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Crystal quartz and horseshoes are two symbols that, when combined, can bring immense good luck, protection, and success to their wearers. Here we break down the benefits of placing a crystal quartz horseshoe in your home or office.

Horseshoes Symbolize Good Luck

While its precise origins are unknown, the horseshoe is a symbol revered for protecting its wearers and delivering good luck. The oldest horseshoes were constructed from iron, a fireproof metal with magical properties that keep evil spirits at bay.

Even more, horseshoes were made with seven holes in each shoe to attract good fortune. Seven, the number of perfection, represents the connection between heaven and earth.

Hanging horseshoes in the home or workplace is a centuries-long practice. An Irish tale tells of Saint Dunstan, a blacksmith who successfully repelled the devil from his home by nailing a burning horseshoe to one of its hooves. Sailors reportedly hung horseshoes from their ships’ masts to guide their vessels safely through inclement weather.

It is believed that a horseshoe wrapped in a black cloth and stored in a grain container keeps an endless supply of grain in the container. A horseshoe wrapped in a cloth and stored in a closet is said to attract wealth and resolve financial matters.

The Protective Powers of Crystal Quartz Go Hand-in-Hand with the Horseshoe

The color or size of a crystal is not the only factor affecting the energy it emits. Transforming crystal quartz into horseshoe form further amplifies its capabilities.

Quartz, a chemical compound made of silicon and oxygen atoms, is the second-most common natural mineral on the planet. It is also a powerful stone regarded as one of the best crystals for protection. Whether you seek to manifest good luck or heal negative energy, the “Universal Crystal” is sure to deliver.

Similarly, the horseshoe is an inherently protective symbol that revolutionized how people traded goods, traversed faraway lands, and engaged in warfare. It was conceived from the need to protect domesticated pack horses’ hooves so that they could travel the furthest distances possible.

Horses symbolize bravery and vigor. It is believed that horses draw energy from their horseshoes, and as they run, they attract positive energy and repel bad energy.

The Chaldeans, an ancient people from present-day Iraq, believed the crescent shape of the horseshoe represented the moon goddess, who protected worshippers from the evil eye. In the same way that horseshoes protect horses’ hooves during travel, placing a horseshoe at a home’s main entrance eliminates the evil eye and repels negative energy.

Keep in mind, however, that the physical orientation of your home may affect whether a horseshoe should be placed at your home’s front door. Feng Shui maintains that since horseshoes are made of metal, they should be hung on a north or west-facing front door to be effective.

Protection crystals like crystal quartz heal and protect the home by brightening its atmosphere. Placing it in communal areas like the living room encourages unity. Crystal quartz stimulates the creative soul when kept in an art or music studio. Crystal quartz also has applications in settling family disputes and warding off bad dreams.

Wearing, carrying, or meditating with crystal quartz in hand broadens the mind and opens the heart to spiritual connection. Crystals for good luck and protection will feel warm and emit high vibrations when working. They are ideal for those who seek to be interactive in their crystal healing journeys, as the crystal only unlocks its full potential through being regularly programmed.

Crystal Quartz and the Horseshoe Combine to Promote Success

The horseshoe is said to be in tune with its wearer’s most intimate wishes, and the practice of wearing horseshoe jewelry or apparel stems from the horseshoe’s role as a protective and fortune-bringing symbol. For example, many make a wish on a horseshoe-shaped symbol to attract good luck before a big event. With your crystal quartz horseshoe, this power to attract prosperity always remains within reach.

There is no consensus on the ideal way to hang horseshoes, so it is up to you to determine how to wear your crystal quartz horseshoe. Popular belief maintains that the open end should face upward in a U shape, as this placement attracts and collects luck instead of letting it dissipate. Conversely, pointing a horseshoe downward is said to increase its magnetic powers, which draw good fortune from the earth and into the home each time the main door is opened.

Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet, resembles an upside-down horseshoe. This is because ancient Greeks and Romans who lived during the plague used reverse psychology when they fastened the symbol to the walls of their homes to protect against the deadly disease.

Spiritual energy healers revere crystal quartz for its ability to harmonize and stabilize your surroundings, making it especially beneficial for maintaining balance in romantic relationships. Your crystal quartz horseshoe also acts as a healer stone, providing a welcome respite if you suffer from chronic ailments.

Crystal quartz enjoys enlightenment and acts as a mirror to the soul. Your crystal quartz horseshoe connects with all the chakras, eliminating energy-restricting blockages and purifying your aura.

This spiritual crystal is particularly attuned to the crown chakra. This sacred chakra represents your connectedness to the divine. Alignment with your crown chakra connects you to your higher self, purges you of soul-damaging cynicism, and empowers you to unlock your full potential.


The powers of your crystal quartz horseshoe only intensify with careful programming and intention setting. A worn horseshoe is said to be imbued with the tenacity and determination of the horse that once wore it. It will also contain the same protective energies that guided the horse as it journeyed on this earth.

Our programmed crystal quartz horseshoe is infused with the capacity to align with your intention and serve as your guiding light. Holding your crystal quartz horseshoe and reciting a simple negativity-release meditation can further attune it to your innermost desires and aspirations. Visit my products page, to order your fully programmed crystal quartz horseshoe today.

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