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Spiritual Protection for Public Figures

Are you having issues in multiple areas of your life and need immediate help? This is a full service tailored for the person that wants a complete healing in all areas of life.



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Spiritual blessings have been used as a tool for energy protection throughout the ages for thousands of years. Blessings from higher forces have huge effect on our health, feelings, emotions, our thought process, and our overall well-being in life.

For over 15 years I have worked with many clients who desired protection from black magic, jealousy, evil eye and bad luck. Some of the services I offer include daily protective healing for clients who are constantly in the spot light who require such work. I have worked for many celebrities, politicians, business leaders, and professional fighters.

My service includes daily work of 1 hour a day for 30 days in the following areas:

  1. Protection of full aura healing and raising vibrations
  2. Complete chakra balancing
  3. Complete healing of past life effects that are causing issues in this life. (working with Akashic* Records)
  4. Healing of the mind, removing all entities and sending positive energy
  5. Concentrating energy on specific issues
  6. Sexual energy healing
  7. House cleansing from negative vibrations
  8. Cutting all cords of attachment to past relationships, friends, co-workers, family and more
  9. Full healing of the soul
  10. Full protection of your energy field
  11. Black Magic removal
  12. Blessings for success

Stop struggling with all these issues, let me help you get to the root cause of all these problems and begin transforming your life for the better. This service lasts 30 days and includes phone support. To begin the process, I will require a detailed email with all your presenting issues to begin working on healing your problems. This service includes daily healing, protection, aura cleansing, and chakra balancing for 30 days. This service is good for someone who is constantly in the spot light and/or is surrounded by people that are extremely jealous and looking to cause/ bring harm onto the person.

Depending on what your situation is I may ask you to light candles, light candles on your behalf, do spiritual cleansing, follow rituals to clear and change your energy, program crystals and much more. Every person and situation is different. I will decide on the route to take upon hearing your exact problem. Feel free to contact me with any questions prior to making your purchase.

* One could look upon it as a library of light wherein one can access all information. The Akashic records (Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether”) are collectively understood to be a collection of mystical knowledge that is encoded in the aether; i.e. on a non-physical plane of existence.

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Product Reviews

  1. Mohammad B.
    5 out of 5

    Job well done, thank you very much. Removing all negativity from my life I appreciate it.
  2. Anonymous
    5 out of 5

    Uriel is a lifesaver! I would recommend him to anyone needing a spiritual healing! Thank you so much Uriel!!!
  3. Anonymous
    5 out of 5

    Thank you so much Uriel! My boyfriend had left me for another woman. He wouldn't call or text me. I was really going through a rough time in life. Uriel told me not to worry and that he would take care of me. Me and my boyfriend are back together thanks to Uriel. I would recommend him to anyone having a hard time in life. Thank you Uriel!
  4. Donna Bembry
    5 out of 5

    Hello everyone my name is Donna,back in July i finally got the chance to find the help that i needed from a real good healer uriel is a good person he will help you with all of your problems.I had blackmagic put on me from a person who didn't like me this person really wanted me to be in a messed up state it was that i got the chance to talk to Uriel he was able to remove all of the evil off me. i am so happy to have this person in my life to help me and he is still helping me y'all please have this man help you trust me you won't regret it.Thank you Uriel,
  5. Edouard B
    5 out of 5

    My family has been victim of black magic for over 20 years. My mother left my father when I was 4 and his mother who was a witch cursed my mother and me. We had random evil come to us my entire life growing up. Car accidents, floods, home appliances failing even being almost new, men never lasted in my mothers life and I was always having trouble making friends or dating as I got older. It felt like a vale was put around us to lock us up in 1 place. My mother could never keep a job without being let go for no reason the companies would just lay off and she was always the "lucky one". We went to countless healers, psychics, shamans, priests, you name it and we tried it all. I found Uriel online and decided it was worth a shot to try his service. First 2 weeks I admit I was very negative and emailed him saying I am losing hope and giving up even though he assured me that we just started and to allow him some time to perform his work. I was losing hope regardless and my mind learned to be very negative and I became a pessimist by nature due to so much bad luck. One morning I wake up and decide out of no where to go to the library (i never go) there a young beautiful girl approached me and we began to talk within few weeks we fell in love and decided to get married. To my surprise her uncle was single and my mother began dating him due to my introduction and things just changed for us. Today about year in half later my mother is living a happy life with him, no struggles with money as he is very successful and I am living with my new wife and truly am happy for the blessings Uriel has given both me and my mother. I have decided to write this review and send him a gift for his amazing work. If you are struggling this man is truly gifted and worth every dime.
  6. Dahlia S
    5 out of 5

    I had the worst break up you can imagine and I just couldn't let go. My boy friend of 7 years left me for another woman few months before we were due to get married. I couldn't eat, sleep, think. My life was so miserable that I had to quit my job and just stayed in bed crying all day. I lost everything and moved back in with my parents. All I wanted was my ex back and Uriel was my last resort. He told me he will do his best to help me and after few weeks of working together I was out of bed, and my family was shocked of how I began to change. Everyone said this man is God send because I really felt it was the end for me. Today 11 months later I am back on my feet, moved out of my parents house, got my own place and me and my new boy friend are expecting a baby. My ex did come back but Uriel advised me to leave the past in the past and as much as I wanted to get back I realized that If i did I could of been in same boat again. He is truly inspiring, smart and has a gift like no other to perform healing.
  7. Donovan B.
    5 out of 5

    Dealt with black magic for a long time, 2 divorces, financial ruin, my kids did not call me in months and I was just broken and giving up. Uriel was my last hope and he did exactly what he promised. He worked with me daily and truly kept to his word. It took few months but I am truly doing so much better now. I have a stable job, my new girlfriend is very friendly and I no longer have fears I had before.
  8. Sandra R.
    5 out of 5

    Uriel has changed my entire life, nightmares, sadness, bad luck, lack of success, stress it was my life before I met Uriel. He is truly an angel. When I met him I would cry at night and not know why I am even living. After a few weeks of knowing him I had purpose and I feel stronger then I have ever. He is truly a gifted man.
  9. Aidel B.
    5 out of 5

    I had issues for many years with relationships, no matter what I did they ended up bad and some how I was left alone. This curse followed me for over 20 years of my life. I had Uriel do a healing on me and the man I am with now has not left me and we are actually thinking of getting married.
  10. Nicole
    5 out of 5

    Uriel has been a blessing since April 2018. I told him what was going on and he instructed me on what he needed to do to help. True Man of his word, and my life is really getting better. After 15 years of being with my kids father and a woman coming in a doing Black Majic. Uriel directed me on different things and I did them. He always answers me and always honest. I really appreciate him alot.
  11. Laura. C
    2 out of 5

    I’ve been very skeptical due to past experiences While I haven’t yet used Uriel actual services I took advantage of the free diagnosis/evaluation and I did speak with him today and felt a little relief, it was as deep & informative as I expected but his voice alone is very peaceful, calm and assuring & he seemed concerned and I felt confident to go for it(my husband & I have been suffering for some time now) and not only that this is a lot of services to receive I mean mind, body & spirit and even from past relationships & family so I’m believing in him & I’m definitely gonna give it a try and in addition to that I have read a lot of great reviews and this too helps in my decision making. My next review will definitely be on the benefits of the services received and I have no doubt but we’ll see.... Mext review coming soon
  12. Yaffa D
    5 out of 5

    Truly inspirational, he never lost faith in me. I truly was miserable before meeting Uriel. He always was very patient and took the time to write me whenever I asked him questions. He is very caring and checked up on me almost every day. I was struggling with blockage in every part of my life money, health, relationships and today I am doing much better. Thank you so much for being there for me.
  13. Camilla F
    5 out of 5

    My fiancé broke up with me 3 weeks before our wedding, I lost my apartment, couldn't pay the bills and everything just came down on me. I struggled for 6 months and a friend recommended I get spiritual healing so I gave it a try. Today I am doing much better thanks to Uriel. He listened to me and made many suggestions and within days I felt better and few months later my fiancé started calling me of course it was too late for him and I have met someone else. It felt really good rejecting him too. Uriel you are truly an angel and I thank you every day.
  14. Whitney I.
    5 out of 5

    I used to have a great life and everything began to fall apart past 10 years, lost jobs, had accidents, lost money, relationships didn't work out and my friends left me, gained weight and just had endless issues one after another. I realized that I needed a spiritual healing and decided to give it a try, I am doing much better and life has been much better ever since. Its worth it getting a healing if you are struggling. Thanks again.
  15. Afra H.
    5 out of 5

    Uriel is truly a master at removal of black magic, I have spent years and thousands on other healers and no one was ever able to help me. He turned my entire life around and gave me ability to get back to normal. Within days I felt a huge weight lifted off me and began to dream and get thoughts of doing things I've never wanted to do for years. I found a new job, met a really decent man and been traveling with the extra money I am making. Thanks again!
  16. Idalee V
    5 out of 5

    I had suffered with stress, lack of energy, not wanting to live or do anything in life after my divorce my ex cursed me and life just stopped. Instead of progressing forward I was stuck in one spot for years. I came to Uriel and he totally helped me come out of this and within weeks i was back to a good life.
  17. Faina S.
    5 out of 5

    Huge help with black magic related issues. Thank you!
  18. Gali D.
    5 out of 5

    I had come to this website to get help for my daughter who had a lot of relationship issues with her husband. His family put black magic on her for many years and she suffered with constant bad luck and accidents. Everything changed now and my daughter is doing much better. I really appreciate everything you do.
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