chakra helps us process our own life’s timeline, enabling us to learn from our past, to be present in the present, and to see and achieve our future. Dream interpretation is made easier, intuitions are stronger and clearer and we feel a deeper connection to our life’s universal plan. This sense of being “directed” opens doors to achieving our goals. It is important to wear or hold crystals/gemstones to heal the chakra of the third eye and keep it positive energy flow.
 7. Healing the Crown Chakra: It is essential to balance and open the crown chakra for a deep, spiritual connection within ourselves, the universe and God. Power entering and exiting the Crown promotes our interaction with the other six chakras of positive energy. Wearing or holding crystals/gemstones is vital for healing the crown chakra and sustaining its healthy flow of energy.
An aura refers to an energy field that exists around you. The aura acts as a protective layer that helps to keep negativity at bay. This protective shield may be perceived differently by people, but all of us will see some sort of visual projection emanating from another person, animal or object. Auras are not only real; they are also visible to most people once someone knows what they’re looking for. With practice, most people can learn how to interpret what they are seeing in order to discern information about another person’s physical health, mental state and overall well-being.
Understanding what auras mean can help explain why sometimes we feel inexplicably drawn to certain people, why we have good instincts when it comes to other individuals and even why dogs snuggle up with each other.
What happens when your aura is weak or stressed?
Things you do and people you meet have a big influence on your aura. Your auric field might weaken owing to a clutter of psychic debris or even picking up on other people’s bad emotions and energy since you are continually trading energies with others around you.
As a consequence, you may experience feelings of anxiety, tension, irritability, fatigue, and impatience, as well as acquire a pessimistic attitude on life. It’s also possible that your immune system has been compromised, leaving you more prone to illness.
Fortunately, cleaning your aura is something you can do from the convenience of your own home with a little practice. The moment you begin the process of clearing your aura, you will notice a marked improvement in your overall well-being and sense of well-being.
Ways to cleanse your aura
· Smudge your soul
Smudging with dried white sage is an ancient method of aura cleaning. Smudging is the practice of cleansing one’s aura by burning holy plants and inhaling the resulting smoke. Any of the herbs, such as sage, thyme, or cedar, will work. To accomplish this, light the herbal bundle like an incense stick and gradually inhale the smoke.
· Meditation
Using techniques like meditation and visualization will help you get rid of unwanted energy. Additionally, regular meditation can be used as a prophylactic measure to ensure that unwanted vibes don’t linger around. Take the time to sit, clear your thoughts, and purify yourself with meditation.
· Love yourself
You’ll remain soft and nourished no matter what nasty emotions are swirling about, if you practice self-love regularly. It’s possible to increase your sense of self-worth by using daily affirmations, visualizations, inner dialogue changes, and crystal work.
Clearing your aura and making a commitment to your spiritual well-being may be accomplished with the help of crystals, which are very strong and effective tools. If you’re looking for a crystal to help clear your aura, try Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, and Lepidolite.
· Say positive affirmations
Aura cleaning with this technique is among the most effective. Imagine you’re surrounded by a white, bubbling light while you sit in a quite spot. As soon as you close your eyes, begin repeating mantras and making positive affirmations that you find relaxing and comforting. The mantra should be repeated until you can feel the vibrations of the message in your body. Do this on a regular basis to keep your energy field strong.
· Mental cleansing
Find a quiet spot where you can sit for five minutes and do some slow breathing exercises. Imagine bringing clean, bright air into the lungs with each inhale, and releasing the bad swirl of emotions with each exhale. Imagine a great white light enveloping you, blocking away the darkness and bathing your aura in sparkling clarity.
 Aura Quartz Physical Healing Energy
Aura Quartz is an extremely powerful healing and energy amplifier-which absorbs, stores, releases and regulates the body’s energies. Enhanced by precious metals, Aura Quartzes becomes very high-vibrational stones that for any condition are master-healers. They carry a high level of Life Force, purify and enhance the organs, stimulate the immune and energy systems, and balance the body. These are considered particularly effective for thymus, pineal and thyroid glands, blood oxygenation, and hepatic, pancreatic, and spleen therapies. For additional benefits from each stone see the individual listings.
 Aura Quartz Emotional Healing Energy
Aura Quartz crystals provide the mental body with a cool, calming effect and are soothing and curative to the aura. They are excellent for removing anxiety and tension, old wounds and long-held self-worth questions. Attuned to the Universe’s love forces, they make us see and interact with the magic that encompasses us all. Such crystals uplift the soul and foster natural peace, hope and optimism.
Aura Quartz Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy
Aura Quartz crystals are exceptional stones for the curing of crystal lines, stimulating and calming the Light energy within the physical body. Laid like a rainbow along the chakras, the different colors elevate the chakras vibrational intensity to match the increased consciousness.
Aura Quartz Spiritual Energy
Aura Quartzes are spiritual elevation crystals, remarkable for their guidance and soul expansion powers. Throughout meditation, they bring serenity and harmony, expanding one’s attunement to the Divine and opening portals to the angelic world. They help remember lessons from past incarnations and for this lifetime expand awareness of one’s spiritual purpose. During spiritual journey, Aura Quartzes are highly protective and can be an effective aid for conscious channeling and all kinds of inter-dimensional communication.
What results can you expect to see after clearing your aura?
You’ll be happier and more upbeat as a result. People will feel more at ease around you after you’ve cleared your aura. Like attracts like, so you’ll start engaging with others who see opportunity instead of attracting those that hang onto pain or victim mentalities.
Mental obstacles that prevent you from reaching your full potential are removed through aura cleansing; instead of instantly focusing on the negative, you’ll notice the positive. As a bonus, the stress hormone cortisol, an acidic substance that produces free radicals and steals good skin cells, will no longer trigger inflammation in your body, leaving your tissue swollen and inflamed.
When you consider how each of the body’s systems interact, you’ll see how restoring balance to just one (in this example, the neurological system) may benefit our digestive, glandular, lymphatic, endocrine, immunological, and musculoskeletal systems. Visit the following link for professional aura healing.
How to Look for the Right Healer?
Honest and genuine healers who are also specialists in their industry are hard to come by in today’s environment. For the most part, these people who call themselves psychics or root-workers or spirit healers or Shamans, Tantriks, or Muslim Maulanas deal with weak spirits who pose no threat to the healer since they are feeble in comparison to the spirits they work with.
Most black magicians are experts at casting evil spells and summoning the most powerful evil entities from the world of spirit energy, and assigning them to their victims or channeling them into their victims’ minds and bodies, or engulfing the soul of the victim, which is commonly known as spirit attachment or possession. Victims who get possessed by the black magician’s evil spirit lose their true selves and begin acting in accordance with the black magician’s purposes for possessing them.
Professional help becomes necessary for the following reasons:
· You have been victimized and suffered for many years and this has affected your mental and physical health.
· Having suicidal thoughts
· Inability to procreate
· You are having trouble with your finances
· Having family issues
· You have tried all means of self-help but it doesn’t seem to work
· Continuous attacks which can be fatal
Please contact me for a free black magic curse evaluation.

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